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We Love Our Quality Cabins

How do you massively insulated a quality log cabin properly?
Well! after 20 odd years of doing it, 44mm, 70mm single skin log cabins are cold in the winter, a lot of people do not want a twinskin, as they are looking for the blaster board finish, more simplistic, version, more minimalist clean feeling, than log, cost is about the same, to twin skin, also twinskin offers a more sturdy building.

But some people want what they want, and we are the best, of the best and our log cabins are the best in the market todate.

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Insulation will help you keep the desired temperature in your Quality Factory Cabins Log Cabin all year round, protecting it, and you, against cold in winter and excess heat in summer. Insulation is also useful to reduce noise pollution. So scream and shout as much as you like, good for role playing, A well-insulated log cabin is very energy efficient and will need very little additional heating and cooling.

Quality Log Cabins 2015

When scouting the Internet looking for a log cabin, there are so many factors to take into consideration.

Firstly, you must make sure the cabin is manufactured from the correct size components.

Because there is no government control at all on Garden Buildings, you really are in the lap of the gods when it comes to safety.

Component sizes are with out doubt the major issue when it comes to Quality and Crap, Safety and Hazardous.

When we look around the Internet and look at what 90% of Log cabin manufacturers offer (especially the cabins manufactured in the UK where timber prices are a great deal higher than ours and the quality levels of said timber significantly lower) we can see that the component sizes are dramatically smaller.

The first thing to notice is how the purlin is situated in the apex, we seat ours at a 90 degree, cheap log cabins, who bulk manufacture seat theirs at 45 degree’s.

This means Mr Gravity divides half Mr Bulk Manufacturers Purlin in half and offers only the half the resistance.

Moreover, when the Purlin is willfully undersized from the off set, longevity of said log cabin seems very unlikely!

The next vital part of the cabin is of course windows and doors, these should be robust, hand made from joinery timber preferably Scotts Pine, and long life should be the goal from the off set when manufacturing these items.

If you really want to purchase a quality log cabin then you must go through the gallery of the said manufacturer or Out Let! Galleries are a great way of really looking for the quality and flaws.. Also Videos, not the stupid videos of some fat guy with a beard, talking rubbish about how great his log cabin is and just making a sound for 20 minutes.

The Log Cabin industry as all industries has many shades of Great, Good, Bad and Incredibly Awful! Sadly when looking on the first page of Google for log cabins, most on sale are Mass Manufactured over priced finer jointed not worth a second look log cabins.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, a cabin that is safe, built by professionals, using the very best of timber available, offering hand made double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors, all our floors are 28mm (ask dealers for details).

Do not settle for less!



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