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When you just know the person is wrong!

All bad today sadly!

OK, customers, and the ones you want and the ones you don’t, the ones that lie and waste time and the ones that just buy, pay, get the log cabin, pod, delivered and are happy.
OK, lets start with Mr X, he asked me for 18 prices, 18, and each cabin progressively became more and more expensive, and like most people who are unsure of what they want they go for bigger and bigger, however, when they say the own a plane, and you think, they don’t tell you but in the back ground you can hear planes, your thinking, ok this massive 15m x 5.5m twinskin had better be heavy, so mother nature does not blow it away, so you twin skin it, make the roof heavy and just make sure the cabin is fit for purpose, not a a pile of crap,

As you can see , there is a lot of area for the wind to build up both sides, and if you know anything about buildings, this building, theoretically could blow over, or the roof could be completely ripped off , which is a-lot of weight and wood flying about in the wind remember everything is possible, and a twin skin version of this with out heavy roof, tie downs, metal rods going through the walls, in 44mm x 44mm, is about £25.000, with all the extras, and double roof and heavy glulam purlins and really getting this building near to build standards, close on £30.000, and it will not blow over, loose a roof, we have added toughened double glazed tilt and turn windows and doors, insulated the middle from the two sides, this building is simply the best , we know the and no one can touch the quality of the build, design or the pedigree .And if I designed it, it must be the best, I look for what can go wrong first, this eye to detail means my cabins last longer than anyones. I was told yesterday that our prices are very keen compared to the rest of the market.
So Mr X I have planes took one look at the price was extremely rude, and said do not phone back. Now the only upsetting thing about this , is getting my boys who work extremely hard to price up so many buildings, waste of time and energy. And MrX now is left getting his building from the low end , budget end of the market! but he will still have to pay 20+ as he has no clue what costs what!

So please if you call us, do not waste our time, your time, tell us what you want, how much you have to spend and lets move on! Thanks.

Arrrrrrrrr last thing, when you see a cabin that has a base like this, run……. talk about BAD!!!! This is awful…. If I was the customer to this cabin I would have demanded my money back for both base and cabin.the base should always be the same size as the cabin walls, flush, there must not be a sill anywhere around the bottom, otherwise you get water ingress underneath the cabin equals rot. This was built by an idiot. Its called “ingamess” in most baltic companies, means i do not know what I am doing.

We have a copy of the site page this comes from, and what they are bragging to have done, at the moment its —-ing crap! If I were this compnay I would concentrate on what you know, not what you don’t. And sorry if you are the customers who bought this….

Designed and Manufaturered by a Britt, For a Britt to go into a British Garden!

Please remember back in 2014 i was warning people about good and bad, way before 90% of the market existed, helping people, telling people the truth. please read this……

Its Old, its gospel and it still applies today as it applied back 8 years ago………. Imagine….

Glulam Deluxe Log Cabins

The biggest problem with garden log cabins is the span you are able to accomplish with solid log walls. When the foresters go into the woods with their transport to fell the trees, they are restricted to a maximum of 6m in length, once they have trimmed the logs down, you are then left normally with timber length of 5.9m.


Quality Log Cabins

Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 2 Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 3

Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 4 Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 5 Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 6 Deluxe Glulam Log Cabins 2016 7

So if you wanted a single room log cabin with was say 8m x 8m then you would have to have a but end, to but end, and a false wall.

Many people, who are looking to turn their log cabins into snooker rooms, find this false wall a nuisance, as it hinders play.

In addition, if you are looking for an aerobic hall, or just a play area, then these false walls do cause problems.

Also this problem of log locking really does cause a serious headaches in large garages, where cars like Range Rovers, etc are concerned.

So, what is the solution?

Engineered Glulam Logs are the answer, as it’s possible to manufacture these logs to 13m.

We are able to offer a 72mm Glulam log, which means spans of 8m are easily achievable.

Which comes standard with our New Trada Certified double glazed windows and doors, CE accredited.

If you really want that Perfect Log Cabin, or a timber garage, then really the only people you want to talk to is us.

We manufacture not the best log cabins in the business; we have the largest range in the industry!

We have for many years tried our hardest to bring to market a range of log cabins that does not just put every manufacturer to shame in quality level and price, but also in design.

We now have without doubt the best log cabins on the web!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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