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Hard Customers.

You know you get these days when you just want to shout and say, your design is crap, its going to fall down, and you have too many windows and its too thin, and you want it for nothing, and you want the best and you moan at the price and all the time, we, me, are thinking actually it was a we, as three of us all thought, fuck this design is dangerous and shit. But what can you say, you try and help, but all you get is the customer really not listening, and not believing because he has spent hours listening to wankers on the phone who know nothing about cabins, and boring the poor customer to suicide, and then when he actually lands on our pages and says why are you slightly more than the worst fucking company in Lithuania, I just sit back in shock and am mortified.

Log Cabins are not easy to design, and in this day and age, they are really hard things to manufacture as most of the components are hard to find, thats the quality parts, we only use quality, the cheap crap, is everywhere, most bulk mills will have containers and containers of rubbish handles and doors, and why are we not as cheap as these other mills, simple….


You want your Cabin to come with quality attached at every level and pay for it, you would go to Harrods.
If you were looking for a cheap, off the self, OK cabin, where would you go, Tescos.

And thats the difference from us to them.

Simple look at this.

Take a look at the first 2 photos, you might think, they look ok, looks good quality, and the price OK… Well you are deluded or on a £4 budget, as these are the worst hinges and worst doors for a good quality log cabin which were ever manufactured. Awful….
Nothing even looks remotely hard wearing or robust……….

Now check these out, these are our standard doors and windows, and this is just the beginning on why we are picked time and time again , because our quality is second to none, there are companies out their now copying our look, but a copy handbag is a copy handbag!

All hardware German.
All windows and doors Aluminium rain drip trays x 2 on windows.
Windows fitted with a 5 point locking tilt and turn system.
Doors also come with 5 point locking system.

Before we tell you, you tell us what size purlins the compnay your thinking of buying from offer in their price, these hold the roof up. Important.

Lastly yes, we are lucky to say we pick our customers, we get about 30 requests a week, we pick just 10 from these. I might say yes and then have a customer start demanding, this equals returned deposit immediately. If you want the best then you play by our rules, which are exceptionally fair, if you don’t then go and buy the crap out there which is for sale! I do not care, my customers are important to me, if your not one of mine, then i am not loosing any sleep over if your cabin is safe, if everything is quality. if it gets to you on time, all bit and bobs with it, and making sure delivery is a pleasant exsperiance for you. And at no time allowing anyone to be rude to you. A zero free Drama way of getting a cabin, no middle men.And as more and more customers are coming direct, paying with a credit card and understanding its the best way to get the best of the best, and luckily i am speaking to people I like.

We are a British Company, we also have a British Merchant account, which you pay directly into with your visa or debit card. You are not paying into a foreign bank, which I would strictly suggest against doing, I won’t even do that. So with Factory Cabins you are getting it direct from us here in Lithuania, but the best part its paid into a UK bank.

Please remember it was us 21 years ago that put the first 40mm 5m x 5m super star log cabin onto the market, then we designed the clock house, then the twin skins and 28mm flooring and the mad thing we did was design over 7000 cabins. which means we have more designs made already than other company. It means we know our stuff.

Please look at our windows and doors and the other companies, and you will see ours are designed to last and the other companies are designed for bonfire night.
It really depends on how proud you are on what you manufacture.

Before you buy a cabin, please come to us and compare, get all there details and then get ours and we will beat them hands down for quality each and every time.

And Lastly if your buying rubbish, cheap mass produced crap like a £299 pound shed….. just think if the tree that had to be cut for that shed to be made , sawn up was worth all that effort.

Deluxe Log Cabins – 18-2-2016


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It’s quite a nervous time for any company when one launches something new and which costs slightly more knowing that the market is very price sensitive, and sadly most log cabins look like each other, no matter how you dress them up.


Nevertheless, I would like to report that our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are quite literally flying off the production line.


So many people have asked us why we have not priced the new deluxe range of log cabins higher, and our answer to this is we are Not German..And our BUILDINGS ARE FAR SUPERIOR!


I know a few of you out there will laugh at that, but seriously, why price log cabins so high in the belief that the public will purchase them because they are mega expensive.


It was Hitler that said, It’s great for governments that men don’t think, well he was wrong about a lot of things, and now the public have access to the internet, and they also understand quality from crap they can see that our deluxe range is the best standard range of log cabins available on the internet.

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So how do you keep your log cabin in perfect condition, I am asked this daily, and so many dealers have their own preferred treatments, but I truly think there is really only one treatment to keep the cabin warm and dry no matter what the weather.


If anyone out there is not aware, log cabins are manufactured from wood, wood is very porous, and that’s where the problems begins. You need to seal the timber, you need to stop mother nature finding her way in!


Log Cabins have a flaw, and that is the locking system on the corners, it’s a wind trap, and as the weather in Europe, UK becomes wetter and wetter, and the wind stronger, its almost like putting a pressure hose against the cabin wall and keeping your fingers crossed that the water does not find its way in!


So there are two solutions, firstly when purchasing a log cabin, you need to make sure that the corners of the cabin have steel rods, these rods go through a pre drilled holes in each and every log and once the walls are built you tighten the walls down, this makes the corners almost waterproof, also it makes the walls of the cabin stronger.

All our deluxe Log Cabins come with rods as standard.. industry first!

Next, Yacht Varnish Clear Finish is what I would recommend to seal the cabin.

Ronseal do an amazing product, and it’s worth giving the cabin at least 3 coats,

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Long lasting protection

Waterproofs and protects from the sun

Resists cracking, peeling and blistering

Traditional Yacht Varnish


In addition, yacht varnish has elasticity that is perfect for cabins.


You need to really stain the ends of the logs heavily as this is a moisture trap, and you need to really coat the cabin walls well! As the windows and doors are already pre-sprayed in the factory you then have only the walls to concern yourself with.

I did this to a twin skin we have at the factory and it has been buried in snow and rained on and had our very hot summer suns bleaching it, or trying to, and its still as good as the day it came of the production line.



Its really important to stain the building correctly, and to make sure the corner locking system is very well stained.

As the weather changes, its only common sense that we change how we protect our buildings-investment.

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One of the amazing things you can do with clear yachting varnish is paint your deluxe log cabin any colour you want, you can then clear varnish it, and bob’s your uncle you have a cabin looking like the two in this article.


If you are looking for a supplier that really understands cabins, and you really want not just an amazing log cabin, but truly the best in the business, then please give us a call, or send us an email.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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