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Bad Glulam Logs 2020

Glulam logs that are just not glulam…..

Companies that don’t care to calibrate machinery and use correct blades, and destroy timber, and sell you off cuts and use the words Glulam should be arrested for fraud. It’s only because they write such eloquent words to describe their products you believe half the crap they spout!

I am always told off for screaming and shouting about other companies and slagging them off, but as i am the longest running dealer/manufacturer of cabins in the market, i feel i have the right to actually tell you the public the truth.

OK here’s a classic example, of good quality glulam

This is quality cutting at its best, this is how you interlock a building, beautiful timber, amazing machinery and quality 100%

Awful disgusting glulam. actually its finger jointed rubbish, and is about as waterproof as a wet paper bag.


The Cutting is so bad is laughable, its utter crap through and through.

Then you get companies selling you this crap, seriously, how and why would they do it? the answer is quite simple, they just do not care about you, they care about how much money they can earn quickly.

If you notice, our logs are from Russian redwood, CE certified, and before someone shouts out FSC, it’s a company only earning money from every stick of timber you purchase, and 90% of the staff that work in the FSC headquarters have never ever been into a forest, it’s all about the money. If they can show me plane tickets for at least 40% of their staff actually visiting forests in this end of the world, ( Russia) and can prove they know what’s what i will withdraw this accusation, but they can’t and won’t. It’s all a con.


Please send us an email if you have any questions.





Barrel Camping Pods for Sale 2019

Our New Barrel Camping Pods from Log Cabins LV are taking the lead in quality, and design for next years up and coming camping sites.

If you want to be different, and you really want to move beyond offering the same old basic, cheap looking, mass-produced pod which every Tom, dick and harry are offering then please give us a call.

Log Cabins LV the only company that manufactures quality camping pods time and time again.



Camping Pod barrel 4.8m x 9.6m Log Cabins LV


As we know camping is all the rage now, and camping pods are on the top of the list for most sites owners, and choosing which kind of pod to purchase is a headache, as there are so many companies that produce what was once a quality product, and is now a off the shelf mass produce pile of crap in most cases.


When designing a camping pod there is only one thing to take into mind immediately, public safety, nothing else, the safety of the public is mine, my companies, and our production teams first though.


Then and only then comes price, as there is no amount of money on this planet that can bring a dead customer back to life, and this may sound dramatic, but where camping pods, or any small structures are concerned in the camping futurity, its sadly a fact that people have died in camping pods.


Who is to blame for these deaths, well, its not for me to say, but as a company we manufacture buildings with more than one escape route in case of a fire, we insist that our dealers offer carbon monoxide detectors, and we insist that the camp site owners use them, maintain them, and test them.


We also make sure all our camping pods, be them 2.4m x 4.0m or our new barrel pods 4.8m x 4.8m are fitted with CE-Trada certified manufactured windows and doors, and I am not just talking about the glass, I am talking about the actual window and door frame itself. These are manufactured to a very high standard and are designed for the sole purpose of Fire, and also theft.


We also insulate our camping pods with TLX silver, which I know now has been copied and put into most cheap version pods, but we also only use KD C24 graded, structural timber, which other manufacturers do not. You will be lucky if their timber is actually graded.


If you are looking for a high quality, very unique camping pod, that really is the best of the best, then LV is actually the only company to speak to, our designs are exceptional in every way, and our new barrel pod is the latest of our designs, that takes the pod market onto a different level of quality.


Please visit our Website. Click Here.

LogCabinsLV the first and Last Choice!!




Camping Pods-Reception areas – Holiday Lodges- New For 2019

Our New Camping Barrel Pods by Log Cabins LV are just amazing in every way!

So why is it that our camping pods are the most sought after by the larger holiday camps and camping sites, well this is easy to answer. Our Buildings are designed to last the test of time and keep mother nature out, and more importantly, we design our Pods, lodges to be mass handled by the public.

All our buildings can be built to the UK Caravan Code, or to full Housing Regulation complete with full structural calculations, we are even able to make our camping pods Passive, depending on what is needed by each individual Customer Architect or Council, everything is achievable, we just need to sit down and talk.

Please give us a call, or send us an email to

New Log Cabins LV Camping Pod Barrel 2019

Please visit our Website. Click Here.

LogCabinsLV the first and Last Choice!!



Camping Pods for Sale!



There are so many campsites now in Europe that offer camping pods as a form or retreat for their customer base.

Sadly the camping pod market is stagnant and the designs that come from most mills are copies of copies of copies.

This being the case, the quality of most copy Camping pods is low, and the lifespan is 5 years if you are extremely lucky.

Camping Pods need to be manufactured to a high standard, the reason for this is simple, you are offering them out to the public, and safety needs to come first.

Windows and doors need to be certified, moreover, the insulation levels need to be high, build quality and the timber used needs to be of high quality, and the manufacturer of your camping pod needs to be of house builder standard, not a back street shed manufacturer.

Logcabins LV has over the last 10 years been manufacturing Pods, we have supplied the largest parks in the UK with our pods, Zoos, campsites, and Children’s Adventure Parks.

We have now designed what we think is the most unique- camping pod design in a very long time.

Our New for 2018 Barrel Pods, which start at 4.8m x 4.8m and are 3m in height come fully insulated and designed to give your customers an ultimate campsite luxury feeling.

Yet, they are truly spacious, full of light, and not forgetting the quality of the build and the high end manufacturing production line they come off on.

Our very highly skilled carpenters, 4 to a team, can build one pod a month, which means each and every Pod from LV comes hand built and manufactured with care and attention.

If you would like to know more about our single pods, or even you are thinking of a double pod, please give us a ring!


Please visit our Website. Click Here.

LogCabinsLV the first and Last Choice!!


The New Camping Barrel Pod for 2018


New Camping Pods from Log Cabins LV

The new Barrel Camping Pod from

Have you noticed that most companies just churn out the same crap year after year?

The only difference in their product normally is the price, it goes up and up and up, and quality normally is reversing.

I know this is the worst way to start a blog, knocking the competition, but actually, there is no competition where our camping pods are concerned. We manufacture the best camping pods in the industry, we also design pods that make financial sense.

So here are the Pods of the future, delivered in 2 sections, 3m high, and 4.8m x 4.8m in size.

The Barrel Pod as it is known is now the best-selling design on the market, and the reason for this is simple, it’s spacious, its built to withstand all the elements, its unique, difficult to manufacture, and is fully insulated, and hard wearing.

It’s glulam beams and unique roof shape, double glazed, argon filled windows and doors which are all Trada Certified, makes Our LV Barrel Pod, not just Unique but also the highest quality manufactured camping pod in the marketplace.

If you would like to know more about our Pods, or other buildings, please do not hesitate to send us an email to

Please visit our Website. Click Here.

LogCabinsLV the first and Last Choice!!





Does my log cabin need planning permission- Under 2.5m High Log cabins

Do I need planning persimmon for my log cabin?

Do I need to purchase a log cabin under 2.5m high., here are the rules for ‘permitted development?

Please have a look at our artwork, which explains to you the do’s and don’ts on what you can and can not do!


Log Cabins LV as always tries to make purchasing a log cabin as easy as possible.

Please visit our Website.Click Here.

LogCabinsLV the first and Last Choice!!



Google Plus- Log Cabins for Sale UK

Please check out our google plus

here we have arranged many different ranges for you to view, also some, if not most of the ranges are on our sister site,

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, then you should please check out all our websites and dealers, and I am sure you will find the high quality, correctly priced log cabins, and timber buildings.

Thank you for reading.. ( 3)


Hi everyone, OK about time, that’s what most of you will scream at me, but slowly, and I can hear other cabin companies already moaning because once again I decided to put the prices back to where they are supposed to be, so to those in the industry, HUSH! not interested in your thoughts.

So High everyone, and welcome to a new stage, evolution in our website log cabins lv, and also our UK website,, which I might add is the now number one new site in the UK, why, simple, it offers, more, for less, and what it offers is better than the competition, I hate to use that word as there is no competition in the UK against what we offer.

If you are looking for a high quality deluxe 70 mm log cabin then please check out here, this range will blow you away, and do not forget to check out the galleries showcasing the windows and doors, we do not just offer the best quality, we also offer sensible pricing.

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quality timber frame buildings from log cabins lv

Timber Frame Building Manufacturer


Over the many years we have been in the Log Cabin and Timber frame building market, we have tried to up our game each and every year.

timber-frame-buildings-lv-02Our iconic designs be them timber frame highly insulated buildings or a small 3.0m x 3.0m log cabin clock house is always manufactured to last the test of time.


Excellence is part of our DNA, we strive daily to offer exceptional value, but as always keeping quality levels high, we never cut corners.


Today we would like to thank one of our customers for sending in photos of a completed LV Timber Frame Building; we designed, manufactured, and assembled.


This little building is to full building regulation; the roof is made up of curved glulam beams, it is very highly insulated, fitted with triple glazed windows and doors, and clad externally in Northern Siberian Larch.


Forget about going to a Logcabin Superstore for a cabin, or timber frame building, come to a company that understand timber buildings.


We have in the UK some amazing dealerships that understand quality, and customer service, plus their fitting teams never nail when in doubt, and never leave a job half done.


Unlike superstore log cabin resellers, Log Cabins LV is available to offer every type of timber structure, with fitted CE certified windows and doors, we also offer amazing designs and a full bespoke service.


If you are truly looking for the best, then Log Cabins

LV means excellence, quality, and exceptional value for your money.


There are many companies claiming to offer LV, so please send us an email to make sure your not dealing with a back street pallet company or a fly by night here today and gone tomorrow reseller.


LV Log Cabins the brand you can trust in.

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Log Cabins

Log Cabins

Log Cabins

Log Cabins 3

Once again a big shout out to our guys for doing a fantastic job with our Summer House and log cabins. With and without our amazing Deluxe Certified Windows and Doors.

The Only certified Residential Windows and doors as standard fit in the market!

These amazing DF Cabins and this fabulous Summer House are just few examples of our amazing cabins.

Our log cabins and timber buildings are without doubt the best on the web.

Log Cabins 4If you really want the best of the best, and you are worried you might be conned into purchasing a bulk manufactured- nasty-cheap superstore type cabin, please just call us or send us an email. Purchasing an LV means you will not just get the best, your cabin will be made for you, which means you get a freshly manufactured, not stock cabin.

Log Cabins 5Log Cabins LV the number one in doing it right!

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Log Cabins LV the Best in Log Cabins-Timber Buildings in the UK

log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Log Cabins LV does supply the best timber buildings- log cabins in the market, that is fact, and our accomplished dealers, who work hard, and have incredible fitters manage to demonstrate this time and time again.

Without bragging, we have been in this industry longer than anyone in the UK, we have designed so many iconic and amazing garden buildings to be honest I have lost count.

We are now looking at designing New And Amazing Park Homes, which is why we worked hard over the last 2 years, and designed and built the very first Passive Park Home in the UK, which is on display in Poole Dorset.

Log Cabins LV is as always moving forward and never looking back!

That is why our designs are copied by all, as we are the true designers and fabricators of the future of garden buildings designs, and now we have decided to offer our design skills to the holiday and park home industry.


When purchasing a log cabin, you need to take a lot into account, firstly, check out to see how long the company has been around, see if they are from a timber building background, most don’t and most are only in the business to earn.


If you look at most resellers in the UK, they actually offer nothing, just resell a cheap nasty copy of a LV design, or something similar, and take a huge profit and then next. That equates to about 99.9% of all the dealers.


LV dealers, like Mark here and his exspericanced fitters from put their heart and souls into creating  something amazing, and leaving the customer with a work of art, not some basic cabin with a felt roof which has earnt them hundreds for doing nothing.

Thats one thing I hate more than anything about greedy dealers, they build-erect quickly, make a mess and blame everyone else for their incompetence.

If you truly are looking for a Brand that means quality, integrity, price and design then Log Cabins LV is the brand to choose when you are considering purchasing a log cabin!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

Please visit our Web site..Click Here..


As Always there are those out there that want to deceive people and sadly this industry has its fair share of them. is proclaiming to sell our cabin ranges. And also trying to tie themselves in with Eurodita.


We would like to make the public aware that this company has nothing to do with us, we do not know this company or supply this company with our cabins, we are not in contact with this company and we do not know of this company and we have been in this industry more than 15 years.

We would always advice customers to be careful who to trade with, and if in doubt please call the Lithuanian Tax Department ( ) for help on issues where monies sent over seas. If you would like help on any matter please give us a call.


Please visit our Web site..Click Here..



Passive Housing

Passive Housing

passive housing-Passive Homes

passive housing  23 passive housing  24 passive housing  26 passive housing  27

Over the coming years, we are going to see a massive push by the central Government, (Brussels) to which all European Countries will harmonies build regulations, there are many reasons for this, but it seems the main reason is our usage-dependence on natural resources, energy consumption.

Designing dwellings that are affordable, energy efficient, passive, will be the task of architects, but it will be us the manufacturers that will determine the price and quality.

Log Cabins LV has over many years pushed quality, design and price to the forefront of the log cabins market.

We also have over the last few years pushed prices down and quality levels up on timber frame and passive building designs, homes.


We at log cabins LV believe that everyone one should be a winner, and that fair profits are healthy for a business, but also fair pricing for the customer.

Too many companies strive to earn profit, and forget about the main goal in life, which is to make our society a better place.


There are nearly 7 Billion people on our planet and this means the need for housing has never been greater!

But what’s more important is the need for clever creative design!

So companies build rows upon rows of awful brick clad buildings, all heated with gas, and all poorly made and insulated. We create too much waste needlessly.

Highly Insulated Passive Timber frame housing, which is all from FSC certified forests, triple glazing, and a clever highly insulated panel system, is all you need to make a superb Passive house, (OK, there is a bit more to it).

However, what makes a house a home?


Quality of Build.







If you are looking for a quality timber frame, passive house! Our professional team of architects, skilled work force and years of experience are here to help you take the next step! Do not settle for less!!


Please visit our Web site..Click Here..



Residential Log Cabins, Not Residential Log Cabins

Warning to all those thinking they are purchasing a Residential log cabin, 99.9% of the stuff sold on the internet by most cabin companies is Not Residential.. Please read this blog!

residential log cabins  lv   2residential log cabins  lv   3residential log cabins  lv   4

The word residential is used by most cabin companies that are based abroad, and do not really understand the word residential cabin!

A residential cabin must be built either to the BS3632 or to full building regulations with full structural calculations. If the cabin has neither and is built to neither then it is just a common garden cabin, no more no less! It may have cost a huge amount more because the word residential was attached which makes you think!! Arrr Dwelling!!!

Too many companies from the Baltic’s, and Scandinavia use the terminology Residential Log Cabin to proclaim that their flimsy 44mm log cabins are fit for human  habitation, they are not!

These cabins are not structurally sound and are not fit for purpose.

So when purchasing a Residential Log Cabin, be it glulam, or solid, timber frame, or hand made Norwegian log, make sure that what you are purchasing is truly a building fit for purpose, and that it is manufactured to either the BS3632 of full build regs.

There is no gray area here, it either is, or is not!!! THAT’S IT!

Secondly, a word of warning to the Public.

If you purchase a Log Cabin that looks like most dreadful caravans, and you think the planners will allow you to keep it, as its within the guidelines of size and shape, then take note, they won’t.

The BS3632 is quite stringent (even though it is the worst British Standard ever dreamt up) about ventilation, how the roof is assembled, pitch, and the way the body is assembled, and and and!

So if you are thinking of purchasing a Residential Log Cabin talk to the people that really know what’s what, and also who offer realistic pricing.

As we say in the industry, it’s easy to buy cheap, but you buy twice if you do!

We are able to help you with planning, build regs and other issues.

So do not get tempted to buy a cabin from the web with the word residential attached, as 99.9% are nothing but glorified garden cabins. And most a terribly built, awful designed, and last 3 years.

And lastly, if you do try and get away with buying a cheap cabin that looks like an awful static caravan, in the hope that your local building inspector might give you a squeeze and let you keep it up, and he does not! Then do not go crying foul to the credit card company about the log cabin company misleading you!

All our dealers from LV will tell you a log cabin , garden cabin is only a garden cabin, nothing more or less, what ever size, until you put it through planning, and all the structural elements are adjusted to meet said requirements! do not settle for less!

Please visit our Web site..Click Here..

Oak Garden Offices and Log Cabins LV

oak buildings, oak log cabins,

Oak buildings, oak log cabins, oak garages, oak shelters, oak beams

Why is it that so many people want to purchase Oak Buildings?

Fact, it takes an Oak tree 40 years until it can produce an acorn.

In the UK the common Oak is protected, and a very serious quota is put on harvesting-felling- logging

However, our common Oak is also under threat from Oak Processionary Moth, it is a non-native pest found in London and Berkshire.

Acute Oak Decline (AOD) also chronic oak decline, (COD) is serious conditions, which affects the UK oaks.

Several contributing factors are linked to the diseases.

Decline of mature oaks since 1920.

Key symptoms include canopy thinning branch dieback, and black weeping patches and lesions underlying the bleed spots.


Knowing all this the question is why are we allowing industry to use our beloved oak for, door stops, sheds, beach huts, garden buildings, garages, internal beams, etc.

The reason is partly to do with history, and that the fact that England sadly needs to change its habits in construction and what timber to use.

garden office siberian larch

quality garden offices from log cabins lv

At log cabins LV we never use Oak, English, or any other species of Oak for any part of our buildings.

This is just a company choice, but we think if we start to push other amazing timbers that are in abundance, then hopefully the industry will change its habits and Oak might get a change over the next 400+ years to catch up and be once again the champion of timbers!


Log Cabins LV do not settle for less!

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Ki Log Cabins New for 2015 Only From

Ki Log Cabins

Ki Log Cabins

Ki Log Cabins 2015 2 Ki Log Cabins 2015 3 Ki Log Cabins 2015 4

The Ki Log Cabins different from anything on the Internet To date!!


We are proud to offer the market our new range of Ki Log Cabins. This range has taken us over a year of design and test, beware of dangerous copies. This design is very difficult to manufacture.

Our New Ki Range of log cabins are all under the 2.5m rule set in Great Britain which normally do not require planning permission of any kind. Always Check!

Our new Ki Range of interlocking Log Cabins are designed so you get maximum head room, they are also designed so your windows and doors open without the obstruction of low roofs, which sadly many bulk manufactured under 2.5 m log cabins suffer from.

Our New range for 2015 Ki Log Cabins are designed to look different, and to offer plenty of light intrusion into the log cabin. This new range we believe will offer the public the chance to get away from the block house ugly looking flat roof log cabins that adorn so many websites now, and as always its that design, manufacture and bring to market first these new and exciting designs. The Ki Log Cabins Under 2.5m High!

The Best Under 2.5m Log Cabins in the Industry! is firstly a design house, we love to design and manufacture the future, but we also like to create new concept quality log cabins, that are hand made, and take a few more hours to manufacture, rather than spitting them out every minute, like so many bulk manufactures tend to do now!

You can believe that our new range of Ki Log Cabins are now just aesthetically pleasing, they are quality through out.

There are many reasons we have designed this new and exciting range, they have the highest headroom of any under 2,5m log cabin on sale, we have designed these amazing little log cabin to offer plenty of shelf space, even above the front door! Beware of dangerous copies.

The New Ki Log Cabins are available in 34mm, 44mm and 70mm, if you would like to have a Glulam Ki Log Cabin, please speak to the nearest dealer to you! All our Ki Log Cabins are designed to last!

Our 44mm Ki Log Cabins come with great hand made quality tilt and turn windows and doors, and not forgetting 28mm floor as standard. Our Windows and doors are manufactured from Siberian Pine Joinery timber.

The Ki Log Cabins will save you money when it comes to roof covering, you can either use quality rolls of felt, or a Firestone EPDM, this can be applied quickly and has a 40 year guarantee. Please speak to our partners and dealers.

Our New Range of Ki Log Cabins consists of 55 Log Cabins.

Our full range of Ki Log Cabins will be available from stockiest by the end of this month world wide.

Beware of dangerous copies!

Do not settle for less…..

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