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Our Story

Where to start, OK the beginning is always the best….

Logcabins.lv started in 2001, which is when log cabins started their existence into the UK garden market.

I was a small but busy timber supplier to the UK, my residence is over here in the Baltic’s, an ex-pat, and a timber scout, we hunted timber here, there and everywhere, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Belarus and the like, and I must say at that time we were supplying the UK with some of the best KD C24 and unseasoned timber that possibly has ever been landed in the UK. our roots at LV are completely and utterly timber based.

Then one day I was visiting a small timber mill, in the south of Lithuania, and I noticed this small, dusty interlocking  2m x 3m log cabin, and I knew as soon as I saw it, it would be perfect for us in the UK.

I asked the company concerned if they could manufacture a few of them, and they said, sadly they had stopped all production because of lack of orders, no one actually in Lithuania wanted them, (local market), so I spoke to a very good close friend of mine, who is still a loyal friend, and also our longest customer (and we had our mill start up their production facilities again and manufacture an arctic load of 5m x 5m in 44mm.

And that’s how interlocking buildings ended up in the UK.

But! That not the story I want to tell you, the story I want to tell you is how so much of what you see on the all log cabin websites today, come, stem from our hard work here at LV. Everyone and I mean every man and his dog has copied our designs,

Firstly, The Clock House, the twin skins design system, and pretty much everything cabin that meant design, came from us, and still does.

Everything that meant fairness in price and quality, started at our door, and we are the only design house, manufacturing and retailer that sacks dealers if they lie, or mislead customers.

LV is actually the beginning of the path, and we have now decided that after so many years we would change it up a little again,

If you have ever read any of our blogs on the old logcabins.lv website, you will know that I am always writing what I consider to be fact, and this will not stop.

Log cabins are sold by many different kinds of dealers, ones that just want to sell a few a year and earn enough money to either buy a car or fit out their house with a new kitchen, there are others that manufacture sheds and use the cabins as an extra part of their range. And then there are large dealers that sell hundreds of cabins a month, these are what we call bulk sellers and they sell mass produced log cabins, and then there are companies like us that offer bespoke, higher quality cabins.

Now if I were a customer, and I was looking to purchase a quality log cabin, then I would come to us, but there are people out there that are enticed with pretty pictures and sweet wording, that believe a cabin is a cabin, and sadly these people purchase what we call in the industry (bulk crap). Please have a look at our windows and doors, (click here ) and you will understand what I am talking about…


Windows and doors, are one of the most integral parts of any log cabin, when they fail, they fail, and when you have failure you have water ingress and then that’s normally the beginning and the end of your log cabin.

Getting replacement parts for them is normally impossible, with 99.9% of bulk-manufactured log cabins, the quality of the windows/doors is questionable, and the longevity of them is laughable, they are very much manufactured to price, and as prices drop and drop, the quality of your cabin drops and drops, till you find what is delivered is good for bonfire night 5- to 8 years down the line.

There are many issues that I could write about, however, you can read about that on our blog, which has daily thoughts and new articles about our new range, and what you can look forward to in the future.