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Our ability to offer high-end amazing quality but bespoke Log Cabins for example… 3.0 m x 5.0 m or a 2 storey

Timber Frame House at very competitive price means our production facilities are busy 24/7/365 days a year. Please send us an email with your enquiry!


As you enter into our bespoke section you will notice we have hundreds of just plain cabin boxes, no pre-cut holes for windows and doors, these cabins have apex, pent, gable, hip etc roof styles, for you to pick from, also you will notice that we have over a hundred

windows and doors which are different shapes and sizes, actually it’s the largest range of its kind on the internet for log cabins and timber buildings.

All our fabulous windows and doors are manufactured using the latest computerised CNC machinery. This delivers a quality, precise cut for windows and door, all our windows and doors are fitted with quality hardware and are professionally sprayed. This is not

garden shed quality, but very close to residential quality.

You can pick any colour you fancy from the RAL chart. Our standard base colour is white. you can have a navy blue double door and off-white double windows, or jet black windows and a silver door, you choose; you are free to use any combination of different

colours, or have the whole set in matching colours! This may sound bonkers, but we give you the freedom to do as you wish.

Unlike other web-based timber building construction companies that let you design a 3D model on their website and place their standard window and door sets, (normally it’s a very limited range), wherever you want, we are a little different in this part of the design;

we care about quality, integrity and strength. Experience shows that there are some areas of a log cabin where putting a window or a door would mean the structure could seriously be compromised, our model prevents this. Don’t forget that the pricing on many of

these ‘do it yourself’ websites, well….. all I would say is ‘’it’s extremely high, considering the windows and doors normally are of low quality.’’

All our windows and doors are fitted with quality German manufactured metal hardware, with certified double glazed 24mm units.

Oak thresholds come as standard, and so do heavy duty stainless steel door hinges on our doors.

If you really want a high-quality bespoke building that is unique to you, fitted with amazing windows and doors that are incredibly hard wearing then please send us an email today or give us a call.


Logcabinslv.co.uk are proud to be the first to truly offer the UK public, a bespoke range that will undoubtedly change the cabin market forever.

As they say, quality and choice is everything.

If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy company, that has been manufacturing quality log cabins and highly insulated timber buildings for more than 25 years then you’ve come to the right place.

LogCabinsLV.co.uk prides itself on being responsible for more than 80% of today’s designs which are now routinely offered on most log cabin websites.

Over the many years we have been manufacturing, we have designed and supplied quite literally many 1000’s of timber buildings be them log or highly insulated timber frame buildings, these buildings have been sold in the Himalayas, Iceland, Norway, Russia,

Canada, America, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Africa, Morocco, Portugal, to name a few and of course pretty much every village, town, and city in the UK. The LV name is known for exceptional quality and of course fair and sensible pricing.

Log Cabins LV the number one innovator, design team manufacturer and market pioneer for log cabins in the world.

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All our Log Cabins, are delivered to our Sussex Undercover bonded warehouse.
There is a reason we have chosen East Sussex. Because it is nearest to the ports of entry to the UK.
All companies offer free delivery, which we all know is a lie, nothing, especially haulage is free. And what we have found is that most companies do not have the ability to offer Hiab or Moffatt mounted forklifts because 99.9% of companies do not own this kind of Hi End Expensive Equipment. This being the case most companies add X to cover their delivery costs to the cabin, so if your 5 miles down the road or 100 miles you’re paying the same price.
And if you read most companies talk about hand balling off the logs from the truck etc, which really hard work, and they will charge for an extra set of hands, which not very good. Also having the ability to use a Moffett (a detachable forklift) which means we can park our trucks at the top of a lane where trucks can’t pass, go, and drive a Moffett with your log cabin either as a forklift or a sideloader version, to your garage drive, or garden with ease. Please call us for more info.
Next, ‘which is super important” we will give you a direct price for delivery, so you get a real time price from us to you without any guess work or over payment.( this will be a first) In essence we are bringing prices down’ drastically”, offering a better more effective delivery pricing service. And as we have our own fitting teams that can do everything, from base to roofing so a full turnkey service which will be second to none, so pick your cabin, order and we do the rest all at the lowest prices available. www.logcabinslv.co.uk the leaders in log cabin sales in the UK, and our prices and quality will not be beaten.