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Timber Frame Buildings


If you are looking for a manufacturer that offers incredibly high quality and stupidly low pricing, then logcabinslv.co.uk is unquestionably the company to speak to.

We have been supplying the world market for over 16 years with our timber frame structures and log buildings-cabins, be it a 3m x 3m 34mm log cabin, to a 600 sq m timber frame family passive house.

Logcabinslv.co.uk is the oldest supplier of log cabins in the UK, and as you can imagine we have seen the market change drastically, sadly though it has gone from quality to crap, which is one of the reasons we have decided to come to market. and sell directly to the public and offer timber buildings, be it log cabin or timber frame that are as always a cut above the rest and priced sensibly.

As I am sure many of you know, the UK has very little forest area,  compared to Europe, and what is grown in the UK is fast growing pulp timber, great for cheap board and bollards,  which means sadly most of your timber, which is a massive 66% of it comes from a foreign source, i.e. Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia, Russian timber in our personal view being the best.

The UK imports around 11.3 million cubic meters of construction timber a year, which is a staggering amount. Its the equivalent of 170.000 London buses parked end to end; this amount grows yearly, and as demand grows prices rise.

Now out of the 11.3 million cubic meters of timber 61% of all this is used in construction, and only a small amount of that lumber, is of high quality, as most of the time, construction companies want the lowest grade ” just to get the job done” on average 89% of companies in the UK will use C16, which is the lowest visual graded timber available and is allowed to be used, and this is where we are very different, as we only use C24, which is the highest grade available.

And before you ask is there a difference, the answer is yes, as C16 will have a lot more knots, and this means the longevity of the timber is shorter with the lower grade,

A few years ago we priced for a holiday company 20-holiday highly insulated timber frame park homes, which was not to the dreaded BS 3632, ” the BS3632 is the government’s spec on holiday accommodation” yes I know it been updated in 2017, but a pig with makeup on is still a pig. Sorry but it’s the truth…… Caravans and most park homes are awfully made, worth nothing after 20 years and are actually an eco nightmare, as most of the building is not recyclable. Plus if you are looking for an investment, nothing manufactured to the BS3632 is worthless with in time.

Sadly the park home owners, ” the land owners” are tied by the government, and they actually can not put down residential Quality timber frame park Homes

Our timber frame buildings are built to a standard that would surpass full UK structural- build regulations, basically, we offer as standard a fully residential building, a quality building, built with the highest graded timber on the planet, massively insulated with our standard triple glazing, we offer the best, and our pricing for these 20 units socked the customer, and I heard through the grapevine later that they had not taken us on to do the project, because they thought our pricing was ridiculously low and therefore something was amiss.

And this just goes to show how the UK public has been almost hypnotised into paying ridiculously high pricing for timber buildings.

And if it comes in cheaper than they are some how being conned! It’s almost laughable if it were not so true.

Below you will see a huge range of timber clad buildings, the cladding is Northern Siberian larch, a favourite of mine, which is a very hard, heavy softwood, yes I know the word soft means the complete opposite to a hard, but that’s just how larch is, incredibly dense due to its growing conditions, which is in the northern most areas of Russia where the temperatures hit minus 40 regularly, which means the fir ” tree” must defend its self, so its grows slowly and the result this equals extremely tight grain timber, full of oil.

And with the UK becoming wetter and wetter, this type of timber is perfect for keeping mother nature out; it ranks higher actually than cedar. Cedar is a beautiful timber when freshly cut, but tends to go a dull grey, where Larch goes a more silvery grey! Larch tends to last longer in general, and costs less than cedar.

All our timber frame buildings, be it a residential, or a granny flat, garden office, what ever, can be fully bespoke, to your requirements, also we can manufacture to your own set of plans, DWG if you have.

If you truly are looking for a quality timber frame cabin, house, building, then please, give us a call, or send us an email…

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