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Designing Your Bespoke Log Cabin

Hi everyone, and I would firstly like to thank you for coming to logcabinslv.co.uk, and giving us the chance to supply you with that perfect cabin of your dreams, i am told off alot for going off on a tangent when I start to write, and no doubt I will on this page and I will with out doubt cover a few topics that are close to my heart, I love this industry, and I love designing and offering quality every time, I have designed in the last 20 years more log cabins than all the log cabin companies in the UK/Europe combined, so I am a cabin/timber frame  head, and I believe in 3 things, all our buildings, be them log cabins or timber frame schools, must be, up to my quality level, be safe and strong, and be priced sensibly, I am not looking to earn billions of pounds, own an island and buy an airline, We at LV like to offer the best cabins in the UK and at very sensible pricing and we like to make sure you get a superb long lasting high-quality timber building.

What I would like to explain on this page are what you can and cannot do with a bespoke cabin.And how you go about designing a log cabin, and what you must always think about while doing it.

Firstly,…there are companies out there that will let you drag and drop windows and doors anywhere you want on a bit of software they offer on their websites, looks great, but!!! ,  frankly, this is dangerous. And this is why I am writing this to help you understand why LV is really the only company to choose when thinking of buying a high-quality bespoke log cabin or any cabin for that matter, but what I will not offer you is a bit high volume crap. there are a lot of these kinds of log cabins on sale in the UK, and your welcome to leave my website and look for cheap and cheerful, I wish you luck.

OK, we were the first company ever to sell log cabins in to the UK, which means we are the market leaders, we were the first to design, manufacture the Clock House log cabin, and also we were the first to design, manufacture and offer the Twinskin log cabin system, which means we really understand what’s what! We innovate and always move forward, each and every year!

I like to say how it is, and not mince my words, colourful wording, descriptive text , I leave for authors, novelists and writers , when manufacturing any building, be it log or timber frame, you must be on the ball, and make sure each and every log cabin, house, school, even a 3m x 3m 44 mm log cabin comes off our production line absolutely perfect. Nothing missing, with quality windows and doors, and is fit for purpose.

LV has pushed the market in so many, many positive ways, but for the last 4 years, we have seen the English market sadly go to crap!

I think many companies in the UK that sell cabins will disappear very soon, as when Brexit comes into play, the paperwork needed to get a cabin from point A to point B, and the taxes etc, will be far more difficult, and a lot won’t bother, which means your guarantee is gone. The reason I comment on this is that we were selling cabins before a lot of the countries were EU, and the paperwork for getting cabins into the UK was so very difficult. now it’s all going to happen again. And we are not just prepared for it we have experience in it already!

For many years purchasing a bespoke log cabin was actually quite difficult and a lengthy process and still many companies try to stop you going on this route ..

Plus what we have seen is that the prices are ludicrous, I mean seriously over the top, and the waiting time is hilarious, some companies take a deposit and tell you to wait 3 months, and still, they charge you 50% more.

Seriously!! Talk about putting the customer off so you get them to purchase their mass produced crap!!

I am always jumped on for shouting out the truth, ( industry manufacturing secrets), but I think mass produced cabins are simply crap! They are normally made in the winter, piled high on top of each other, and then sold throughout the year. and yes you get your cabin in 4 to 5 days delivered, and you put it up and you’re as happy as a sand girl/boy. But! what really have you spent your 1000’s of pounds on?

Sorry I had to laugh at the last part, as its completely and utterly true and its extremely sad at the same time.

A quality building from us takes about 3/4 weeks from order,  for us to have it ready to ship to you, It does not matter if it’s a bespoke cabin or from the standard deluxe range. If you are going to spend a few quid on something make sure its the best it can be.

What is the most important factor of any bespoke cabin is that it is safe, and we will be relentless in making sure that every building will be PERFECT! We are the experts, and we will help you through the entire process.

Pricing our bespoke Range is so simple. You just pick the windows and doors, and the body, and that’s that.

Below you will see images with ticks and crosses, these symbolise whats good and bad, and what you will notice is that you can not have windows and doors close to one another, and you can’t, put a window and door close to the end wall lock, as this is suicidal for structural integrity, basically the roof will come down.

Our new range of windows and doors, are not just great, they the best in the industry, I know you will read this on many, many websites, but no one puts HD quality photos of their windows and doors on their websites, and there is a reason for this, and the reason for this is simple, they are cheap and cheerful, and they are embarrassed. Ours are so, so different, our W/D are amazing quality, and priced sensibly…. read/see more.

if you are looking for a serious company that has the founding roots of this industry in it.. then LV should always be your first pick.

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