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If you are looking for a Log Cabin that is truly better than anything else offered on the internet but still priced to sell, then please have a look at our amazing Deluxe Log cabins.

Our Deluxe Log cabins come with not just the best windows and doors in the industry, our Log Cabins are not just the best on the market, they are the best in the world!

Log Cabins LV are the market leaders. the others just follow!!

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No doubt ten different people would probably have ten different images of their interpretation of a Log Cabin or a Sectional Building.Both include Interlocking Buildings, Interlocking Log Cabins, Insulated Log Cabins, Quality Summer Houses, Insulated Garden Offices, Log Cabin Garages, Gazebos, Insulated Caravans, Timber frame Bungalows, Chalet Bungalows, Residential Log Cabins, Sectional Timber Frame Hotels, Classrooms, Reception Areas, Garden Saunas, Gazebos. Scandinavian Hand Made Log Cabins, Timber Buildings, Timber Frame Buildings .The list goes on.

There is one company that has managed to produce for the U.K. all of the above Log Cabins and Sectional Buildings by way of exhibiting an enviable range of magnificent

products. That Company is Logcabins.lv

The success of any company is only as good as the people who operate it. Lead Marketer

Kevin has a ruthless, no nonsense attitude towards ensuring only the best quality products

end up in the hands of his Customers.

With over 22 years experience of Timber Building Manufacturing in the Baltic’s where you can be assured of top quality materials from certified sustainable forestry, producing logs that are sympathetically treated with the most sophisticated computerized technology, you can be assured of obtaining the very best from the best.

Logcabins.lv goes “against the grain” when competing in the frenzy of a price warlike

arena that exists in the UK between numerous distributors who sell just on price.

Logcabins.lv  is all about quality and satisfaction to you, the Customer. By going the extra mile to ensure that you receive exactly what you are after, coupled with very experienced guidelines and advice to re-enforce that level of satisfaction, Logcabins.lv remains quite unique in this particular market sector. Whilst Logcabins.lv can never say it is the cheapest manufacturer in this industry, it can definitely boast that you get more than value for money.


A Logcabin.lv Distributor near to you.

It has taken over 15 years for Kevin to build a framework of Distributors and Partners throughout the U.K. You can feel comfortable in the knowledge of receiving top quality experienced help, assistance and guidance throughout the process from the initial order to the completion of your much loved building when dealing with one of Logcabins.lv Distributors or Partners. Currently there are over 60 operating in the various regions of the UK. All of the Distributors and Partners have been carefully selected, having gone through a rigorous training program of the manufacturing processes. Some have had more training in say Garden Cabins and Garden Offices. Others have special information relevant to Residential Log Cabins, whilst another section has particular background and knowledge regarding Sectional Buildings. Wherever you are in the UK there will always be someone at the ready to answer any queries you may have. In the first instance you can browse through our website to locate one of our distributors who happens to be nearest to you, or, contact us direct at enquiries@logcabins.lv

There are still some vacancies that exist in certain regions of the UK. If you would like to become one of our Partners or Distributors, or, perhaps you know of someone who would like to be considered, please contact us at enquiries@logcabins,lv for a friendly chat.

Logcabins.lv Bespoke Products

The product range from Logcabins.lv is immense. Besides hundreds of different Garden Log Cabins, Garden Offices, Summer Houses etc. they each have a variety of wall thickness some as many as 5 different thicknesses to choose from.

However, if after painstakingly searching for your ideal Log Cabin or Sectional Building, you need more time to do other things, you can let us do the searching for you.

You may have seen one of our Log Cabins that has a door to the left with windows to the right. But you want them reverse way round. Logcabins.lv are happy to carry out this work for you and quote you accordingly.

There is no need to worry about paying exorbitant prices for customized cabins with Logcabins.lv because the same formula is used in terms of square meters of timber used and other components. The only difference where some additional cost is involved is that everything is programmed into a computer in readiness for milling the exact configuration required for any specific design. A fresh programming operation will need to be carried out for anything that cannot be milled from one of the existing templates.


The cost is a nominal additional cost which will become part of an inclusive quotation for you. You will be very pleasantly surprised to find that your bespoke Log Cabin is not as expensive as you may have envisaged.

The Product range

Click on Product Range and down will come a menu covering the following elements of the company’s wide range of products. These are: Clockhouse Log Cabins range, Log Cabin TF range , Log Cabins Euro range, Log Cabins DF range, Log Cabins Garages , Log Cabins ES range, Residential Log Cabins, Large Log Cabins, Our Gallery ( where there are some excellent portrayals of Clockhouse Log Cabins with a selection of distributors, Standard Garden range, Scandinavian Log Cabins, Insulated Garden Buildings, Siberian Larch Cabins, Sectional Buildings, Summer Houses, Insulated Caravans lv and Gazebos.

Within these ranges, as previously mentioned, there are different wall thickness  to choose from. Literally thousands of cabins to choose from. Logcabins.lv remains the generic leader of the widest range of Log Cabins and sectional buildings in the UK and probably Europe.

This growth was not overnight. Those that grow very quickly often disappear just as quick. Logcabins.lv continues on target with slow steady growth with a good proportion of funding put into more technical research to maintain its market leadership in innovative and more futuristic designs coupled with the understanding of modern day eco- friendly attitude to the global environment. Logcabins.lv has been able to claim a number of 1sts. With various launches of new exciting products into the UK . These include; Siberian Larch Cabins, Clock House Cabins, The new Tan, The Futuristically designed Insulated Caravan lv and many others.

Make www.logcabins.lv  your favorite website. Everything else is probably just a copy.

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