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Log Cabins Clock House Range

Introducing the “Clockhouse” Range,
Unique to Logcabins.lv

First again in the U.K. log cabins.lv proudly present the “Clockhouse log cabin” range.
This exquisite range of superior buildings are
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When it comes to new designs we pride ourselves in probably offering the most
in a variety of sizes and log thickness.

The ultimate clean looking rot proof and waterproof Siberian Larch clock house comes into its own for the outer walls.

Well seasoned, carefully selected prime pinewood is used internally to enhance the
Design and subtle colour features that both these natural woods provide.

There are 6 standard types shown on our website but we also make to your specification
and we will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote based upon your plan & idea.

The Clock House Log Cabin Range is available in 44mm log thickness with insulation, double glazed windows and top quality
French doors, you can be assured of high quality design without compromise on safety, security and sturdiness.

Take a look at the clever inclusion of the triangular windows that not only allow additional natural light but also bring that extra design definition that you would expect from the “Clockhouse log cabin” range.

Tilt and turn windows are another superb feature providing a comfortable and easy user friendly opening and closing process.

The locking system is of high EU standard providing you with the very best security.

Starting from a 5m x 4m the versatility of such a beautiful garden building is quite remarkable. A Playhouse, a Summerhouse, A Garden Office.A Gym, A music studio. They are all great opportunities for this compact Clockhouse Log Cabin.

At the other end of the scale our Clockhouse 205 provides incredible open feel and space
for family and friends. A wonderful building for entertainment.
A fantastic Office to include a neat Reception area.
Useful for any Arts and Crafts or just for total relaxation.
This high grade building could also be used as a stand alone Nursery or Classroom positioned within the confines of a School. This is so cost effective compared with bricks and mortar and more importantly can be erected and completed in a fraction of the time.

The design of the Clockhouse log cabin range blends well with any educational or artistic environment. The scope for this beautifully designed creation is endless.

To re-assure you that you are dealing with the bona-fide original and most experienced manufacturers, you will find that we always build with long term stability in mind.
The flooring is of 28mm tongue & Groove seasoned pine, not to be confused with many other “copycats” who will come in at a lower price with a 19mm thick flooring that you are not in a position to see because when you walk on it you just cannot see the thickness of the floorboard.
There are many other cheaper versions available with a cheaper specification.

Lower grade Glazing, sometimes only single glazing of inferior quality.
Low grade locking systems that soon discolour and can malfunction.

European Larch used as opposed to Siberian Larch. European larch does not provide the level of waterproof and longevity that Siberian Larch provides.

Young Spruce being used for the internal structure as opposed to the well seasoned pine that we use from certified forestation where each carefully selected tree is at least 70 years old before it is processed.

With others you may need to ask all these questions and you probably may find it hard
to get a yes answer in all cases.
With Logcabins.lv you don’t even have to ask. You will always have the peace of mind of buying only the best in the business. To have that feel good feeling of absolute peace of mind once you have purchased something is of immense value that cannot be quantified.

We believe in keeping well ahead of the trend when it comes to new designs and new types of construction. In fact we have set the trend for many other manufacturers.

Many manufacturers today find it much easier to copy than to be the forerunner of a marketing project. After all, it’s cheaper for them because the innovator has spent most of the money carrying out all the research etc.

However, there are drawbacks to manufacturers in the timber business who copy to make the product a little cheaper. As mentioned earlier, simply a reduction in quality.
The Log cabin business is very competitive which might sound good for the end user in terms of price. Here people can easily fall into the trap of purchasing something that looks good on an image but, when received, ends up being a disappointment.
Logcabins.lv have been producing Clockhouse Log Cabins for a number of years now and
all of the teething troubles that our competitors are still trying to overcome, have all been resolved by our company.

Our aim with the Clockhouse Log Cabin is to bring in some more refinements to enhance the quality and aesthetic appeal of our creation.

One particular Clockhouse Log Cabin to look out for on this website is the new Langham Clockhouse Log Cabin. This particular superb building boasts no less than 8 long tilt and turn fully double glazed windows. The front façade shows double doors that are double glazed with two sets of windows either side. Both sides of the cabin also have two windows
totalling 8 windows. The glazing is of the highest grade and provides excellent insulation together with great ease to clean both sides of each window from inside the Clockhouse as a result of the Tilt and Turn mechanism.

The Siberian Pine that is used for this most excellent construction is carefully selected prior to any milling. The result that is achieved is a virtual knotless clean smooth finish that is rarely seen in other cabins manufactured by the competition.

The process of such selection is quite challenging as only a small percentage of this quality timber is accessible. It is also very time consuming sorting out such lengths of timber for the process to take place.

The 5.5m x 4m dimensions make for a very spacious Garden Log Cabin that completely transforms any garden. Its design acts as a very strong focal point and is certainly one to be admired.

The triangular windows were yet another refinement providing that additional light and exquisite appearance that you would never normally expect from a Garden Cabin.

Double Trusses in the roof make for a much more stable and stronger building.
Please note that the MINIMUM thickness of this superb Log Cabin is 44mm.
With this thickness and the top grade double glazing throughout, the Langham Clockhouse Cabin has been designed for the most discerning of users who can be assured of absolute comfort whilst working or relaxing throughout the whole year.

Kevin has gone a long way to ensure that all the Logcabin.lv customers receive more than good value for money. It’s the extra finesse that provides all the customers with a great sense of satisfaction once having assembled such a building. The Clockhouse goes beyond the sense of satisfaction. It gives people an enormous sense of pride. A building, not only to enjoy the practical use and service it will provide, but to be able to look out of your rear window of your house and just have great pleasure in just looking at that enchanting Log Cabin Clockhouse awaiting your pleasure at the bottom of your garden.
Our Clock House Log Cabin is far superior to any thing on the market at present.
Why? Our Clock House Log Cabin is the best, simple, we designed and manufactured the first, and we have had 10 years to perfect this building and its design.
When speaking to the other companies that have copied our Clock House Log Cabin please ask them for the purlin sizes, the thickness of their double glazing units, and the quality of their floors, you will find our specification is that much higher! If you are looking for a Clock House Log Cabin that will last the test of time, a Logcabins.lv Clock House log cabin is truly the only one to purchase.

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