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Log Cabins Deluxe Range

The New 2016 Deluxe Range of Log Cabins

Log Cabins LV is proud to offer for 2016 a New and Magnificent range of Deluxe Log Cabins that are not just the highest quality log cabins ever to be manufactured by any Cabin producer, and sold at a price that will make all other manufactures look once again at their greedy pricing levels.

If you are looking for that quality log cabin for the garden then our deluxe range of log cabins will suit your needs, and make all your neighbours  jealous!

There is not another range of log cabins anywhere on the internet, that offers so much for so little!

Here are a few reasons you should only want a New Deluxe LV log Cabin.

When purchasing a log cabin there are so many things to take into account, firstly there is the quality of the timber, the drying of the timber, the moulding of the timber, and the process of all this so that your log cabin is the best it can be.

Purchasing quality timber is the first task in any manufacturing process, also having sharp blades and skilled tradesman that know how to hone a board into a fantastic log wall!

Next, it is so important that the log cabin you are thinking of purchasing is manufactured on a quality CNC Computerised Machine, this means the wall logs will be equal the same length, and the cabin will erect square.

When purchasing a log cabin, it is very important that the roof structure is the best it can be, and that means 20mm roof boards, robust purlins, designed by architects and manufactured by skilled aged craftsman.

The quality of any log cabin Windows and Doors are so important, and this is where LV’s New Deluxe Log Cabins completely and utterly trample the competition.

Our New and Amazing Residential Quality Windows and Doors are not just the best to be offered in any range of log cabins ever to adorn on any log cabin site.

Our Weinig CNC Door and Window line means that all our Windows and Doors are of superb quality and are precision made.

Argon filled CE glass packages.

High quality hardware.

Quality Oak Threshold

Our Window and Doors are the only CE-Trada Certified Windows and Doors offered in any standard range of log cabins in the industry.

What we have seen is that there are certain German and  Dutch companies who charge an absurd amount of money for a window and door upgrades, so we have decided to offer these at a fraction of the cost. plus we have set a quality level that is so high, we no doubt will see their prices drop drastically, and once again LV puts  pricing normality back into the market!!

Log Cabins LV is the only sensible choice!