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Log Cabins Dutch Barn

Dutch Barn Roof Log Cabins

Our Standard Dutch Barn Roof Log Cabins from Log Cabins LV are now available to the public.

As always we have re-designed a classic roof style, to fit into the Under 2.5m height regulation in the UK, yet at the same time be aesthetically pleasing and well built.

This is possibly the only under 2.5m roof that shouts style, if you look at most under 2.5m high log cabin designs they are all quite boring, looking very mass produced and same, same.

What we wanted to achieve with this new range of Dutch Barn Roof log cabins is offer a timber building that really is different, that really does make sense, and one that offers generous head height.

Also we wanted to offer a standard range of log cabins where our over sized extra strong notched purlins went from front apex to back apex which gives a feeling of length and openness.

For far too long under 2.5m high buildings have had purlins running from left to right which can make the buildings feel small and claustrophobic especially in the substandard bulk manufactured ones where windows and doors are small and

We have also designed this amazing new Dutch Barn Roof Range to offer outside covered seating areas, which are far more than just verandas; these are truly designed to offer quality outside lounging-seating-resting areas. This new superb range of quality log cabins comes in many different sizes and is available in any bespoke arrangement; please speak to our trusted and experienced dealers.

You may want to add a hot tub, or a few comfortable sun loungers jump on your IPad and read the news or simply lounge around on a quiet Saturday-Sunday afternoon, sipping a cold one recharging the batteries.

Our Standard DBR Cabins are designed to be different, to be higher, better, and actually a smarter designed cabin, and what you can trust in, is that it was designed by the company that designed 70% of all Log Cabins on the web!


When your looking for a Log Cabin-Residential Building-Sectional House-Timber Garage or just a normal run of the mill work shop then please have a look through our extensive website www.logcabins.lv

When is a Log Cabin really a genuine Log Cabin?
Answer? when it comes from www.logcabins.lv
Let’s cut to the chase shall we?

When you look around and see Log Cabins situated at a Residential Park Home, or, perhaps, you have spent a holiday for a couple of weeks in a Holiday Lodge, from the outside you will see, in many cases, what looks like a Log Cabin.

Look a little closer and you will come to realise that so many of these nice looking buildings have been designed specifically for the benefit of holidays and many of them do not have the specification or quality expected of them for permanent dwellings.

This is where so many people fall into the trap of saying “I would love to live in one of these”.

If you are there for a holiday during the summer and you are not using so much heating and you are out and about spending your hard earned money in a carefree way to get the most of your well deserved break, then you are not using your holiday home as a proper dwelling.

Let’s look at this another way.

If I asked you to go to the same building during the cold winter period and spend a month there. You will probably want to come home.


Here are just a few reasons

1) Many are poorly insulated, giving rise to your having to spend a fortune on heating costs.
2) The outer appearance of the Log cabin is just faced with cut sections of logs.
to make it look like a log cabin. These facings have just been glued onto plywood.
3) Many internal walls of holiday homes are made of thin plasterboard separating one room from another where there is little or no noise protection or privacy.
4) The buildings are so lightweight they tend to feel the wind more and if not anchored to the ground they can actually be blown away.

You can now understand why there are so many restrictions on the occupancy period at these places because the quality of the structures of these buildings have not been made to withstand the cold wintery weather that proper Log Cabins are able to withstand.

So what is a proper Log Cabin and what do you need to look for?

At www.logcabins.lv you will find yourself amidst, probably, the most comprehensive range of genuine Log Cabins you have ever set eyes upon.

Variety, however shows no compromise when it comes to quality.

Holiday Lodges or Residential Log Cabins are made to the highest specification that you will be happy to stay in one of these idyllic buildings throughout the coldest of winters whilst remaining snug and warm without breaking the bank with fuel costs. How?

Let’s start with the outside walls shall we?

All our Log Cabins have solid, well seasoned, interlocked precision cut timber originating from certified forestry.

When looking at Log cabins, check the ends of the interlocked wood that is used. Too many times young spruce is used for cheapness and the wood, because it has not been well seasoned prior to extraction from the forest has not got the density of ring formation. As a result each section of timber during its drying process will show more spaces and air pockets and gaps. Over a period of time, with interlocked sections containing inferior wood of this nature, the lower sections of timber that take the weight load of the upper sections can become compressed and , in some cases, split, rendering a property to become weak and unstable.

At www.logcabins.lv generally 70 years + has passed before a single tree trunk is put through our processing plant.

Many of the log cabins made from the same source of forestation are well over 100 years old, some over 300 hundred years old with no sign of instability or degradation.

In addition to a variety of different thicknesses of Logs from 44mm through to as much as 120mm, Care has been taken that the correct thickness of log is used to manufacturer Log cabins that require such additional stability and longevity.
Twinskin is a terminology that we have spearheaded into the UK. More simply this means that you have a Log Cabin with a “Double Wall” providing an insulation gap between that can be filled with highly efficient insulation material.

All our Garden Range of Log Cabins are manufactured by skilled craftsman, using the latest of computerised machinery. Which is why our Log Cabins out sell all on the market to date. Design and Price also play a massive part of why we are now the No1 choice in Log Cabins in the UK.
Lets firstly look at Design.
A Log Cabin-Timber Building-Summer House- Insulated Garden Office or what ever you are looking for must normally have the “WOW” factor before you decide to purchase, will it suit your garden, will it do the job it’s stated to do, are the windows and doors going to last, does it have inferior 19mm flooring, small inefficient 44mm x140 mm roof purlin and they are sat 33 degree’s in the apex not 90 degree’s. which means only half the purlin is actually taking weight and doing it’s job. These and other important structural home truths are what we as manufacturers are aware of that are not described on many of our competitors websites, simply because they lack the manufacturing knowledge.

Advertising and Marketing on the internet is becoming more aggressive and tantalising and you can easily get sucked into the hype of a romantic notion affecting your emotions that lull you into buying a product that you may regret later.

These questions and many more are questions you would have asked yourself when looking for a log cabin on the web! The Internet and Log Cabins actually go hand in hand, as it allows you to really look at who’s offering what, how there offering it, what photos they show, and what they don’t and the way they use the word (strong, durable, tough, robust) etc when describing a 19mm flimsy floor.

Buying a log cabin is a very serious undertaking and should be seen as such.
Designing log cabins- sectional buildings-passive housing, is logcabins.lv forte.
We were the ones to design and bring to market first the
Clock House Log Cabin in
4.8.m x 3.6m –
5.5 m x 4.0m and
5.0m x 5.0m in 44mm-70mm-90mm-thick well seasoned logs
Twinskin 44mm + 44mm –
Twinskin 70 mm + 70 mm

Log Cabin Garden Offices in
5m x 4 m-
4 m x 3 m

Iin fact we have bought so many different designs to market we are proud to be the forerunners and pioneers for the UK in this industry. Because of this, we were there first. We had to iron out all the possible defects first. we have upgraded and become more sophisticated in this process first. we are therefore more experienced in this field than many others.

Designing a Log cabin is not about just making beautiful images and then we cut-mould-notch-pack the finished Log Cabin-sectional building- and that’s it. Firstly we must look at what impact the cabin design will have on our government controlled FSC log/timber supplies, also what will be the off cut level, (an off cut level is when we manufacture and we want to see how many little bits we must trim off each end of the timber profile, your wall log/roof/floor) if it’s high, then we must re-think, and look where we can use the off cuts. Every thing in manufacturing is calculated for efficiency and price. Keeping the price down, but still offer the highest quality in the UK.

The old saying of “You get what you pay for” is very true, particularly in this industry.

If you see a Log Cabin that is priced up and appears to be too good to be true. It probably is.

Windows and Doors
Besides the finest selection of double or triple glazed Windows and Doors that have a quality second to none, coupled with door furniture that enhances and provides thye best security fotr your Log Cabin, all of our Doors and windows as standard meet the criteria needed for permanent dwellings.

www.logcabins.lv Be a proud owner of “A Proper Log Cabin”