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Log Cabins TF Range

Log Cabins Under 2.5m High
TF Range

We do not offer 19mm / 28mm log cabins, this is a Roof /Floorboard material, not a construction timber, beware of any manufacturer using the word (strong, sturdy, robust) 19mm / 28mm timber is not suitable to be used as a wall weight bearing timber.
Our New Range Of Deluxe Log Cabins are with out doubt the best of the internet to date.Please clcik here.

Introducing the TF Range which is totally Unique to us. Our TF, or as our customers refer to it as Truely Fabulous Log Cabins, can only be bought through our dealer chain. Please feel free to conact one of our dealers/partners today.
Our TF range of log cabins are with out doubt the highest specification Log Cabins for their price on the market.
Unlike Most companies, our Log cabins come with 28mm floor (No upgrade needed).
All our Log cabins in 35mm come with standard economy double glazed windows and doors (please ask our dealers/partners about this) no upgrade needed.
All our Log cabins in 44mm and upwards come with Tilt and Turn Quality Double Glazed Quality Windows. Euro style.
All our cabins come with amazing double glazed doors.
There are many companies out there that truly believe their product is the best, we don’t believe it, we know it!
Please beware that there are many copies of our cabins out there on the market place, however, if it does not have the LV registered Trade Mark of approval on the Image/Photo/Plan then it is not one of ours, please be aware of copies.
Also please note, we do not arrow head our logs on the end, this is done soley to stop you noticing twisted logs, we prefer to cut our logs straight ( flush cut) so you can see the quality of the timber.
All these designs are under copyright protection. All the cabins designs, are unique to us.

The TF range has been so called because it is “Truly Fabulous”.
The TF “Truly Fabulous” Siberian Pine Cabins are made from a very special tree.
that grows naturally in the Urals, Siberia, representing the glory and pride of their forests.

In Leningrad alone more than 20 thousand saplings have been recently planted, and outside Leningrad, in suburban forests, another 40 thousand. And this is only in the environs of Leningrad!
The Siberian pine (also known as the Siberian cedar) possesses enormous hardiness and is found far to the north. Wonderfully fruitful pine trees planted by humans may be found in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk Oblasts, on Valaam Island in Lake Ladoga, and on the Solovetsky Islands, located in the White Sea. The pine is even found in the Arctic Circle, and grows in the permafrost.
Siberian Pine improves the quality of the air, give it curative powers. The essential oils contained in pine needles, which provide it with a refined aroma, possess a bactericidal effect — the air in pine forests is practically germ-free.

The antimicrobial properties of pine forests make this species very valuable as it is more resistant than other conifers to smoke and other pollutants that enter a city’s air.

Also well known are the medicinal properties of pine needles, rich in ascorbic acid — vitamin C — potassium, and trace elements.
Of great value is the resin of the pine, known in Russian as zhivitsa (Cedar Resin). It contains about 30% turpentine, which is used as a disinfectant and as the raw material for the production of camphor. Inhabitants of Siberia and the Urals have long used this resin to treat purulent wounds, boils, cuts, and burns. It has now been determined that pine resin does in fact possess bactericidal properties.
Pine resin is also valuable because, unlike the resin of the common pine, it does not crystallize for a long time, and does not lose its bactericidal properties. It can be used to obtain immersion oil, applied for one of the special methods of microscopy, immersion microscopy, which makes it possible to determine the refractive index of the smallest particles of a substance.

Siberian Pine wood also possesses bactericidal properties. In wardrobes made of pine there are no clothes-moths, while bees willingly settle in pine hives.

Siberian Pine is the most amazing timber of all soft wood timbers for accepting impregnation. It is nearly as good as Siberian Larch at resisting the weather and decay/rot once it is treated.

There are over a dozen Siberian Pine Cabins to choose from.
From a very affordable 2.35m x2.95m “Evesham” to a very spacious 5m x 4m “Malmesbury” you will soon find it easy to find the right Siberian Pine Cabin to suit your Garden environment.

If you look at the individual specification of each cabin you will find that where you have a cabin with a wall thickness of 34mm we put in high quality argon filled double glazed
windows as standard.
As the cabin size grows, so we increase the log thickness to ensure strength and stability.
At that stage you will be enjoying 44mm thick walls with double glazing as standard plus Tilt & Turn featured windows to enhance the overall appearance even further and to maximise natural light. What else would you expect from a “Truly Fabulous” range of
Siberian Pin Log Cabins from Logcabins.lv

We hold a very responsible attitude towards sustainability of forestation and as such all our timber is from Government Control forestry, which all have FSC accreditation.

Please feel free to send an email to us at anytime to ask any question you may have.
Within the Logcabin.lv TF range are some very affordable yet unique Log Cabins that are well worth mentioning. Firstly the Log Cabin Warminster 48 is a very deceptive cabin measuring – 2.35m x 2.35m. It comprises two top grade double glazed windows, one each side of the cabin, each measuring 1933mm x 1430mm and superb double doors at the front

The Eaves Height is 2220mm and the Ridge Height is 2430mm rendering it to become planning permission exempt by many local authorities in the UK.

It is available in three wall thickness 44mm, 70mm and 90mm
Where else could you obtain such a range of wall thickness in a compact Log cabin of this size.

The flooring is the same high quality tongue and groove – 28mm thick that you would expect to see in much larger cabins.
Another great feature of the Log Cabin Warminster 48 is the generous overhang at the front that provides that extra sheltering from sun or rain and adds to the pleasing design.

If you now turn to the Log Cabin Calne 42, you will find yourself relaxing within a deep open porch way which has been cleverly designed to be part of the internal section of the cabin. With a split divider in the middle you have an internal access to the other section of the cabin for many different activities and applications.
The size of this cabin is 4.75m x 2.95m. As a garden Cabin it offers a wide spacious
area with probably a most unique design that will no doubt be the envy of all your neighbours – unless, of course, they opt to purchase one for themselves.
If you assemble your Log Cabin Calne 42 with some planning for a decking surround,
You can be assured of having much leisure and pleasure in a building designed to last for many years.
We are able to Offer….
Custom designed Residential Scandinavian Log Homes
Custom designed Timber Frame Gazebos
Custom designed Timber Frame Cabins
Custom designed Log Cabins
Custom designed Round Log Cabins
Custom designed Tan Timber Frame Lodges/ Chalets
Custom designed Timber Frame Beach Huts
Custom designed Utility Cabins / Utility Timber Frame Buildings
Custom designed Twin Skin Log Cabins
Custom designed Insulated Garden Offices
Custom designed Camping Pods/Euro Pods
Custom designed Siberian larch Timber Frame Buildings
Custom designed Summer Houses
Custom designed Log Cabin Garages/ Timber Garages
Custom designed BBQ Huts
Custom designed Cabin Sheds

Our Log Cabins are Truly Fabulous