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Timber Frame Residential Building


Passive Range – Passive Timber Frame Building Brentford 25.3 m x 8.5 m rtfblv2228

Timber Frame Building size – 25.3m x 8.5m
Timber Frame Building size – 83.00ft x 27.88ft
Size With Decking – 25.9m x 11.0m
Decking around – 18.7m x 8.5m
Pool size – 19.0m x 12.7m
Building with pool and decking size – 25.5m x 19.4
Roof size – 26.7m x 8.5m

Residential Door size – 2x 87cm x 193cm (inside)

Residential Window size – 2x 75cm x 200cm (ground floor)
Residential Window size – 2x 100cm x 240cm (ground floor)
Residential Window size – 1x 225cm x 240cm (ground floor)
Residential Window size – 2x 400cm x 240cm (ground floor)

Lounge – 6.0m x 5.5m
Bedroom – 3.85m x 5.5m
Bathroom – 3.85m x 1.8m

External Ridge height – 3.67m
Internal Ceiling height – 2.73m
Roof Thickness – 47cm
Wall thickness – 47cm

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