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If you are seriously looking for that really neat and somewhat unusual garden office that ticks all the boxes, then our New for 2018 Qubix is for you.

Firstly, the Qubix is fully insulated, it is under 2.5m high, and our garden model which comes in many different permutations, can be used as garden studio, office, chill out room, a quality home bar, or even a fully highly insulated granny pad, cinema room, home gym, and so much more, you just need to let your imagination run wild.

Qubix office or the Insanely insulated Sleeping Pad is under 2.5m high, this equals zero planning permission, and a 3 section Qubix is only 28.8 sq m which means zero planning.
It is about time there was a garden timber building that ticked all the right boxes and was built to last. I have dredged through so many websites, looking to see if just one company had anything similar, and as always I always find the same old, over priced expensive, boring old rubbish, time and time again. Seriously, the garden market has suffered since we moved away from cabins. There is actually not one company in the UK with an original idea……. Wake up boys, Simply bespoke Log Cabins by LV is here…


This amazing timber building, which of course is the brainchild of LogCabinsLV, is fully insulated, and of course is manufactured using the best timber, of course, C24, no C16, fireproof insulation, and of course fireproof roof, which also has a 40-year guarantee.

Dynamic is positively a word I would use for our new range of highly insulated modular Qubix buildings. Versatile also is a word that would come to mind.
A very modern highly insulated, incredibly durable timber frame building.
The Qubix is a follow on from our very successful camping pod range, which out beats all competition on price and of course quality.
Our new Qubix range of modular buildings are completely insulated, fully wired out and full turn key solution can be had.
If you are looking for a complete bespoke Log cabin solution, and then our simply bespoke log cabin range is worth having a look at.
We at Logcabinslv.co.uk  are designing tomorrows future cabins, be them timber frame or log, plus we are able to offer finance on all our products.Please speak to us about this or any other question you may have.