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Log Cabins LV Friday’s Blog, and what a response I received today about yesterday’s blog, thanks everyone, and to one particular person, (not interested)..
I will answer some of the question in the emails.
(Dear Log Cabins LV , Why has the marketplace turned for the worst)?
To this question, I would say because of huge demand!
Which means very large industrial units has been built to mass-produce large qualities of cheap log cabins.
A quality mill can manufacture a good quality long lasting, high-end cabin in say 3 hours.
So about 4 a day, possibly 5 depending on the size of each and every cabin.

A bulk manufacture will produce 40 to 60 cabins a day.

Now a few of you will say, that’s great, feed the demand earn, great business, but I would say, how to make 80 to 120 windows and day and 60 + doors, and then you begin to understand how quality is not the goal.
Windows and doors are labor intensive, and must be put together by hand.
When we manufacture a door it goes in a press, when the bulk mills manufacture a door, it goes in a pile, full of nail and quick drying glue!
Also manufacturing windows and doors is an art, but sadly, in the cheap massed produced super store type mills, it is a nail gun!
Our standard cabins, which come with what we would say garden type windows and doors, are better than most upgrades offered on the web!
So what most super store bulk manufacturers tend to do, is buy in very cheap, unseasoned, softwood, pine spruce, that is only 15/25 years old, because the timber is softer less dense, it dries a lot quicker, which also means drying time is less.
In addition, the timber costs a lot less to purchase.
The whole idea behind mass is to produce as much as possible, sell it as quickly as possible and NEXT!

Not the Log Cabins LV way!

Our way of manufacturing log cabins is completely the reverse, as we do not manufacture bulk, we do not hurry, as manufacturing anything quality takes time, we have no reason or want to change this process.
What I find amazing is how the public can, actually purchase these cheap monstrosities, it really is beyond me. For an extra 300 to 700 you can purchase a cabin that will last 60 to 70 years, with windows and doors that are actually residential standard.

Next question.

(What is the difference between LV and the rest)
Simple, we understand how the market moves, we understand change in demand, and we understand that hurrying anything leads to mass problems.
I am not saying we have never had problems, as that would be a lie, we have had huge problems, and sometimes our manufacturing department does not agree with what we feel is their fault.

But we soldier on and find the fault and move on.

My personal hate is when a dealer, reseller, (we don’t have anymore of these) just sits behind his desk, and actually does zero.
Our dealers are very proactive, incredibly actually, always doing site visits, and always looking how to finish the job off with a satisfied customer at the end.
Unlike any company in the UK who offers log cabins, we can say that our very first customer, is still offering our brand of log cabins to the public, still, which is more than 14 years, and actually his company has grown on the strength of our quality, he is also the largest seller of log cabins in the South East of UK.
Of course, he has been offered low-end bulk super store log cabin designs, but he said, (stay with what we know works)…
Dealers are immensely important, but also making sure, your dealers do not over price the buildings because of the quality level.
We have never had that problem, due to the vetting we do before we allow anyone now to be an LV dealer. In addition, we also have work groups, which helps our dealers to understand us and us them.

Have any questions please do not hesitate to email me and ask whatever…