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Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting our new LV website, that is dedicated to the UK public only!

So whats the difference between this new LV site and the old one.

Our Totally bespoke Range is, without doubt, the best do it yourself range in the industry.

We believe in quality, and if you look closely at our new windows and doors that are now fitted as standard in our new bespoke range, you will wt out doubt notice that there is no one able to offer this kind of quality, for this price in the industry.

Please follow this link, and see how easy it is to put your windows and doors where ever you want, and pay no extra for us doing it!

Unlike most companies that charge an extortionate amount of money just to move your windows and doors, where you need them, we don’t! we also do not force you in our bespoke rane to have 4 windows in the model you want, we allow you to choose as many as you need, and if all you need is a door, then fine, buy the box you need, add a door, place it where you want,and that’s that!