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Quality, KD C24 stamped Northern Siberian Slow Grown timber, Engineered Glulam Beams for extreme strength and durability, quality metal Certified , Ceditied Britmet Tiles which have a 40 year guarantee, akso Trada/ Ce certified CNC joinery tilt and turn windows and doors, all our windows come with a micro opening system, also our windows and doors are made are tested and then re tested and actually are the best in the Pod industry hands down. All our Pod windows and doors are thought always with safety in mind, we do not ever put small windows and doors in our camping pods which restrict quick access incase of an emergency, fire etc.

If you’re looking for a quality camping pod that will last the test of time, can be individually bespoked to your needs, then you have come to the only company in the business, that can cater to all your needs. Our Pods are not mass produced, and their is a waiting line, but if you order Morgan pedigree Car , you also have to wait for this to. And our camping pods are very much in the same league of quality, and that type of customer who wants their customers to be in a safe environment tunique are never to upset to wait a few extra weeks to get the best!

Log Cabins LV has been in the Pod industry from Day one, we sell more high end camping pods than anyone. If you’re looking for cheap and cheerful pods, it’s not us, we believe the public should be safe, warm and stay in a pod that not just earns you an income and does not devalue in price as the cheap one do, and normally by the week,  , but also gives your customer the thrill of sleeping in one. Our Pods are versatile and made by professional timber House Carpenters, Quality, Quality, Quality. Perfect for Air B and B. Our New Barrel Pod has taken the pod market to 5 star camping overnight.


Please remember our Pods, are manufacture using high quality engineered Glulam arched shaped beams, that give our Pod a strength factor even Hercules would be jealous about, wind resistant and with the outer coats of britment tiles and mass insulation inside the panels, layers and frame work, our Camping pods really do last the test of time, and pretty much everything mother nature can throw at them. You will not find better anywhere! That is a fact…..


With more than 1.000.000 views of our Pods seen on you tube, we are the most sought after Camping brand in the industry…


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Our POD’s Prices:

All prices are ex works, Ex Transport. Please ask one of highly skilled ( know it all) LV Camping Pod team …

4.0m x 2.4m Pod is 5850eur. Price is without fittings/furniture, VAT or delivery.
5.0m x 2.4m Pod is 8550eur. Small extension, double bed and a bunk bed included. Price is without VAT and delivery.
6.0m x 2.4m Pod is 7850eur. Price is without fittings/furniture, VAT or delivery.
4.0m x 4.8m Pod is 15200eur. Price is without fittings/furniture, VAT, delivery or assembly.
4.0m x 7.2m Pod is 21200eur. Price is without fittings/furniture, VAT, delivery or assembly.
4.8m x 4.8m Pod is 19600eur. Price is without fittings, VAT, delivery or assembly.
4.0m x 9.6m Pod is 33200eur. Price is without fittings, VAT, delivery or assembly.

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