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Residential Timber Buildings. Are you planning to purchase a residential timber building? Do you need planning?
These questions we are asked so many times a day, I just thought I would write a quick blog to help those that don’t know.
If you are looking to put a cabin in your back garden to live in, or rent out, you will need planning, if you are looking to use the cabin, timber frame room, as a bedroom for your mother to live in, then that’s fine, as long as it’s under all other development rules, i.e under 30 sq metres, and under 2.5m tall if beside the boundary fence, wall.

Residential Timber Buildings

No we have been told by numerous people that if you have just a shower room with toilet, the council will not jump on you, but if you add a toilet and a kitchen, they will.
We have been told its either one of other.
It’s always better to ask before you purchase a cabin and be told somewhere down the road you need planning, and to take down the cabin immediately.
You will need to have planning for anything over 30 sq meters which you intend to live in.
Full building regulations are needed for any dwelling.
There are so many people that try and get around this rule, and yes most council are greedy for cash and will charge you large sums of money for absolutely nothing, and most of the time they reject the project.

What’s the answer to this, vote in a council that will be more understanding to the government’s overcrowding policies and actually allow you to build.
Denmark and Sweden are far more understanding with its population, and understand that when you allow 3 to 4 million extra people into your living room, you need to open up the patio doors and start using the garden.
Our Micro Houses are actually a very cheap, and solid way to put some of the housing crisis to sleep, in Denmark, Sweden, Micro houses are now given dwelling status, and also have their own street address and number. And as a starter home make perfect sense.
Micro Housing or some kind of glulam structure which can offer solid foundation, great thermal values-properties and build qualities.
If you are looking for an amazing residential building , large or small, bespoke or a standard model, that really is top notch, please do not hesitate and give us a call or please send us an email.