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The Log Cabin BL Range

What is the BL range, and why is so important to the Log Cabin industry, what makes the BL range so different in so many different ways, well its quite simple, this range unlike almost every other range sold in the UK is from Belarus, and the timber and machining of these cabins are so way in front of everything else on the market at present. Quality and Price.

These questions are easily explained, firstly, the timber is tighter grained and possibly one of the best pines in the world to manufacture solid and glulam log cabins and timber frame buildings from.

Belarus has an understanding and the knowledge of the forest how to harvest that is second to none and knowing how not to disturb the forest, and they know how deeply important it is to replant when felling which is to replant, 2 seedlings instead of one. This for us as a company is incredibly important and believe in deeply, keeping the forest as healthy as humanly possible not just so we get magnificent cabins each and every time, but so our children’s children still have the resources to fell timber in 200 to 300 years time.

What this industry needs is for the prices to go down, and for the quality to go up.

However, sadly, as the Baltic’s depletes its own forests at an alarming awful rate, electric and gas sour in pricing, the cost of logs and the inability to actually buy sawn fresh timber any longer, means very sadly the industry in the Baltic’s of log cabins will shortly price itself completely out of the market.

As the driving force behind log cabins and their designs being sold into the UK many years ago, I have decided that it is about time we took the business back to the beginning.

Why?? Well too many companies now have come into the market, and their products are only a very sad copy of our originals, take the Clock House for instance, which on most websites holds none of its former Glory or magnificence of the original we designed some 12 years ago.

Our Twin Skin Log Wall Cabin system was abused by so many manufacturers, and the word Residential used, when in fact a 44 mm x 44 mm twin skin cabin could never come to UK building regulations of any sort or in any European country. The industry has put up prices to a point of madness, and now we are offering a range that no one can, beat in price or quality.

A cabin should last a minimum of 10 years, that’s minimum, and also it should stand up to mother nature in every way. A lot of companies say that their cabins will, but every 44mm thick log cabin built from high quality pine, which is stained properly should last 10 years minimum. Ours will stand for 20, and that’s not just, because our timber is better in every way, but because our windows and doors are the best to be found in the business. Windows and doors are the major factor of all cabins, as once they fail the cabin fails.

So this in one reason why the BL range was born, its 33 different cabins, garages and a few other designs, all manufactured on the latest CNC machinery, with many different window and door designs, opening inwards tilt and turn, outward opening, double and single, and these windows and doors, quality double glazing in all.

We are able to Offer….

Custom designed Residential Scandinavian Log Homes
Custom designed Timber Frame Gazebos
Custom designed Timber Frame Cabins
Custom designed Log Cabins
Custom designed Round Log Cabins
Custom designed Tan Timber Frame Lodges/ Chalets
Custom designed Timber Frame Beach Huts
Custom designed Utility Cabins / Utility Timber Frame Buildings
Custom designed Twin Skin Log Cabins
Custom designed Insulated Garden Offices
Custom designed Camping Pods/Euro Pods
Custom designed Siberian larch Timber Frame Buildings
Custom designed Summer Houses
Custom designed Log Cabin Garages/ Timber Garages
Custom designed BBQ Huts
Custom designed Cabin Sheds

Our Log Cabins are Truly Fabulous


All our Log Cabins, are delivered to our Sussex Undercover bonded warehouse.
There is a reason we have chosen East Sussex. Because it is nearest to the ports of entry to the UK.
All companies offer free delivery, which we all know is a lie, nothing, especially haulage is free. And what we have found is that most companies do not have the ability to offer Hiab or Moffatt mounted forklifts because 99.9% of companies do not own this kind of Hi End Expensive Equipment. This being the case most companies add X to cover their delivery costs to the cabin, so if your 5 miles down the road or 100 miles you’re paying the same price.
And if you read most companies talk about handballing off the logs from the truck etc, which is NOT really hard work, and they will charge for an extra set of hands, which not very good. Also having the ability to use a Moffett (a detachable forklift) which means we can park our trucks at the top of a lane where trucks can’t pass, go, and drive a Moffett with your log cabin either as a forklift or a side loader version, to your garage drive, or garden with ease. Please call us for more info.
Next, ‘which is super important” we will give you a direct price for delivery, so you get a real time price from us to you without any guess work or over payment.( this will be a first) In essence we are bringing prices down’ drastically”, offering a better more effective delivery pricing service. And as we have our own fitting teams that can do everything, from base to roofing so a full turnkey service which will be second to none, so pick your cabin, order and we do the rest all at the lowest prices available. www.logcabinslv.co.uk the leaders in log cabin sales in the UK, and our prices and quality will not be beaten.