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Timber Frame Super Insulated Passive Housing

qulaity timber frame passive homes

timber frame passive housing

Our New Passive Range of Timber Frame cassettes are not solely for the Park Home Market.

Our New and Amazing Super Insulated Timber Panel System is with out doubt the future for all New Dwellings, as we believe setting standards of a quality build at incredibly low prices is the way forward for also the housing market.

Offering the chance for first time buyers to purchase a quality build at a price they can afford!

For too long brick and block with gas central heating, has dominated the landscape, blighting our country with poorly insulated housing, which costs 2 times its actual value!

UK Building Companies have built too many homes that are like chicken coops, treating first time buyers with contempt, and charging them over £200.000 for the indignation.

timber frame buildings

quality timber frame fully insulated buildings


Our aim, is to offer a modern type structure which is Passive, with low heating costs, as little as £80 a year, which boasts triple glazing as standard, under floor heating, Air Source Heat Pumps, Air Recuperation systems, and so much more for less than a Mobile Static Home.

We believe that this kind of build will dominate the market in years to come, and we would like to shape this market with sensible pricing, with our standard of quality leading the way!

Why we are different to any other company is the standard of our build quality.

Our timber is not subjected to any salt, unlike 99% of all timber brought from over seas.

Our Grade of Timber is uncommonly high! We only use graded KD C24 FSC 45mm x 195mm treated (if required), which in the UK is priced high to push building companies to purchase other lower grades because of the difficulties in obtaining higher grades at sensible pricing. Most timber frame studwork is done with C16, and sometimes sadly, the timber is not even graded.

We are able to offer a full turnkey solution, planning, drawings, base, groundwork, the super insulated timber frame building and every other aspect of the build.

Next we believe in offering not just the best CE approved laminated timber triple glazed windows and doors money can buy, we offer these where other companies would offer cheap UPVC plastic windows- doors.

Passive timber frame housing

timber frame housing

Also we offer quality security locking mechanisms on all our Windows and Doors, keeping your property secure from unwanted intruders, and mother nature!

The list goes on and on, why our super insulated timber frame passive homes are without doubt the best in the business, if you are interested in purchasing a timber frame, passive building, that really is sensibly priced, please give us a call.

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Passive Park Homes from


Quality Park Home Units

Mobile Homes- Park Homes- Holiday Units-Passive Park Homes

We are so pleased to announce the opening of our unique highly insulated passive Park Home in Poole in Dorset shortly!

If you are looking for a Park Home that has all the bells and whistles, that is unlike any other Park home in the UK, then ours is that Park Home- Mobile Unit, Holiday Lodge you have been searching for.

We call this model the 500, due to the wall thickness of 500mm, yes half a meters of graded timber, space age insulation material, Siberian larch cladding and triple glazed windows and doors, this is not just a timber frame building stuffed with insulation, OH! No, it’s a lot more than that, it’s a Park Home that will cost about £80 a year to heat, Yes!! £80 pounds!!!

Our New Passive Park Home is packed full of all the latest heating equipment, we at say No to Gas, and yes to Air Source Heat Pumps, under floor heating, Air Recuperation Systems, and so very much more.

Our Passive Park Home is manufactured by skilled carpenters, and as we are full time house manufacturer, you know that your Mobile Home, Holiday Lodge, Park Home will be manufactured by a very highly skilled workforce.

Unlike most Park Home manufactures that build under the lower build regulation BS 3632, we build our Park Homes to UK full building regulation, and in our Passive model we build to a spec way and above UK build regulations that will not be required for at least 50 years, making it unique yet still very affordable.

All bespoke designs welcome.

Please send us an email for further information.

Do not settle for less! in conjunction with Iformbuildings!


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Park Homes and Timber Frame Holiday Lodges


Quality Holiday Lodges

Park Homes by

Over many, many Years Domestic type Park Homes, Caravans, Mobile Units Holiday Lodges have changed very little; sadly, they are still manufactured to a specification that is quite honestly laughable, and can deprecate as much as £7.500 a year!

When looking to purchase a Park Home, or a Holiday Home, maybe a Mobile Home or a holiday Lodge to put on your farm, or free hold, you need to think twice before purchasing anything that is built- manufactured to the BS3632 – 2005.

What is almost criminal is the way that these units are sold, the word Home is used too frequently in sales material of companies who sell these inadequate piles of garbage. They are not a home from home, your house increases in value, your Park Home built under the BS 3632 does not.

Structural Timbers is another word used a lot in their sales material. Yet, any mention of what graded material is used in the manufacturing is missing from their literature!

In addition, the sentence, We will Build your Dreams, should be replaced with, we will fleece you for everything you have and more!

 Your Park Home should be an investment, it should be your Home, and there is no law that states your Park Home cannot be manufactured to the UK building regulations. The only reason why they don’t is profit!

So why do companies that manufacture park homes use chipboard, plywood, and PVCu windows and door? Why is the unit build quality so bad!

Its quite simple really, they want repeat business, so they manufacture absolute garbage that lasts 10 years and then needs replacing.

I know many companies will refute this, but it’s so simple to find the truth on value of second hand Park Homes, its called ebay!

We searched and noticed that at least 99.9% of park homes loose the value of 80% of their worth in the first 7-9 years!

A quality long lasting park home – lodge needs the ingredients of quality timber, quality insulation, built by a skilled workforce that manufactures not just park homes but houses, hotels, schools and all manner of other type timber constructions.

And what materials you use in the process of the build is so incredibly important.

The UK has a shortage of timber, most forests have long gone, and the UK imports nearly 87% of all its timber from abroad! This means that after the timber has been delivered to the Park Home manufactures based in the UK. It’s costly and normally the grade is not just below par, its awful, and expensive, compared to what LogCabins.LV use.

C24 graded FSC 45m x 195m timber frame work (stud work) in the UK is near on impossible to find, also graded 45m x 145m graded timber also is very hard to find, as most companies use in the Park Home industry 73mm x 36mm frame work, stud work! Which is half of what should be used to give the Park Home strength and longevity.

Also there are many types of insulation, because every Park Home-Mobile Home- Holiday Lodge from is in reality a bespoke, we look at your budget and our full time architects will give you the best specification to meet your budget.

Below is a normal specification for our Park Homes, Holiday Lodges. This specification is way past anything on offer in the UK. All timber is graded, C24.



Exterior walls:

  • Horizontal spruce panel 20x140mm – undercoated once and painted twice – already made panels;
  • Vertical battens 20x45mm c/c600 for air gap – already made panels;
  • Gypsum plate 9.5mm as wind barrier – already made panels;
  • Anti-wind film – already made panels;
  • Segments of wooden framework 45x195mm c/c600 – already made panels;
  • KNAUF insulation 200mm – in free lengths;
  • Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c600 for cables and pipes – in free lengths;
  • KNAUF insulation 50mm – in free lengths;
  • 5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths.


Inside walls:

  • 5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths;
  • Segments of wooden framework 45x95mm c/c600 and for bearing walls 45x145mm c/c600 – already made panels;
  • KNAUF insulation 100/150mm – in free lengths;
  • 5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths.


Ceiling between second floor and cold loft:

  • Horizontal stringers 45x195mm c/c600 – in free lengths;
  • KNAUF insulation 300 mm – in free lengths;
  • Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c400 for pipes and cables – in free lengths;
  • KNAUF insulation 50mm – in free lengths;
  • 5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths.






  • Final roof cover – not included, supplied by the Client;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c600 across rafters for final roof cover – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c600 along roof rafters for air gap – in free lengths;
  • Diffusion film Tyvec Pro – in rolls;
  • Roof trusses c/c600 – in free lengths;



Windows and doors:

  • Windows : wooden frame windows with triple glass package, Scandinavian-type (opening outside, with handles or hooks), painted white.
  • Outside doors : simple wooden entrance doors with insulated plate (glass package window can be included) with 3-plug locks and handles, impregnated, primed and painted white.
  • Wooden inside doors: made glued pinewood with impregnated MDF fillings, with simple locks (without handles), primed and painted white.
  • Inside inlets for the windows (Furinger): made of impregnated MDF, painted white.

Do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins Under 2.5m High LV

Log cabins Under 2.5m High, Which Comply with UK Planning Permission‎

Amazing value log cabins from LV

quality garden log cabins from log cabins lv

Our new Ki Log Cabins Range from Log Cabins LV are not just the most aesthetic looking cabins that are under 2.5m in height, they are incredibly versatile and modern looking. We decided when designing this funky new range of garden log cabins, studios and garden offices, that the doors should be tall, and that the roof needed fully to be up to the regulation height, as most cabins waste so much space!

amazing quality cabins from LV

Looking for a quality under 2.5m high log cabins, please go to

So we spent a year on looking how we could manufacture a cabin, which would be unique, funky and practical.

Lets have a look at the range and see what is what!


Firstly if you are looking for a quality little cabin that allows an abundance of light in, and is still a sturdy quality cabin then it must be our Ki Log cabin 1653.

Flat packed log cabins , and amazing timber buildings

LV the best manufacturer of log cabins in the business. LV the number one in cabins in the UK

This amazing little cabin also comes with a small side store.

What’s great about this quality little log cabin, its only 5.5m x 3.5, but if you look at the roof height, it truly looks the tallest garden log cabin in the business at 2.47m high!

In addition, with its tool log cabin room, it is incredibly versatile.

You can also put your valuables away behind our solid single unglazed doors, and if you think our log cabins must be up graded like most log cabins today to get quality, tilt and turn double glazed windows and doors then think again. is the only company that offers the best quality windows and doors in our 44mm log cabins and above, with 28mm flooring as standard, you do not have to upgrade our Log cabins. We offer quality products and fair pricing from the start, there is nothing hidden in our pricing!


28sq m log cabin garden office from

The best Garden Office under 2.5m high

If you are looking for a quality log cabin that has that Garden Office feel then our new 8m x 3.5m 28 square meter 1633 which is under the 2.5 height rule is perfect.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin that has that Garden Office feel then our new 8m x 3.5m 28 square meter 1633 which is under the 2.5 height rule is perfect.

LV the number one for log cabins and timber buildings

Quality garden Offices from log cabins LV The number one company for flat packed, high quality log cabins.

This amazing Log Cabin Garden Office is the perfect building to host your company.

If you go for a fully insulated twin skin say a 44mm x 44mm version (with a full turn key option) this allows you to hide all unsightly wiring, and allows you to insulate the walls, floor and the roof, then you have the perfect office to relax in winter, summer, spring and autumn.


This amazing Garden office comes with amazing tilt and turn quality double glazed units as standard, (in 44mm and above).

You never have to worry about cold, heat, or damp in this amazing Log cabin Garden office.

quality log cabins from log cabins lv

The best, most versatile garden office available flat packed, by

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Highly Insulated Park Homes 2015

Highly Insulated Park Homes

Residential park Homes

passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings03 passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings04 passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings05 passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings06 passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings07 passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings08 passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings09 passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings10 passive park Homes, passive residential buildings, passive cabins, highly insulated timber frame buildings11


If you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin for a residential home, please also consider the timber frame option as well!

Timber frame buildings are not just built to last, they can be manufactured to be either, building complaint, or highly insulated to a passive standard.

At Log Cabins LV we can offer a frame work which is not just manufactured to the highest spec available in the UK for normal residential standards, but we are also able to offer a passive option.

We are also the only manufactures of Residential Buildings to have a passive park home on display.

Our Show Home is full of tomorrows heat saving equipment.

If you are looking for a different design, something that stands out and says we are the future, then please visit our show home in Poole., is the future in Residential Park home Passive Cabins and Buildings!

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Passive Park Homes Poole Dorset!

passive park Homes

Quality Timber Frame Passive Park Homes-Holiday Home-

Quality Passive Park Homes are as rare as the dodo!

Moreover, finding a Park Home that is built to as high standards as ours is as rare as the labor party’s seats in Scotland!

What we are offering to the public is not just a thin timber frame building with some larch cladding, is offering the behemoth, a tearing down of old perceptions on the what a mobile home is at present, and really bringing to market a Park Home that is so high , in insulation in quality, and tech,  that all companies-manufacturers should and must follow our standards if they want to carry on having sales of any kind!

We are without doubt the leading light in this industry for innovation, quality and price!

Gone are the days when a caravan like structure is adequate, as a population we expect better and the best to be the best, but sadly, we have turned into a throw away nation.

8 out of 10 retired couples who purchase a Park Home expect to loose their investment. We have between 100 to 250 emails a week from couples, asking us for advice on what kind of structure (build type) to purchase, and our advice to them is to purchase nothing at all that is manufactured to the BS 3632!

As a Brit, I must say I am horrified how little we take care of our retired Population, and I am amazed how the government has even allowed this build type to go into law, and then into production, its wasteful of materials, it has no resalable value and it costs us all millions in taxes!

If a retired couple were to purchase a typical Park Home, which is manufactured / built to the BS 3632, it is very likely they will lose their entire investment after some 20 years.

Park Homes built under the BS 3632 devalue rapidly due to the incredibly pathetic build standard, inadequate insulation, and awful windows and doors.

Our thoughts why the Park Homes of today are costing the taxpayer money!

If a retired couple invest 50% of the equity from their property/pension savings into purchasing a park home, and the other was used for living expenses, holidays, grand children etc.

When the time comes for full time care, as sadly that is where we all end up one day, their return on their 20 year old Park Home would be insufficient to pay for full time care, or a holiday in Camber Sands!

If you are looking for not just the best Park Home ever manufactured and on display for viewing, then please give us a call, or send us an email. Our Buildings increase in value, to find out more please give us a call!



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Log Cabins Under 2.5m High


We are proud to present the world’s largest ranges of under 2.5m high log cabins.


Log Cabins Under 2.5m High

Log Cabins Under 2.5m High- Compliant log cabins under 2.5m



Time and time again we are asked on an hourly basis if we have ranges that have log cabins that come in under 2.5m height.

Log Cabins Under 2.5m High2

So today’s blog is to high light these amazing ranges. has the world’s largest range of standard under 2.5 height log cabins.

Log Cabins Under 2.5m High3

Firstly we have the DF range, here you will find 52 different log cabins, which can come in hundreds of different configurations, as we are the main bespoke mill for bespoke log cabins, we can of course change a window here, and a door there, also we are able to alter the size of any log cabin in the DF range to suit your needs.



Log Cabins Under 2.5m High4

Next we have the Ki Range which boasts the first mass range of curved roofs.


These cabins come also in the Under 2.5 category, and in 44mm and above are enriched with tilt and turn quality windows, double glazed, hand made, and amazing strong, durable double glazed double and single doors.

Quality hardware, and as standard 28mm flooring and 19mm roofing boards. Cabins Under 2.5m High5

If you are looking to purchase a quality, high spec log cabin for your garden, do not think twice, think , do not settle for less!

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Quality Park Homes and Log Cabins

Log Cabins LV

Quality Park Homes and Log Cabins

Are you looking for a quality log cabin that really meets all your needs?

Are you looking for a log cabin that is manufactured to last the test of time and keep mother nature firmly out and will be useable through out the whole year?

Then please visit our website and have a look at our amazing ranges of quality log cabins. understand that quality must come before price, we will not manufacture any timber building, be it a log cabin, engineered Glulam Log Cabin, insulated timber frame, or passive sectional timber frame residential dwelling unless it meets our strict guidelines.

Our New Show Home in Poole Dorset is a statement to our commitment to quality, price and looking to the future.

Our New Show Home is not just a simple timber building clad in pine with plastic windows and doors, which is what most companies offer.

Our timber frame Park Home buildings do not conform to the dreaded BS3632, we decided at the very beginning that our buildings would be the leader in the park home field, so we looked at every angle, corner, roof truss and floor beam of the building, deciding what is needed and what is not, we looked at heat loss, and we decided that quality must be foremost in our new build!

We manufactured our show home using the latest in technology for heating and air circulation, insulation, and above all else quality of workmanship.

If you really want to purchase the best, then please give us a call or send us an email..

Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge


quality garden rooms, insulated timber frame garden venues

Insulated home garden rooms

Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge 2015  2 Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge 2015  3 Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge 2015  4 Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge 2015  5 Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge 2015  6 Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge 2015  7 Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge 2015  8 Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge 2015  9

Our New Out side Entertainment Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge turns a garden or a function area into a five star venue.

What we have found over the last few years is that more and more people are beginning to use their gardens for out side living.

Our log cabins, which were the first to be offered to the public in the UK have changed the aesthetics of our garden design forever, we then brought into fashioned our unique design of the Garden Clock House Log Cabin, we then coin phrased the word Garden Office for our Garden Office design log cabins which come in numerous different sizes and timber thicknesses..

Then our Twin Skin Log Cabins changed how the public view purchasing a fully insulated building in a log type construction, also as a twin skin cabin is easy to assemble, easy to insulated, and cheap to purchase, compared to a brick and block type size construction the twin skin log cabin system has now become incredibly popular.

As always we are blazing a path to offer perfection at amazing prices, but as always keeping quality at a high!


Sadly, though the public do not always have their eye on design, safety or quality, it’s normally on price, which is why there are so many mass bulk manufacturing companies producing substandard log cabins, earning huge profits and selling log cabins that are only fit for bonfire night!

Our New Entertainment Fully Insulated Timber Frame Lodge is perfection, quality and worth every penny!

We manufacture timber frame housing daily, using PEFC C24 high grade Swedish, Russian, Baltic timber.

We are able to offer quality fully insulated timber frame buildings at amazing prices.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Do not settle for less.


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Passive Micro Houses

Cladding Brick Slips with Siberian Larch or Siberian Pine.

Usable Micro Compact Homes at amazing prices!!

Micro Houses

Passive Housing Micro Houses

Log Cabins from means quality at every level, but if you are looking for a Micro House, then please have a look at our new and amazing range of fully insulated timber framed Micro Housing.

Micro Houses - Quality Micro Housing

Micro Houses-Micro Housing- Micro Timber Frame House

Micro Houses

Micro Houses

Micro Houses are not just a great way of avoiding paying extortionate rent, they are also designed in exactly the same way a normal house would be built, just in a Micro Version. Our Micro Houses unlike 99.9% of other Micro Houses on the Internet are not some bits and bobs stuck, nailed and zip tied together, we offer a full compliant building, to building regulations.

Micro Houses

Micro Houses

Our Micro Houses can run on the latest Eco heating technology systems, and can offer many tens of years of fantastic service, and if you want to sell it, we have designed our micro houses to come apart, and be moved on. We are also able to offer the first Passive micro housing units. Yep! Passive, with triple glazing, low energy bills and clad in northern Siberian Larch! Please send us an email to find you’re nearest dealer on our Micro Houses or fantastic value Log cabins., do not settle for less!

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