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Log Cabins

Log Cabins

Log Cabins

Log Cabins 3

Once again a big shout out to our guys for doing a fantastic job with our Summer House and log cabins. With and without our amazing Deluxe Certified Windows and Doors.

The Only certified Residential Windows and doors as standard fit in the market!

These amazing DF Cabins and this fabulous Summer House are just few examples of our amazing cabins.

Our log cabins and timber buildings are without doubt the best on the web.

Log Cabins 4If you really want the best of the best, and you are worried you might be conned into purchasing a bulk manufactured- nasty-cheap superstore type cabin, please just call us or send us an email. Purchasing an LV means you will not just get the best, your cabin will be made for you, which means you get a freshly manufactured, not stock cabin.

Log Cabins 5Log Cabins LV the number one in doing it right!

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BS3632 Park Homes-Static Park Homes


park homes, static park homes, quality park homes, timber frame buildings, insulated eco park homes

park homes, static park homes, quality park homes, timber frame buildings, insulated eco park homes


BS 3632, eat your heart out. Here is one of our new designs that you can soon view in the Lake District.


Our designs inspire, to show that a Residential Park Home can have its own individual flavor, with minimalism and the LV touch.


We love designing amazing spaces; we love using different kinds of manufacturing skills.


The BS 3632 as I have always said is a rip off, the actual build quality of anything that is BS3632 is in my opinion substandard, and designed solely to take your hard earned money,


The BS 3632 if you look at it closely, and even with the new B3632 which comes into play in November this year, is still not coming even close to UK building regulations.



Is the British government really seriously into everything Green and Eco, and for green spaces, and Environmentally aware, seriously are they, because its funny how they allow companies in Hull to manufacture a building that has as much U vale as a Tea Bag, and keeps it value like an old pair of socks.


Why are we filling our holiday parks up with absolute shit? A standard static park home has more plastic, (external cladding) (showers, Baths etc) also plastic UVPC windows and doors, than a Adult Toy factory in Malaysia.


Seriously most static vans are absolute crap, and they cost anything from £60.000 to £300.000, and after X amount of years they are absolutely worthless. Worthless…


Why are we allowing this to go on, why are not all Park Homes built to building regulations. Why? The answer stumps me also. The government is gutless and obviously someone is getting a huge back hander!!!


I rest my case!!!


Log Cabins LV the number one in doing it right!

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Bespoke Log Cabins from LogcabinsLV

log cabins lv the best design house of timber buildings in the world

amazing log cabins and timber buildings


Before we start this blog I would like to comment on Our new Design. This is not a Bulk Cabin Superstore Building, This kind of design comes only from a serious design house and manufacturing department of logcabinslv.


Log Cabins LV are known for looking at different ways in which to design-manufacture-price and bring to market high quality log cabins, super insulated residential buildings and of course our famous Deluxe Gluam and bespoke Log Cabins, we are not a bulk cabin superstore.

Log Cabins LV are far more exclusive, and normally only the well-researched customer who is looking for the ultimate Log Cabin- Timber Building, a customer who does comparisons and really looks at what he is offered, looks at the whole picture, and not just at pretty pictures and low pricing.


Our amazing log cabin ranges are the best and most unique ever designed, and our manufacturing department are without doubt the best to be found in the log cabin/timber frame / Glulam industry. Log Cabins LV also picks its partners/dealers carefully, we look for family run businesses, also we look for now only timber building elated companies to sell our products, also we are always looking from the customer’s point of view first!


LogcabinsLV never allows shoddy workmanship or over pricing. This is one reason we have been trading longer than anyone in the UK-Ireland- Scotland.


LV designs the future and we design it with passion but also we design it with quality and price, but more than that, we design our cabins to stand out, and to last the test of time, we actually care about the longevity of our cabins.


It is amazing how so many people will buy a mass produced log cabin, the difference in price of purchasing a quality log cabin to a nasty bulk log cabin is miniscule, yet the extra pounds stop people thinking about what they are letting themselves in for.


Lets look at the bulk cabins and what you get.

OK! let’s say you’re speaking to a dealer who offers you a 70mm log cabin, and he tells you that it’s great, amazing, and they will do you an amazing deal. As soon as they say it is a great deal, your alarm bells should start ringing. As Deals, steals and a deposit please is the happy tune of the sales man.


If you go to an architect and you express your wishes to have a room for your garden drawn up, we all know that it could take from 4 to 8 weeks for the first set of cad drawing to hit your email.


We all know architects charge quite a considerable amount to do this, and the reason for this is their expertise level. In addition, they will also give you structural calculations etc.


Now many of you out there do not want to pay for a building that meets full building regulation, you are only looking for that room in the garden under 30 sq m in size and under 2.5m high, which is a great way of getting away from building regulations and all the expenses.

But where many people fall foul is that you still want a bespoke cabin, timber frame, or glulam log cabin, or even a standard building, you need to make sure its up to the job, and sadly most cheap, mass produced superstore log cabins, or timber frame buildings are not.


And! This is where the bulk manufactures fall flat on their faces, because of the speed in which they offer bespoke log cabin plans, they are very quick at drawing you up something and taking a deposit. 24 hrs is not enough time to really study a bespoke building regardless size or shape.


We take between two and four days drawing up plans for bespoke buildings, we have a highly skilled dedicated team that understands buildings, log cabins, timber frame and we will find fault if a fault is to be found. We do not rush, as we have learnt over many years that rushing plans means problems.


If you are looking for a quality bespoke log cabin, or a fully insulated timber frame building please give us a call.

Log Cabins LV the number one in doing it right!

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Residential Engineered Glulam Log Cabins

residential engineered log cabins 1

residential engineered log cabins 1

We are asked time and time again if it is possible to get a log cabin through the UK strict building regulations.

The problem with getting a Timber Building, if it is of log construction, through the building regulations is that sadly 99.9% of architects, and structural engineers have not been taught in which ever university they were in to work with log cabins or in a log environment.

Nearly 100% of Residential Log Cabins are manufactured from solid timber, and to the one’s that have done their homework, you will know that solid timber is affected by the seasons, as a solid log will expand and contract depending if it is wet or sun baked.

This then is a problem for the structural engineers as they find it almost impossible to calculated a structure that is manufactured from solid logs.
A solid log has too many variables.

The only way around this is to manufacture the cabin from engineered timber logs, which some people call Glulam, and others call laminated, depends how read up you are.

Engineered Glulam timber should not be confused to that of finger jointed laminated logs.

Many manufacturers will try and confuse the customer by using the word Laminated logs, which is correct, as when you stick 2 boards of equal thickness together it is a laminating process, that is the correct terminology, so as far as trading standards go, they can not be held liable.

But actually what they are doing most of the time is just sticking two boards together, normally in increments of either 28mm or 30mm boards, of ungraded material, they will use the word KD, CE, laminated timber, but sadly it’s still off cuts which is finger jointed, and not an engineered timber log.

Engineered Glulam is exactly that, an engineered log that starts its life as C24, which is one of the highest visual grades available, and then the C24 is re-graded and given a new class, depending on which species of timber the architects or structural engineer has requested.
To re-grade all the knots and imperfections are removed. The board length for laminating is never less than 4m.

Grading is as follows.

In Spruce
GL24c / GL24h / GL28c / GL28h / GL32c
In Pine
GL24c / GL24h / GL28c / GL28h / GL32c
In Northern Siberian Larch
GL24c / GL24h

These grades are used to determine weight, strength, length etc. (Engineered Grading)

So as you can see, glulam laminated engineered logs are not just little bits of off cut timber stuck together, our glulam is incredibly strong, does not crack, or twist and can come in unbelievable long lengths, starting from 2m to 84m in length, which obviously gives great aesthetic look, and the ideal product to manufacture a residential log cabin.
Yes, engineered timber costs more, but if you’re looking to invest £60.000 or £180.000, on a 1/2/3/4/5-bed residential log cabin, then having it manufactured from laminated engineered glualm is the sensible choice.

The machine used to process the raw graded timber and turn it into engineered laminated logs cost a staggering £10.000.000,, and it’s easy to see as the logs themselves are absolutely amazing. And as true in perfection and quality as any quality engineered logs could be.

And all of this is known by the structural engineers, which is why so many couples that have gone down the chosen route of wanting a residential log cabin, are recommended by their structural engineered to manufacture/build their desired cabin in our engineered logs.

In addition, the engineer is able to give a structural engineers report to the planning authority!
Moreover, in every case we have structural calculations submitted the planning authority is overwhelmed at how eco, durable, and to the mark our engineered log laminated houses- residential log cabins really are!

So, if you want a residential cabin, and want all the boxes ticked, please give us a call.

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Log Cabins from LV 2017


Log Cabins LV 201702

Firstly, a massive shout out to James, thanks for the photos, and thanks for putting your heart and soul into selling our deluxe log cabins, believing in them, and giving your customers great customer service.

Log Cabins LV 201703

What is incredibly important is that James only sells LV, he believes in the brand, the quality, the service and the smiles from the office girls!

Log Cabins LV 201706

To us what is incredibly important is that our dealers offer their customers a full quality service, starting from the order, to the delivery and assembly.


Most Bulk Cabin Superstores offer off the shelf, massed produced rubbish, which sadly has as much feeling, aesthetics, panache as a 8ft x 8f shiplap shed made from old pallets.

Log Cabins LV 201707I know this sounds harsh, but please look at the photos of the log cabin on today’s blog (supplied by Jame) and look at what other companies are offering and we are clearly miles ahead in quality, price and or course quality of assembly.

Log Cabins LV 201709

Our Deluxe Range is now years ahead of all superstore cabins and years ahead in certification and quality of build, so if you are looking for a quality log cabin, that’s not a bulk, manufactured pile of bonfire kindling, then please give us a shout!

Log Cabins LV 201710

Why do people pick Log Cabins LV.

We design the best.

We have the best dealer network in UK for log cabins.

Our timber is only from winter cut; we offer certified windows and doors, which are professionally spray-painted.



SO……If you are looking for a quality log cabin that really is a cut above the rest, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and will last the test of time, then please send us an email or please give us a call.


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Why buying a bulk log cabin is rather stupid!

These are the blogs log cabin bulk resellers, hate!

quality timber buildings

residential log cabins and timber frame buildings

Are you looking for a log cabin, or timber frame building that does not come from an online super store, that is designed and manufactured, then assembled by professionals?


If the answer is yes, then Log Cabins LV and its partners are the answer to all your prayers.


There are way too many companies out there selling what we call in the industry bulk rubbish, its easy to spot, they all sell the same ranges, they all have near enough the same pricing, and the cabins, buildings look like clones, and this is because they are manufactured in high numbers, each cabin that rolls of the production line is not seen as a true master piece of work, its seen as another 1% in the profit margin for that day!


At Log Cabins LV our designs, are unique to us, and yes we have more designs, than all of them cabin design houses put together x 3, its true quite a lot of the other manufacturers have copied our best sellers, as its easier to copy ours than actually sit down and for them to think for themselves.

We are not a superstore, we manufacture each and every building to order taking great pains to make sure it as perfect as possible, and as we never get the same cabins ordered weekly, never mind hourly, which is due to the fact that our ability lies in bespoke manufacturing we do not have stock.


This also means that you cabin was not under 8 other cabins, the problems with bulk manufactured cabins is this.

They are packed on an assembly line, so if one bit is missing in one cabin, then you can bet your last pound (euro) that it is missing in all of that high-speed production cycle.

And normally they will make 50 cabins per timber thickness and log cabin size.


Most manufactures do not like to do bespoke (anything), they say they will do a bespoke design if you asked and they like to advertise this as it’s good for their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but when you actually look at the prices they will offer you for a bespoke, and the pressure you get from the sales staff you will see they would rather you purchase a stock cabin, and make it fit than to actually bespoke a cabin for you.

Over the years, we have seen so many companies push bulk-manufactured Log Cabins into the market place, hoping that the public will only look at price and not quality level.

I am thankful that 2008 saw a lot of the working class start to really look at what they were buying and now this section of the public are actually more read up and now spend wisely, and the bulk manufacturing sector of log cabins are now feeling the pinch!

Log Cabins LV has been in this industry longer than anyone, we have seen the superstores of bulk manufactured log cabins come, and now vanish, the public want quality for their hard earned money, and if you really want an exceptional quality log cabin then we have the best dealer network now in the UK-Europe.



If a company jumps up and down and says 2 week delivery, then it is a log cabins from stock, or they are so bad no one wants what they are selling.. Whichever the case, beware!

Its better to have a freshly made cabin, that smells of the forest, than one that smells of mould because it’s been stacked with hundreds of others in a damp dark shed in the middle of a field!


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Residential Log Cabins 2017

Designing The Future

Residential Modern Park Homes 20171

Residential Modern Park Homes 2017

If you are looking, to purchase a log cabin from a company that is utterly nuts about design, quality and price then log cabins LV and its partners across the UK and Europe should be your first port of call.


We are absolutely passionate about designing the future, when you browse around the web and you look from log cabin websites to log cabin website, and no doubt you will notice they all offer the same cabins, their ranges are mostly identical.


Any company offering a clock house or a twin skin log cabin is offering a LV design, sadly most of the time their efforts are normally cheap and below par, but I must smile at how brazen most companies are! Its like companies that proclaim to sell us, and don’t, its flattering!

I can not say any more because we have so many people using our content and brand illegally to only purchase from a website with the LV Brand, so what I will say is call us and we will tell you who is nearest to you and who you can purchase a true LV building from.


Its important for peace of mind when purchasing a log cabin to ask to see any accreditations they proclaim to have, if a company says it has Residential Windows and Doors, and they are CE certified, ask to see the certification. Normally its just all waffle, and once you have given them a deposit, they are then looking for the next victim.


Log Cabins LV designed the first ever clockhouse and sent it to manufacturing, and not forgetting we were the first to design and bring to manufacture the very successful twin skin log cabin system.


So when you browse from site to site, you are actually looking at our hard work and copies of most of our LV designs.


It takes a dedicated team of highly enthusiastic cabin designers to really want to change the face of gardens and offer quality, and still keep pricing at an affordable level but never letting go of our principle ethos of quality first, and profit second.


Sadly! And I mean this, when we first started designing cabins and putting our designs into manufacture, we really enjoyed offering something unique and different, over the years we have seen this industry change, and sadly not for the better, there are too many bulk cabins on the market, there are 6 companies in the UK that manufacture absolute bulk crap!


It’s easy to spot these companies, and! What you may think is a bonus, is actually a ploy to help off load truckloads of bulk-manufactured cabins.


First Ploy…They can offer you the plans of the buildings that day! No deposit, No charge, be happy!


When you purchase a house, the architect does not do plans for free, and I can hear some of you saying these cabins are not houses, but I will come back and say, they need to be safe, and fit for purpose! And if you are looking for a quality log cabin, then an LV is worth the investment, plus 70% of our cabins are bespoke, and it’s important for us to make sure that what we sell is 100%.


Next Ploy! 30-25-20% deposit, They will always offer you a low deposit to pull you in!! Companies that do this are actually saying, hey! Stupid people, buy from us! We have lots of bulk cabins for sale! If the mills you buy from a busy all year, they never have time for making stock, so anyone with stock, id not busy, of they have extremely high speed machines, which again equals bulk.. If any of you out there know anything about manufacturing, you will know, a window made quickly is a window that will leak, and a door made quickly is a door that will twist!

Just Beware, nothing is free and a man who offers the moon is normally offering only rocks or dust!


Our Timber Frame fully Insulated Buildings and Log Cabins and our designs seem to very much dominate this industry from Sussex to Kent, Folkestone to Lands End, from London to Manchester, across from Blackpool to Middlesbrough, from Cumbria to Newcastle upon Tyne, if you are looking for a quality bespoke building and you really want it from people that understand cabins, timber frame, breath and live timber structures, then we are the company to speak to.

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Residential Timber Frame Park Homes Lake District

residential log cabins lv

residential log cabins lv


As ever, Log Cabins LV moves forward, and today we just signed a deal for 50 residential timber frame buildings for a New Park Home, Park, in the Lake District, which we are obviously very excited about!

Photos of our new very contemporary modern highly insulated timber frame 2 bed, 3 bed and 4 bed will soon be published.

timber cabins- timber frame buildings

logcabinslv-log cabins -cabins-log cabins


There are so many companies offering residential log cabins, which in all honesty are about as residential as a 3m x 3m garden shed.

When speaking to any company regarding a residential log cabin or timber frame, please make sure that it comes either to the standard of the mobile home act the BS 3632, (the new BS3632 2016) ruling, or to full building regulations, anything else is just a simple, non-residential building-cabin, timber build.

log cabins

log cabins

Log Cabins LV is without doubt the best design house of Log Cabins and Timber Buildings in the industry; we design super iconic, workable, eco, affordable buildings, that have quality at their core.


Our manufacturing departments are not just the best, but the very best of the best, and with our designs, and their talent, we are able to offer the market, amazing designs, at affordable pricing.

residential timber frame insulated buildings

residential timber frame insulated buildings

We have been designing cabins and supplying them to our dealer network for more than 16 years, and we still have a few dealers that started with us those many years ago, and this is where our strength lays, keeping core high quality dealerships around the UK, Europe with companies that are solely into selling Timber Buildings.


What we have found is that if a dealer sells other products, be it timber supplies, or lawn mowers, nail guns or paint, they sadly seem to only give half their attention to selling cabins, and when you are selling a log cabin, you must give it your full attention, and this is where problems arise.

residential timber frame insulated buildings

residential timber frame insulated buildings

Mistakes happen, and when mistakes happen, rightly, customers complain and they obviously call us, as they picked the LV brand, and it is we who must calm the waters between dealer and customer.


As a company and not many would actually admit to this, we make mistakes, but we try as quickly as possible to put it right. And as the leading company in design and highest quality manufacturing

residential timber frame insulated buildings

residential timber frame insulated buildings

So to stop this, we sadly as I said asked a few of our dealers that are not solely in the Timber Building industry to please remove our trade mark- ranges and wished them a great future. Some were understanding, others, well,,, were not!


We think this was proper and correct. The customer comes first, not profit!


And if people want to say nasty stuff about LV then it’s their right to express their inner anger, we are all for it, but we are more in tuned to customer service and keeping prices low and the quality of the workmanship high, than caring about disgruntled ex dealers.

residential timber frame insulated buildings

residential timber frame insulated buildings

Our reshuffle of dealers have seen our sales sore, but what we have seen is a happier end customer, better built log cabins and lower pricing.

In addition, what we have noticed is a complete stop of phone calls of customers complaining about dealers.

If you are looking for a company that really puts the customer first, please send us an email or give us a call!

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Phytosanitary Certificates For Log Cabins

Phytosanitary Certificates Beware.

As Brexit comes into play, and Mrs. May signs on the dotted line and put article 50 into play, you must ask yourself, what will happen to your log cabin guarantee?

This is a game changer for log cabins in the UK, as many companies will disappear and so will your guarantee. So, whom do you trust to be around after article 50 starts to change the face of import and export?

90% of mills that supply log cabins into the UK do not have phytosanitary Certificates on their Kilns. This means that the KD timber they used to produce your log cabin from was not heated to the correct temperature to kill off all bugs.

Because we were in the EU if was not needed, but now!!!

Quality kilns are of course are very expensive, and most mill owners, would rather sail away on holiday on their yachts for a year than invest in new and better equipment.

A lot of mill owners earn vast sums of money on churning out rubbish, the typical Log Cabin Warehouse syndrome.

Most Baltic mills are here today and gone tomorrow, and most just churn out absolute rubbish daily, but! it pays their staff wages and gives them a great life!

Now with article 50 nearly signed, they are all beginning to panic, and panic they should.

From Pallet and Shed Manufacturers, to House builders, all timber entering the UK will need a phytosanitary Certificate, and this costs, price of timber will increase, and because of this sales go down, small companies disappear and so does your guarantee.

What a pickle this has made of our industry you may think, well actually I think it’s the clean up we needed.
This industry is not regulated….AT ALL… there are so many crooks and liars, in this industry, that a shake up is very much needed, and this will shake up everyone.

I am glad to say we have five very large high volume Kilns that are phytosanitary Certificated, and our production will as always carry on for many years, and our prices will not increase, unless Mrs. May decides she wants to put only awful garden sheds back into the gardens and ban log cabins! Who Knows!!

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