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Sadly today I must report about one of our ex dealers, and the way he is treating customers using the LV brand.

Over the next few months we will release a list of dealers that refuse to take down our logo and ranges from their site, for the sole purpose of conning and stealing from the customer, and selling them an inferior product,.And using our brand to do it. Sad but true.

We have the largest range of log cabin buildings available in the world on the web, and most companies ranges compared to ours look dismal so they steal ours and try to con the customer.

The first company is based in Holland, and the company is called, this company is owned by a guy called Hans Koole, and he is not a dealer for log cabins LV and has not been for over 3 years, we have tried to have him remove our trade mark, but the dutch law being what it is, they have no time for honest trade mark infringement cases. So we now must put up a few blogs to tell unsuspecting customers that tuinhuizen groep is a con. We have had many many customers in Holland call us and complain about over charging, blackmail and other dubious antics which Hans Koole has been doing. We now warn the public not to in anyway buy or even think of purchasing cabins from this guy. BEWARE. Hans has just taken for a 8m x 8m twinskin 30.000 euro, and called it a residential. Twin skins are not residential, do not comply to building regulations and lastly are not suitable for the elderly in the winter.

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