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CNC Machinery by

Here are a few photos of some of the machines we use to manufacture our different types of cabins, timber buildings, sectional timber frame, laminated timber log cabins, solid log cabins, log cabin windows and doors, also residential windows and doors.

We believe in using the latest machinery,  which means that our products are the best they can be every time, giving the end user a marvellous product at a fantastic price! do not settle for less!

quality log cabins from

log cabins LV

Log Cabins LV......2014 036 Log Cabins LV......2014 051 Log Cabins LV......2014 066 Log Cabins LV......2014 081 Log Cabins LV......2014 096 Log Cabins LV......2014 111 Log Cabins LV......2014 126 Log Cabins LV......2014 141 Log Cabins LV......2014 156 Log Cabins LV......2014 171 Log Cabins LV......2014 186 Log Cabins LV......2014 201 Log Cabins LV......2014 216 Log Cabins LV......2014 231 Log Cabins LV......2014 246 Log Cabins LV......2014 261 Log Cabins LV......2014 276 Log Cabins LV......2014 291 Log Cabins LV......2014 306 Log Cabins LV......2014 321 Log Cabins LV......2014 336 Log Cabins LV......2014 351 Log Cabins LV......2014 366 Log Cabins LV......2014 381 Log Cabins LV......2014 396 Log Cabins LV......2014 411 Log Cabins LV......2014 426



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Log Cabins LV

Here are a few photos taken this week of production and our mills, as you can see not everything is LogCabins, we also specialise in Glulam beams and Trusses, Camping Pods, Sectional Timber Frame Buildings and so very much more.

glulam log cabins

glulam Logs

glulam logcabins

glulam log cabins

200mm laminated log cabins

200mm glulam logs

Quality Glulam Timber 80mm

Quality Laminated Logs

glulam beams by

Curved Glulam Beams


Glulam beams

Large Glulam Beams


As you can see by the photos we specialise in Glulam beams, which are used in Cabins, Houses, Factories, Sport stadiums, Shopping Centers, Equestrian Centers, Swimming Halls, Agricultural Barns- Buildings, our glulam is used for road bridges, and for even church roofs.


quality bespoke glulam

Specialists in Glulam production


Over the years I have spoken relentlessly about quality timber frame buildings, and how it is so very, very important to have grading of the highest caliber on timber which is destined for the manufacturing of Park Homes, Timber Frame Residential Buildings and the like, also that these kind of structures must be strong on there own merit and not part of a whole. Here you can see panels, floating in the air, which shows our true belief in our panel construction and the quality of build.

quality timber frame residential cabins

quality timber frame buildings

Timber Cabins

Timber Frame Buildings

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Glulam Log Cabin Cricket Pavilion.

And there is More, big thanks goes out to David for these amazing photos of a 120mm Glulam Cricket Pavilion.

This amazing glulam cabin has been up for about 2 months now, and in that time, the club that owns it has already managed to rent it out 3 nights a week. Our Cabins-Glulam Cabins are with out doubt the best quality, highest graded glulam cabins on the market.

Having specialised LV dealers whom understand  glulam log cabins, also building regulations, and structural calculations is nothing but a plus, plus, plus for the end user!

Quality Log Cabins are rare to find, especially for a good price. But at log cabins LV you can be sure that every log cabins, glulam cabin, timber frame cabins are the best they can be.

Do not settle for less.

Glulam Cricket Pavillions log cabins 5 Glulam Cricket Pavillions log cabins 6 Glulam Cricket Pavillions log cabins 7


These links below will take you to the largest Glulam ranges of Log Cabins on the WEB!


We can offer the following and more!

Glulam Log Cabins

Glulam Log Cabin

Glulam Cabins

Glulam Cabin

Timber Buildings

Timber Garden Buildings

Glulam Garden Buildings

Glulam Garden Cabins

Glulam Garden Log Cabins

Glulam Garden Insulated Buildings

Glulam Insulated Garden Offices

Glulam Quality Log Cabins

Cheap Quality Log Cabins

Glulam Self Build Log Cabins

Glulam Log Cabin Kits

Glulam Log Cabins For Sale UK

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Log Cabins Window and Doors

How many companies on the net actually show their windows and doors in their full glory, I can answer that, NONE! Why? Because most of the companies on the web offering cabins have low quality windows and doors!

Over the years we have put more attention on our window and door production line, than trying to pump more of the same out the door as 99.9% of companies seem to do!

I know this is a scathing attack on the competition, but we actually don’t have competition where our cabins are concerned, we are not a cash and carry manufacturer, we do not manufacture hundreds of the same cabin style  in the winter and push them out the door in the summer, all of our cabins are bespoke to order. If you are looking for a quality cabin at a very reasonable price have what you are looking has the largest selection of log cabins on the market to date.

We are the only manufacturer able to offer, laminated log cabins, scandinavian log cabins, timber frame buildings, round log cabins, camping pods, saunas, gazebos, summer houses, Micro Housing, and so very much more.

logcabins window and doors

cabin windows and doors

Windows and Doors log cabins LV  0212 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  0422 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  0632 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  0842 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1052 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1262 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1472 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1682 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1892 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2102 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2312 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2522 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2732 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2942 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  3152


New Window and Door Line for our Laminated Log Cabins

Quality Windows and Doors

laminated Windows and Doors

At we believe not only offering standard quality windows and doors for our solid log cabins but also quality residential windows and doors for our newly arriving Engineered Laminated Log Cabins. Manufacturing windows and doors is always the the bottleneck in the production, so rather than hurry and make a mess, we have decided to invest in the latest window-door line by Weinig. This new window and door line is not just the very best on offer in the world, but this CNC machine is truly the best at what it does, and that is make superb windows and doors every time. We are able to offer passive windows and doors, Tripple glazed, double glazed bespoke sizes in both windows and doors, materials avalible are Oak, Larch, Spruce.Why settle for less.Log the first choice for quality log cabins.

Log Cabins Window and Doors

Laminated Windows and Doors


quality windows and doors

Log Cabins lv

quality windows

Wooden Windows and Doors by

Quality windows and Doors

Computerised-Handmade Wooden Windows and Doors

Quality Laminated Windows and Doors

Bespoke Windows and Doors

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Quality Timber from

Bespoke Garage Doors

Hand made bespoke garage doors from parts for log cabins.lvlaminated sections for our windows and doors

When walking through our manufacturing departments, there are always amazing photos to take. I truly believe that quality jumps out of the photo! These parts are used for our windows and doors. is with out doubt the leader in design, price and quality in the Timber Building industry. Our diverse range means we are able to offer 99.9% of what ever you need. please send us an email today.

Quality from

Quality timber from

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Saunas Barrels

Sauna is with out doubt the best way to heal aching muscles. if you are looking to get rid of those nasty toxins in your skin sauna is also the way forward. I have over the years wondered why people have a bath and sit in the dirty water for hours? Our saunas are very portable, built from either , Siberian Larch, Spruce or Pine, they can be fully insulted and they also fit on the back of a trailer. They can come fully made or in a Kit! Saunas by

sauna barrels

quality sauna barrels by log cabins lv

Sauna Barrels by  57 Sauna Barrels by  58 Sauna Barrels by  59 Sauna Barrels by  60 Sauna Barrels by  61 Sauna Barrels by  62 Sauna Barrels by  63 Sauna Barrels by  64 Sauna Barrels by  65 Sauna Barrels by  66 Sauna Barrels by  67 Sauna Barrels by  68 Sauna Barrels by  69 Sauna Barrels by  70


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Timber for Log Cabins

When manufacturing Quality Log Cabins the most important part of the production is the treatment of the timber, how it is cut, how it is prepared and how it is machined. Our quality FSC timber is dried using the latest Kilns, investment into top of the range Kilns means quality log boards for your log cabin, after 5 days in the Kilns we then allow our boards to relax in our large storage buildings . We have anything from 600 m3 to 2000 m3 drying at a time.

log cabins

logcabins-log cabins-Quality drying Kilns from

log cabins

Quality timber for Log Cabins from Log Cabins LV



Log Cabins Lv

Timber Log Cabins

log cabins

log cabins

Once our timber is perfectly dry moisture content of 15/17% we then process the timber with some of the most expensive moulding machines, CNC machinery in the business. This allows us to offer our customers quality log cabins time and time again.  When receiving your log cabin we would suggest you treat the timber immediately, this keeps the timber in tip top condition.

Unlike anyother manufautre in the UK, Europe we are able to manufacture a Log Cabin wall log 12m long with out interuption, this then gives the out side of the log cabin/ laminated cabin an amazing aesthetically beautiful look. All our machinery is Computerised, which means the logs are exactly the same length, which equals a cabin that is perfect every time.

Log Cabins

Quality Cabins from Log Cabins LV

Quality Cabins

Quality Log Cabins from the number one in manufacturing of bespoke log cabins.


log cabins-logcabins-cabins

Log Cabin Timber -logcabins-cabins  36


Log Cabins LV only uses tight grained timber/lumber from russian stocks, all FSC graded and certified, please ask your chosen supplier for up close photos of their timber before buying, this will show age and quality, if you are going to spend a few thousand pounds/euros on a log cabin, its the least the supplier can do. We believe that quality counts, and thats why has the most dedicated team of professionals in the industry checking each and every product and keeping prices low but quality high!  37  40

As you can see by the photos the logs are seasoned tight grain lumber. Quality timber is the key for manufacturing quality log cabins, is known for quality buildings. Unlike a lot of companies on the market we believe in showing our customers up close our product before you purchase.


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Residential Timber Frame Insulated Building

 Timber Frame Residential Park Home Buildings-Cabins- Larch Cladding

Residential Larch Cabins 13.8m x 5.5m 0

Residential Timber Frame Cabin size – 13.8m x 5.5m

Cabin size internal – 13.3m x 5.0m

Cabin with decking – 15.8m x 5.5m


Bedroom size – 3.5m x 3.8m

Bedroom size – 3.5m x 3.8m

Bathroom size – 2.4m x 5.0m

Lounge size – 3.6m x 5.0m


Window Size – 3x 800mm x 800mm

Window Size – 3x 1200mm x 800mm

Window Size – 4x 1200mm x 850mm (roof)

Window Size – 2x 1130mm x 2010mm

Window Size – 2x 1000mm x 860mm (triangle)

Window Size – 1x 1200mm x 1660mm


Sliding Door Size – 1x 1220mm x 2300mm

Door Size – 7x 1930mm x 830mm


Wall height – 2.5m

Ridge height – 5.0m


Residential Larch Cabins 13.8m x 5.5m 2

Quality Residential Timber Frame Buildings Specification

Exterior walls:

·      Vertical larch panel 20x140mm – oiled;

·      Horizontal battens 45x45mm for mounting of a vertical panel;

·      Vertical battens 20x45mm c/c600 for air gap;

·      Gypsum plate 9.5mm as wind barrier;

·      Anti-wind film – in free lengths;

·      Segments of wooden framework 45x195mm c/c600;

·      KNAUF insulation 200mm – in free lengths;

·      Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;

·      Battens 45x45mm c/c600 for cables and pipes – in free lengths;

·      KNAUF insulation 50mm – in free lengths;

·      10mm chipboard in bathroom only – in free lengths;

·      12.5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths.


Additional glue-lam beams for the balcony gable wall/window structure.


Inside walls:

·      12.5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths;

·      Segments of wooden framework 45x95mm c/c600 and for bearing walls 45x145mm c/c600;

·      KNAUF insulation 100/150mm – in free lengths;

·      10mm chipboard in bathroom only – in free lengths;

·       12.5mm gypsum plate – in free lengths.




·      22mm chipboard on top as a floor base – in free lengths;

·      Wooden framework 45x195mm c/c600;

·      200mm KNAUF insulation;

·      12mm chipboard underneath;


·      Final roof cover (tiles) – not included, supplied be the Client;

·      Battens 45x45mm c/c600 across rafters for final roof cover – in free lengths;

·      Battens 45x45mm c/c600 along roof rafters for air gap – in free lengths;

·      Diffusion film Tyvec Pro – in rolls;

·      Precut rafters 45×195+45x95mm c/c600 on top of trusses – in free lengths;

·      3 glue-lam beams – in free lengths;

·      KNAUF insulation 300 mm – in free lengths;

·      Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;

·      KNAUF insulation 50 mm – in free lengths;

·      Battens 45x45mm c/c400 for pipes and cables – in free lengths;

·      Gypsum plate 12.5mm – in free lengths;



Optional canopy over ramped entrance to lodge:

·      Final roof cover (tiles) – not included, supplied be the Client;

·      Battens 45x45mm c/c600 across rafters for final roof cover – in free lengths;

·      Battens 45x45mm c/c600 along roof rafters for air gap – in free lengths;

·      Diffusion film Tyvec Pro – in rolls;

·      Precut rafters 45x145mm c/c600 on top of trusses – in free lengths;

·      Wooden boards under the roof – in free lengths;

·      Two glue-lam columns, dimensions not specified.


Additional separate price for the optional canopy over the entrance is 800EUR.



Rain gutter system: made of coated metal.




·      26mm thick larch terrace floor panel – in free lengths;

·      Surface impregnated wooden terrace balks 45x195mm – in free lengths;

·      Standard pine terrace fence – in free lengths;

Only standard pine fence included for the entrance to the lodge.



Windows and doors:

·      Windows (11pcs.): wooden frame windows with triple glass package, European-type (opening inside, with handles), painted.

·      Outside doors (2pcs.): one double and one simple wooden entrance doors with insulated plate (glass package window can be included) with 3-plug locks and handles, impregnated, grunted and painted white.

·      Wooden inside doors (4pcs.): made from timber planks with impregnated MDF fillings, with simple locks (without handles), grunted and painted white.

Additional materials:

·      Galvanized metal materials needed for segment assembling: bolts, anchoring bolts, metal plates are included.

·      Boards for covering outside joints of segments, wind boards and panel boards for covering the bottom outside of the roof in free lengths, all materials painted as outside panel white.


Residential Larch Cabins 13.8m x 5.5m 4 Residential Larch Cabins 13.8m x 5.5m 6

Laminated Larch-Pine-Spruce /Areans/Churches/Swimming Pool Buildings

quality laminated buildings Laminated Buildings can offer a wide range of different type of buildings, we do not just solely sell Log Cabins. Our forte is almost anything Timber, and construction! If you are looking for something special and you would like advice, please do not hesitate to call us and find out how can help you!



laminated timber construction 27

laminated timber construction 36

laminated timber construction 45laminated timber construction 54

laminated timber construction 63

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Swimming Pool House 7.0m x 5.0m

Are you looking for a Quality Swimming Pool House?

Do you want a building that is practical, highly insulated, with Quality Graded Timber, Laminated Larch Beams? Are you looking for a bespoke design that fits with your requirements?

Are you looking for professionals to help you through the quagmire of planning issues and headaches attached with building permissions, has the team available. With a total of over 300 years of experience in the group, we are sure that any problem you may have, we can help!

Our Quality is as always way beyond anything on offer at present in the market place to date! Quality comes with a cost, however we as a company have a commitment to the public to offer a quality building at reasonable pricing.What we have done is infuse a Siberian Larch-Laminated Frame that can be impregnated with what ever preservative, waterproofing and fire retardant needed, with a quality larch clad timber frame inserts.

As always we are pushing the envelop of design quality in the timber frame industry.

Please speak to Andy at for more information on Endless Pools- HotTubs and quality Pool Houses.

cabin_805_img01_v1 cabin_805_img02_v1 cabin_805_img03_v1 cabin_805_img04_v1 cabin_805_img05_v1 cabin_805_img06_v1 cabin_805_img07_v1 cabin_805_img08_v1


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Log Cabins Sales

Andy and his crew at LCS are as always pushing forward offering amazing customer service also great pricing. If you are looking for a hot tub and a building to cover it, Andy is the MAN!! is with out doubt one of the Top Dealers in the UK for log cabins!

log cabin sales

quality cabins from log cabin sales ltd

Log Cabin Sales LV  00 Log Cabin Sales LV  09 Log Cabin Sales LV  18


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Camping Pods

Our Camping Pods are now leisure companies choice, its not because our standard of build is the highest is the market place, its not because the pricing is unbeatable, its not because we only use top quality building materials in each and every Pod, and its not because our quality double glazed residential windows and doors are designed for longevity with toughened glass, its because when you put the whole package together our Camping Pods are great for commercial use and make sense, and that they are designed to last, which equals a very safe investment ! We now supply the LV Camping pod to every continent on the planet! If you are looking for a solid investment, our Camping Pods are with out the doubt the best on the market! And as we are one of the largest house manufacturers for the Norwegian market we understand quality of build.

Our Pods are clad in grade A Siberian Larch, not the European lower grade.

For commercial requests please send us an email today.

Camping Pods LV 000 Camping Pods LV 028 Camping Pods LV 056 Camping Pods LV 084 Camping Pods LV 112 Camping Pods LV 140 Camping Pods LV 168 Camping Pods LV 196


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Cabins-Log Cabins-Garden Living

If you are looking for a wooden log cabin to live in which is with in permitted building regulations , and  in the garden, then please have a look at our garden Studio Range of log cabins, with so many different configurations we are sure you will find something that will suit your needs, and budget! If you are unsure of the dealer to go to please send us an email and we will try our hardest to make the whole process as easy  and pleasant as possible.


Garden Studio log cabins lv 0


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