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Spilling the Beans on Hiding Twisted Logs. Logcabins.lv

For many years logcabins have been manufactured from just single plank natural fibered timber, (we now have quality laminated timber ) and as we all know timber tends to do its own thing once its machined! Firstly there is the drying process of the timber logs,  then the cutting/machining of the timber, and which machine is used, also are the blades sharp, and  is the operator skilled, This then determines if the timber is  fit for purpose  to be or  is it fire wood! If the timber is cut badly, and the machinist did not follow the grain on cutting your logs for your logcabin , the timber will be twisted, or if the doors of the kiln were opened too quickly! Actually there are so many reasons why timber can twist, so the cheap manufacturers want to hide this problem from the public. So how do they hide from you twisted logs in your cabin walls? Optical illusions, what you thought was decorative  is in fact a way to conceal twisted logs, so! they cut the end of the log, which then gives you zero focus point on the wall log end( the notched area) . Sadly a lot of the manufactures in the UK are using local Pine/Spruce from the local surrounding forests, the timber is very young, which will lead to twisting.Thats one reason why they are cheap! Profit comes before Quality!




European Pine/Spruce is a lot older, tougher tighter grained timber! European Pine and Spruce is grown in harsher climats that lead to a far more dense timber Do not settle for less!




All our Log Cabins have a full end logs, we have always made our log cabins with untampered Log ends, as we believe in Quality, not Quantity!

We always check our logs, floor,roof boards plus our windows and doors moisture content on all our cabins, making sure every Log cabin is as best as it can be!

logcabinslv testing moisture content 0

Beware of cheap, as cheap = Problems!

Logcabins .lv is with out doubt becoming the peoples choice.

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Timber Frame Laminated Garages from logcabinslv.co.uk

Here is a new design hot from the drawing board, our new and exciting timber frame laminated garage from logcabinslv.co.uk. This amazing garage is with out doubt the best of the best in size, strength and design.

As we are able to offer all custom, bespoke designs please do not hesitate to chat to one of our dealers if this or something like this, or something completely different takes your fancy.

Log Cabin Garages lv000 Log Cabin Garages lv132

The concept behind this garage is to show that everything is possible, that strength is always available in wooden type projects. Laminated beams are stronger than most steels, they are able also to with stand quite a lot of abuse where steel finds it impossible.

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Welcome to Logcabins.lv

Welcome to Log Cabins Lv, thank you for coming to look at our blog, daily we will be writing into this blog our thoughts, talking about our new designs, and generally allowing the public to see into the workings of the largest manufacturer in Europe of Log Cabins/Timber Buildings and other timber constructions.

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