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Passive Micro Houses

Cladding Brick Slips with Siberian Larch or Siberian Pine.

Usable Micro Compact Homes at amazing prices!!

Micro Houses

Passive Housing Micro Houses

Log Cabins from means quality at every level, but if you are looking for a Micro House, then please have a look at our new and amazing range of fully insulated timber framed Micro Housing.

Micro Houses - Quality Micro Housing

Micro Houses-Micro Housing- Micro Timber Frame House

Micro Houses

Micro Houses

Micro Houses are not just a great way of avoiding paying extortionate rent, they are also designed in exactly the same way a normal house would be built, just in a Micro Version. Our Micro Houses unlike 99.9% of other Micro Houses on the Internet are not some bits and bobs stuck, nailed and zip tied together, we offer a full compliant building, to building regulations.

Micro Houses

Micro Houses

Our Micro Houses can run on the latest Eco heating technology systems, and can offer many tens of years of fantastic service, and if you want to sell it, we have designed our micro houses to come apart, and be moved on. We are also able to offer the first Passive micro housing units. Yep! Passive, with triple glazing, low energy bills and clad in northern Siberian Larch! Please send us an email to find you’re nearest dealer on our Micro Houses or fantastic value Log cabins., do not settle for less!

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Micro Housing by LV


Micro Houses, Micro Homes

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We at love log cabins, we love designing new and exciting garden log cabins, children playhouses, glulam log cabins, and residential log cabins.

But! Log cabins do have their limitations, and this is where we advocate passive, non-passive timber frame.

Micro Housing is now all the rage, But! What we have found is that our customers are looking for something far more than what is on offer with 99.9% of the micro house companies, manufacturers offering.

Firstly, a micro house in its nature is small, but this does not mean it must be so small you need to hide your socks and pants, under the stairs in some poky little draw leading upstairs, or hanging your clothes near the kitchen and smelling of bacon sandwiches.

There are far more unique remedies available, and this is where surpass the competition.

We believe that a micro house must be livable, and when you invite friends around you are proud of your new dwelling, and your not sitting with trays up to your chin, eating beans on toast as the kitchen is so small anything larger undertaken would kill the ambiance of your space.

Ablutions also are another area, which Micro Housing seems to be very inadequate.

Your toilet is visited many times daily, so space for a rubbish bin, shower, toilet, cupboards and the sink, it seems to us that most micro houses are simply designed to sleep with no head room and store your clothes. feel Micro Housing should be more… For less, quality of build, at fair pricing.

In the next few months, we will have a New Show Site in Bexleyheath just outside of London; this show site will consist of many different kinds of high-end log cabins, timber frame buildings and a collection of our Micro Houses.

We truly believe the market needs affordable housing, and we intend as a company to push quality over price and longevity over profit!

All our Micro Houses are available in Passive form, or non-passive.

We offer in all our micro housing, CE certified triple glazed windows and doors. FSC C24 framework. Quality insulation and so much more!!!

If this interest you please send us an email and learn how you can save 1000’s and have a home for under 40.000 delivered and erected.

Passive framework is 472mm thick… we offer under floor heating for both levels, air source heat pumps, recuperation systems etc.

Do not settle for less. the number one for innovation and amazing prices.



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