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Passive House Designs-Passive Homes

Here is another amazing design of a Passive Energy Efficient Home by

If you are looking for a 3 bed Passive House which screams luxury, opulence, which boasts incredible build quality, outstanding workmanship and design, then this 19.0m x 13.4m two garage 3 bedroom Passive House Design is for you!

What we have also done is try to show that outbuildings can enhance your property, add value, by keeping the same design through out!

Passive Homes (A++ Energy Efficient) are the future, they are the intelligent choice, they are energy saving, quality built, but more importantly they are what we should be leaving behind to our children’s children!

Passive House Designs-Passive Homes

Passive House Designs-Passive Homes

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The UK has about 25.000.000 homes, 80% are of poor design, lack quality insulation, inferior windows and doors, and cost way over the odds

Log Cabins LV can offer quality, design and price, all of which beat the competition easily!

A++ Energy Efficient Homes are not expensive, but no doubt, every builder and his dog will now be hammering away, offering this kind of build type, and prices at the very start will be extortionate. Honesty is in price!!!

Firstly, the panels should come delivered 99% fully made to site, there should be no frame building on site. The stud work in the panel should not be open to the elements Ever!!!!

A passive house, an (A++ Energy Efficient home) should at all times be manufactured in a controlled environment, we have a heated undercover work shop facility where we are able to fully build a 3 storey house, our in house CNC Window and door line offers quality CE approved Windows and Doors every time.

All our timber is C24 graded, KD FSC.


If you are thinking of purchasing a Passive Home, please give us a call first!!!

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Energy Efficient Passive Housing!


passive timber fully insulated housing

passive timber homes. passive timber houses

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Key laws for new 2020 Energy Performance for Housing

All new buildings must be nearly zero energy buildings by 31 December 2020


The 2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive are the EU’s main legislation when it comes to reducing the energy consumption of buildings, and all the directives will come into place by 2020.


This is not big brother telling us how to live; this is big brother telling all manufacturers of dwelling housing, how to become organized and stop manufacturing below par housing units. Which sadly blight our landscape?


Most first time buyers have said that the houses offered to them , quote, , “zero charm, thin walls and poor quality”!

Still the prices for these substandard housing units are just way up in the stratosphere, and unreachable for most.

It was also quoted that millions of buyers shunned these mass produced unsightly terrace houses.

In addition, what’s even more amazing, is that the government is going to build more of these awful housing estates.

Which means more land “ public land” will be sold at a reduced rate to some company that gave the ruling party a few hundred thousand at election time, and this company will do nothing but manufacture- build awful dwellings, and sell them at a extortionate rate, filling their pockets with profit, and the government can then say they have built more houses filling the quota set at elections “ Since I have been prime minister I have built 200.000 awful, cheap, nasty houses”. it’s a Win Win scenario for government and builder, and a loose, loose for the public!


Have you noticed that all housing estates are amassed with identical dwellings, killing the sense of identity and individualism?

Also these estates look from above like a massive domino board, awful!


The government believes that individualism is not important, but roofs over our heads are!

So…the homes offered are rubbish, their prices are too high, their quality is questionable, yet the quota’s are met, and central government scream across the house of commons that they have built more homes than other parties ever did.

So the reason we have so many badly made houses is truly because of Politics!


Moreover, not forget about renewable fuels, why is it that every new house is attached to the gas supply? ((taxes must be made and paid))… Gas is extremely expensive, awful for the environment, why not fit all New Build homes with Air Source Heat Pumps? Power generated by solar??


Over the last few years we at Log Cabins LV have studied this market, and have seen that there are so many pit falls. And why we think we could offer a helping hand!



The number one Pit fall is the pricing, and what kind of quality you get for your pound!

It amazes us how when companies are building timber frame building, they do it completely on site! That stud work etc, it amazes us! What it shows is that most companies are not actually manufacturers with premises large enough to build a full-scale house under cover, which in our book is completely criminal.

Secondly, the timber used by most UK companies is awful, the government has set its guidelines on quality using the Trada, “who is Trada” I hear you ask yourself, well these are the guys and girls that are supposed to know about timber buildings, and set guidelines.

The best grade using Trada’s own grading system for timber house stud work , is C24,

94.9% of UK builders use C16! Which in our opinion is rubbish!


So what can we offer…

Well we can offer better pricing, skilled labor, everything built in our factories and shipped to site 99.0% completed panels.


We are the only company in the UK with a show home that already meets the 2020 directive, and our prices are 1/2 that of other companies offering passive homes at present. When this legislation comes to law, we will be the leading brand and the leaders in low pricing! Also our quality will be untouchable, as we have fist dibs on the best timber in the world!


Under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive:

Energy performance certificates are to be included in all advertisements for the sale or rental of buildings. We will be offering this next year with all our buildings, setting high standards and quality pricing, we are also able to offer all our customers the help they need to for planning we are in essence a one stop shop.


And we have qualified architects that are certified to design passive housing. 99.9% of architects do not have this certification. In addition, the architects that are certified must re-sit this subject every 5 years!


A typical timber frame passive 102 sq m home from would on average cost about £80 a year to heat!

If you would like to know more, and are interested in building a quality house that will meet requirements in 7 years, please call us, or send us an email.!

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