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Log Cabins USA ( eagle criminal log cabins)

At last!!! we have found a worthy dealer to partner with in America, the launch of their new website will be within 8  weeks.

They are very focused on off grid, mother earth, and the freedom to thrive!!

Tiny Houses, Back Yard Shacks, Log Cabins, and Timber Buildings.


Our New Partners will be offering comprehensive pricing, they operate on sound principles and are major wholesalers of Timber products.

A final sad word…

Sadly we have been forced to break ties with eagle  criminal log cabins in America due to their desire to excessively overcharge customers and overcharge their new dealers. This  is not part of our company ethic, they still are showing our products on their website claiming them to be their own, as you can see on the page below they have now covered up our registered trade mark! (top left hand corner) , but you can still find our content, trademark on their website.

Their entire website is made up of our content! Beware…

This just goes to show what kind of criminals we must deal with in this industry!

We would warn anyone doing business with Thomas or Vivian at eagle criminal log cabins to be aware that they are two very devious people! We would volunteer the advice of steering clear of these two old retired very dubious pensioners.



eagle log cabins criminals

criminals eagle log cabins


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