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Phytosanitary Certificates For Log Cabins

Phytosanitary Certificates Beware.

As Brexit comes into play, and Mrs. May signs on the dotted line and put article 50 into play, you must ask yourself, what will happen to your log cabin guarantee?

This is a game changer for log cabins in the UK, as many companies will disappear and so will your guarantee. So, whom do you trust to be around after article 50 starts to change the face of import and export?

90% of mills that supply log cabins into the UK do not have phytosanitary Certificates on their Kilns. This means that the KD timber they used to produce your log cabin from was not heated to the correct temperature to kill off all bugs.

Because we were in the EU if was not needed, but now!!!

Quality kilns are of course are very expensive, and most mill owners, would rather sail away on holiday on their yachts for a year than invest in new and better equipment.

A lot of mill owners earn vast sums of money on churning out rubbish, the typical Log Cabin Warehouse syndrome.

Most Baltic mills are here today and gone tomorrow, and most just churn out absolute rubbish daily, but! it pays their staff wages and gives them a great life!

Now with article 50 nearly signed, they are all beginning to panic, and panic they should.

From Pallet and Shed Manufacturers, to House builders, all timber entering the UK will need a phytosanitary Certificate, and this costs, price of timber will increase, and because of this sales go down, small companies disappear and so does your guarantee.

What a pickle this has made of our industry you may think, well actually I think it’s the clean up we needed.
This industry is not regulated….AT ALL… there are so many crooks and liars, in this industry, that a shake up is very much needed, and this will shake up everyone.

I am glad to say we have five very large high volume Kilns that are phytosanitary Certificated, and our production will as always carry on for many years, and our prices will not increase, unless Mrs. May decides she wants to put only awful garden sheds back into the gardens and ban log cabins! Who Knows!!

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