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Log Cabin Windows and Doors.

Log Cabin Windows and Doors

Have you noticed that when you go from website to website all the log cabins for sale seem to have the same type of windows and doors?


We call it the Log Cabin Mass Bulk Super Store Syndrome.


When 99.9% of companies manufacture their log cabins, they also manufacture their own windows and doors.


Investment in quality CNC machinery is obviously the trick into having high quality windows and doors, which would obviously improve the quality of the log cabins which are sold on the web!


Windows and Doors are actually the most integral part of any cabin, as once they fail, your cabin is doomed.


As we all know log cabins shrink, and because of this, its quite difficult to purchase another set of windows and doors to fit your cabin after say 3 years.


Most log cabin windows and doors are manufactured quickly and very cheaply.


Superstore type retail outlets demand from their manufacturers low pricing.


There are many such outlets in the UK that they fight on pricing.


And 8 years ago, the prices of log cabins and the quality of log cabins hit rock bottom.


The Internet is flooded with mass produced Log Cabins, these cabins are not what one would say the best of quality.


However these cabins do have one redeeming factor, they are exceptionally cheap.


The next problem, how do you determine a quality log cabin from a mass produced one.


89% Log cabin companies literature state that their log cabins are fabulous, beyond approach, and are fitted with amazing windows and doors.


Some even lie and say they offer CE certified windows and doors when they truly do not.

This industry does not have governmental guidelines, which means that dishonesty goes unchallenged.


If you see any superstore type outlet offering you CE certified windows and doors and you know quite clearly they are not, please do us all a favor and report them to trading standards.


If you are set on purchasing a quality log cabin, please give us a call!



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