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Timber Building 2016

Timber bUILDINGS NEW RANGE log Cabins LV

Timber Buildings- timber frames- sectional buildings-Dedicated to danny!!

You have looked at a Log Cabin and you just do not want that kind of look in your garden! You have been to your local shed manufacture and his products look cheap and nasty and are over priced.

So what do you do? You want a home office but the companies selling highly insulated timber frame units want from £15.000 to 25.000 and this is just so out of your price range! So what’s the answer? How do you get quality and not have to pay the earth for it! Simple, by purchasing a new Timber Frame Garden Building from our new range coming soon.

Our New Range of timber frame buildings will be highly insulated, we will be offering CE certified windows and doors, Trada compliant, and once again these amazing windows and doors will be offered to you any colour you choose. As a timber frame specialist, we understand about build quality, design and of course we understand about cost.

Log Cabins LV has over the years brought to market many, many different kinds of Timber Buildings, however we found that our framework which we use for domestic dwellings, houses etc was way too heavy and cumbersome to use for a garden buildings.

So we have gone back to the drawing board and come up with some new amazing designs that will be offered at low pricing, but still have quality stamped into the very heart of our new range. Please look out for our New Timber Frame Buildings for 2016!

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins Online =

Log Cabins LV has been offering log cabins, cabins, timber buildings,  Norwegian log cabins, Glulam log cabins and so very much more, log cabins online equals We have the largest, most in depth log cabin- timber buildings- glulam log cabin range on the planet,

What makes so different than all the other online logcabin dealers, simple, they are dealers, they are resellers of resellers, they mostly have the same boring designs, and most of the cabins are in truth, crap! This is not harsh, its the truth. If you would like some free advice on any thing regarding log cabins, please feel free and give us a call.

When you look for a logcabin online, you should take great care in who you spend your money with. At we take pride in selling our customers a quality log cabin, we take pride in the quality of the cabin, the doors, windows, floors, roof, packing, delivery and we take pride in having the number one dealers in the UK – Europe offering our products.

Over the years we have designed some cracking log cabins, The Clock House Log Cabin was our first and over the years we have refined this building in to being with out question the best Clock House Log Cabin on the market.( beware of dangerous copies).

We then brought to market a new concept, our Twin Skin Garden Office, which gave the public a quality insulated option for a fully insulated building at a ridiculously low price.  Once again we pushed the garden-cabin market to offer something different, we set standards.

We now have the best Glulam log cabins on line, and this is something that can not be copied, ( unless they have a 10.5 million euro nest egg to buy the machinery) which we very much doubt!

Over all is the number one in the world for design, choice and quality!

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cabins online uk

logcabins online uk


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