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Camping Pods LV

There are camping pods bought flat pack, and there are camping pods that come fully finished ready to go.

There are camping pods that are fit for storing dry timber, and there are camping pods that are fit for tourism.

Sadly it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other, as pretty pictures and a photo from 100 foot away really do not show quality!

So here up close and personal are quality camping pods, made by a house manufacturer clad in Northern Siberian Larch, and are great value for money!

If your looking for the best, then look no further!

quality camping pods

camping pods lv

camping pod 035 camping pod 062 camping pod 089 camping pod 116 camping pod 143 camping pod 170 camping pod 197 camping pod 224 camping pod 251 camping pod 278 camping pod 305 camping pod 332 camping pod 359 camping pod 386 camping pod 413 camping pod 440 camping pod 467 camping pod 494 camping pod 521 camping pod 548 camping pod 575 camping pod 602 camping pod 629 camping pod 656 camping pod 683

Log Cabins Windows and Doors.

Log Cabin Windows and Doors.

Over the last few weeks we have had so many enquiries from people asking us and our partners why we believe our log cabins-laminated cabins are better than 99.9% of other cabin companies. The answer is quite simple really, we only manufacture to order. We only use the latest in CNC machinery, our timber is all FSC sourced and not forgetting  Our seriously amazing  quality Windows and Doors which are 100 times better than any other manufacturers , and unlike 99.99% of companies we are willing to show you up close our windows and doors,  our production out shines, out prices, everything else on the web to date!

So we just thought for all those that really would like to see great simple log cabins windows and doors  close up, here are some photos! Please do not hesitate and give one of our dealer a call today!

windows and doors log cabins

Quality Log Cabin Windows and Doors

Log Cabins- Windows and Doors  116 Log Cabins- Windows and Doors  143 Log Cabins- Windows and Doors  170 Log Cabins- Windows and Doors  197


Quality Clock House Log Cabins

Our Clock House Log Cabin is with out doubt the best on offer on the market to date.

There are many reasons why our clock house is the best!

(1)  The design is totally unique to us.

(2)  We manufacturer it first! And offered it to the market more than 10 years ago.

(3)  We did more than 3 months of testing on the structure!

(4)  Our clock house log cabins are the most robust one’s on the market to date

(5)  Our roof beams are the thickest on the market to date.

(6)  Our Roof beams site at 90 degrees in the apex

(7)  Our Purlins are 45mmx 250mm, which is double to most other copied dangerous versions

(8)  Our Windows and Doors are hand made and are exceptional quality, with CE approved double glazing units.

(9)  All our log cabins are manufactured using the latest, most modern machinery giving a flawless finish every time.

If your looking to purchase a Clock House Log Cabins and are not sure who to trust with your hard earned money, then the only choice you really have is the Original manufacturers of this iconic Buildings., the name synonymous for quality in garden buildings and log cabins.

Clock House log cabins

Clock House cabins

Clock House Log Cabins  037 Clock House Log Cabins  073 Clock House Log Cabins  109




Bespoke Log Cabins by

Over the years our business from mass produced models to bespoke has risen 70%.

Customers find a cabin they like on our partners website , or respectively on our own website the customer  then sends in a request for minor changes, or some dynamic changes, extra thicknesses, or more windows and doors, or less, higher ridge height or lower..

Many people like to now design what suits them best rather than buying something just off the shelf! Bespoke log cabins are now becoming the norm, and we with our design team have manufactured some quite amazing buildings.

If you are looking for a cabin that is not available, then please give us a call or send us an email.

log cabins 001 log cabins 037 log cabins 073 log cabins 109 log cabins 145 log cabins 181 log cabins 217 log cabins 253 log cabins 289

Please find us on face book……

Twin Skin Log Cabins 2014

When we first brought the twinskin interlocking system to the market place 8 years ago we could not have known what a success it would be in the garden market arena. Our first model the 5.5m x 5.5m garden office was and is a great selling logcabins -LV model.

Our range of small deluxe twin skin dwelling log cabin houses that encompass a toilet with shower and sink , kitchen, lounge and a fantastic loft bedroom are great for camping sites, a get away lodge, holiday parks, fishing lakes, residential parks, log cabin lodging, B&B accommodation.

Our designs are unique to us, as is the quality of build, quality of timber, and our amazing tilt and turn double glazed windows and doors.

We are also able to manufacture this from Engineered laminated Timber

If you are looking for a quality log cabin that will last the test of time, then the only choice is and our trusted Partners!

twinskin cabin

twin skin cabins


Camping Pods

We have been manufacturing Camping Pods for many years now, our camping pods are not just excellent, they are seriously amazing!!

Clad with Grade A Northern Siberian Larch, Tilt and Turn Quality Windows and Doors, Double Glazed CE approved.

We were approached last year by a Major Children’s Holiday Park Vender to furnish their holiday parks with camping pods suited for children.

Our Camping Pods went through a very rigorous check, we looked to see where small fingers, feet and hands could be trapped, we adjusted windows and doors, our bespoke double bunk beds were also designed for child, safety and comfort.

If you are looking for industrial camping pods that will last the test of time, please give us a call today or send us an email.

Log Cabins LV the number one for camping pods in Europe.

camping pods UK

camping pods

camping pod

glamping Pods


Logcabins Alba LV

We would like to welcome to our fold, which is is our new log cabin dealer on the Scottish – English boarder.

With their large display and their expert knowledge on Cabins-Timber Frame, and Residential cabins. You are in safe hands.


Laminated Log Cabins – Laminated Garden Buildings

Laminated Buildings-Cabins are seen as a very expensive build type for the garden, but if you are looking for a quality cabin a cut above the rest, then there is nothing better than a LV Laminated Log Cabin.

Our Laminated Cabins are not bits of old off cuts-scrap stuck together unlike 99.9% of cabins carrying the laminated (Gluelam) Tag -Name.

We have all the German Certification Kitemarks GL24 (BS11), GL28 (BS14), GL32 (BS16) also our factory is certified FSC and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

There is no other Laminated Cabin on the market that has all these Kitemarks plus come with amazing pricing.

Please send us an email today for more information.

Laminated garden offices

Laminated Buildings

Laminated Log Cabins  37 Laminated Log Cabins  73

Insulated Garden Offices

garden offices

quality garden offices

Most Garden Offices are seriously quite aesthetically awful internally and out! . And most timber clad garden offices are seriously over priced.

As always, we at have decided to meet the challenge head on and design a new innovative garden office that one has the looks and two has the price.

Our new designs encompass everything a modern office should offer,

High insulation, Quality Materials, Triple Glazing, Hard Wood Flooring. and as we said that aesthetically pleasing look.

However!! These are not just meant to be beautifully looking, these also are able to power themselves with their Solar Roofing Tiles-Shingles, please ask us for advice on this!

But we are offering so much more also.

Most garden offices, please just have a look around and you will notice that it’s just cheap framework, poor insulation, clad in low grade cedar and sell for around 15.000 pounds-20.000 Euros.

When we mean cheap framework, we are speaking about the abundance of C16 timber used to make the office structure, and in some cases its not even graded timber.

Sadly because the garden market is not subject to government scrutiny most garden offices are dangerous and poorly made.

We build all our Timber frame Buildings, be it a Garden Offices- or a Class Room to the Euro 5 code.

Why should you pick over other manufacturers, well its quite simple, we have more of more and better than the best, and our prices will cause most manufacturers to rethink there business strategy.

OK! Getting back to why you should think about purchasing one of our insulated garden offices, it’s quite simple really, they are built so well, and to such a high standard, they become an investment.

Our highly insulated garden offices are with out doubt an investment due to their high build quality, and the ability to take them down and if need be move them to your next house, or sell them. And due to the high specification, we know that you will always get back, if not more than what you’re originally purchased it for.

Please send us an email, or give us a call.

Insulated Garden Offices  02Insulated Garden Offices  03Insulated Garden Offices  04Insulated Garden Offices  05Insulated Garden Offices  06Insulated Garden Offices  07Insulated Garden Offices  08Insulated Garden Offices  09Insulated Garden Offices  10Insulated Garden Offices  11Insulated Garden Offices  12Insulated Garden Offices  13Insulated Garden Offices  14Insulated Garden Offices  15Insulated Garden Offices  16Insulated Garden Offices  17

Log Cabins and Insulation!

Hi all, I am always told off for giving the game away, so this time I thought I would just tickle the market slightly and get them all a bit worried!

Over the many years we, that’s, ( have been designing and as always pushing for better designs, safety and Price we have decided now to offer the public in the not so distant future a fully insulated buildings that actually cost a lot less than ANYTHING on the market to date!

Our New Insulated Buildings will start with a 100mm of insulation and will go up to a staggering 400mm. Insulation package will be for the roof, floor, and walls! Yep! A fully coated building at last as standard!

In addition, our new Buildings will be a lot quicker to assemble!

UPVC Double Glazed CE approved Windows and Doors.

OK!! That’s all I am saying today!

Thanks for reading and remember, if it’s new, quality and priced well! Its 99.9% likely to be a product!