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Residential Log Cabins 27/4/16

Residential Log Cabins  832Tonight I want to write about what is a residential log cabin, and what is not!

Every Day I get phone calls from public asking my opinion on what is and what is not a residential log cabin, and if a log cabin manufactured from 44mm , 66mm , 70mm and 90mm will meet building regulations, and if this kind of cabin is suitable to live in all year round.

Residential Log Cabins  833

I have written countless blogs regarding Twin Skin 44mm-70mm Log Cabins, and how they will not meet building regulations, yet sadly the public daily are bombarded with websites which state that their wares are Residential Quality, and with rock bottom prices that lure in the unsuspecting public, who then part with their hard earned money, and end up with a glorified shed.


When you surf the internet looking for a residential type building to live in, there are many questions you can ask to find out if the cabins on offer on which ever website is as stated residential or not!


We are able to offer a full turn key solution.


Firstly, and this is fact, 44mm, 66mm 70mm and 90mm solid log cabins will not every pass building regulations, they are not suitable for dwelling homes, and the logs have little or no insulation values.

Residential Log Cabins  834

So whatever some sweet voiced, over confident sales staff say, they are liars, and they are only after your money!


So what really does make a residential log cabin, well its quite simple, its called structural calculations, it’s called plans that are drawn up by qualified architects and it’s called quality manufacturing.


If you really are looking for a quality residential log cabin, that truly is of a residential quality, that meets structural and building regulations, then please give us a call.



residential log cabins

residential log cabins

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