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1 bedroom Residential log cabins from LV


1 bedroom Residential log cabins

1 bedroom Residential log cabins , residential timber frame cabins



Imagine being able to purchase a Residential Log Cabin that is absolutely perfect in every way, tailored to your personal design, manufactured from the finest materials, fitted with certified triple glazed quality windows and doors, and to boot have a professional team to assemble said quality residential building.


More than that have a full turnkey solution, which offers, certified tradesman from all trades to perfectly finish off your new home.

1 bedroom Residential log cabins  762

Log Cabins LV have been supplying Log Cabins into the UK for more than 15 years, our own designs are now very much part of other companies portfolios, and our iconic design the Clock House is one of the best selling garden buildings of all time.

Yet, as a company we do not sit on our behinds and just live off our past successes, and say that’s enough, lets stop and just sell what we have.

1 bedroom Residential log cabins  763

Far from it, we design each and everyday better and better buildings, always moving forward, always pushing not just ourselves, but pushing the industry to offer better!

1 bedroom Residential log cabins  764

It is so very important to be flexible in build types.

We are the only company with over 4000 designs, and most of these designs are available in a different choice of build types, be it timber frame, log or engineered glulam.

Our New Range of Deluxe Log Cabins are not just simply the best standard engineered log cabins in the industry, they are the best range of log cabins ever to be offered to the public that is a fact!1 bedroom Residential log cabins  765

If you are seriously looking for the best brand of log cabins LV is it!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Log Cabins

Residential log cabins 762What really makes a Residential Log Cabin a residential?

If you have noticed, there are loads of bulk manufacturing log cabin manufacturers trying desperately to get into the residential cabin market, but sadly their cabins are not residential, they are not even slightly residential, and to many people are falling foul of this!

I have decided to write a lengthy blog regarding this as it really is a gray area in this industry!

Firstly, a 44mm x 44mm Twin Skin Log Cabin will never meet building regulations, EVERResidential log cabins 763!

The structural calculations for this type of wall is insufficient for weight bearing loads. It will never meet the U values required, and lastly, its not a residential log, it’s a garden building log!

We were the first to ever offer twin skin garden log cabins about 10 years ago, way before any of these bulk manufacturing mills were even in business, and we decided then that the twin skin in 44mm x 44mm was great for a 5m x 5m insulated garden office, nothing more.

However, as always there are stupid people in this cabin industry who believe it’s all right to con the public and add the word residential to a large cabin.


Regardless how much insulation you add to the walls, the 44mm x 44m twin skin cabin will never meet building regulations, this thickness of logs will not even meet the pathetic park home, caravan lower build regulation which is the BS3632.

Residential log cabins 764

I have so many times over many years told people this, but sadly, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are not well versed, and they just look at the price and buy, believing whatever they are told is the truth.


Yes you guessed what comes next, the very next day they are told to take it down, or it fails the inspection or it leaks, etc, and they lose their savings.


What I find hard to believe is why people are so stupid and do not ask the right questions?

Residential log cabins 765

Here is a fine example, a 65 sq meter cabin in 44 mm x 44mm and costs £22.000, installation costs £3500, and if you want awful PVC windows and doors the cost for these are £2000.

So for a garden cabin that does not come to any building regulation, the cost for this is 35.000 Euros. And because they use the word (RESIDENTIAL) the public think they are getting a quality home and bob’s your uncle they get a large garden cabin that is not fit for purpose.


A Residential Building, be it Brick, Log or Timber Frame, must be built to a high standard to get the nametag, Residential.

There is no short cuts, or cheap ways around it!


Too many Bulk Manufacturing Mills manufacture today, and go out of business tomorrow! Your guarantee is useless, and 99.9% of the time so is the cabin you bought!


To get a cabin to a residential spec, and U values you must firstly start with a structural log, and most quality mills start with a certified Glulam log in 80mm x 200mm and then using a dove tail joint they join to the two walls together, however by using the dove tailing method the cold bridging is kept to a bare minimum and also allows the walls to move independently. Which means weight bearing rafters can sit on the internal wall, not external, keeping the roof in sync with the movement of the building.


OK Next, roof on 44 mm x 44mm twin skins are not real roofs, they are actually garden cabin roofs, which have been changed slightly to accommodate insulation.


Manufacturing a real roof for a real Residential Cabin, is not just purlins, some roof boards, a 50mm insulation stiff board and that’s it

But a real residential roof has purlins, rafters and structural calculations attached.

Plus the insulation would normally be about 300mm minimum, not 50mm.


In addition, the floor would not just be 50mm of insulation under 28mm T&G floor.

Residential log cabins 766

Insulation on a residential would be minimum 200mm under the floor.

Residential log cabins 767

And lastly, the windows and doors, must be certified, CE and BM Trada if they offer them. When windows and doors are certified they act differently in fire, they do not twist, or bend, PVC windows melt.

But handmade glulam windows and doors do not, and they work well in an emergency! There are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing a Residential log cabin, I know that price for many of you is the main key factor of purchase, but it’s better to buy the best, than to have your building condemned by building control and the factory, or reseller, telling you that it is not their fault and putting the phone down.

Residential log cabins 768

Remember the saying, buy cheap buy twice!


If you really want a residential log cabin and you really want to have the best of the best, and

know that what you have bought is fit for purpose, please speak to us. We can offer honest advice and help you move in the right direction.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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The Best Log Cabins in the UK


the best log cabins in the UK 30

How do you tell a quality log cabin from a mass produced log cabin?

It’s quite easy if you know what you’re looking for!

Firstly you need to look at the quality of the windows and doors, so many companies offer the same kind of bulk rubbish, and that is where we are so different.


If you look at the photo attached, the cabin is now on display on the Isle of Man, (it has not been totally finished, still needs roof covering and guttering plus finishing off) but you will notice that the door and window quality is not just amazing; it is so far above everything else, which is offered on the web! And this kind of quality comes standard with our deluxe range of log cabins.


We all know Quality costs, so before you try to compare our new range of deluxe log cabins against the rubbish that litters the web, please don’t, however we have looked at offering realistic pricing, and tried our hardest to make our deluxe cabins affordable even for Mr. Smith to house his pride and joy old matchless motor bike!


Our New Designed Deluxe Cabins are with out the best standard range of log cabins in the UK Europe market. And this is why!


We offer everything standard everyone else charges extra for! It’s that simple!


20mm roof boards….

28mm floor boards

Certified Quality Double Glazed Residential Windows and Doors,

Steel rods for strengthening and tightening-binding the log walls together.

These are never offered in 99.9% of cabins as drilling the logs takes time and most companies have old machines that are unable to drill with precision.

Our windows and doors are exceptional quality, if you look at the photo you will notice that the hinges are not the awful crap 99.9% cabins companies offer.

Our windows and doors are not a premium range, or even premiumplus as other companies call theirs, their windows and doors are a joke, sadly too many companies exaggerate and over embellish on their budget, cheap, awful products.

If you are truly looking for the best log cabins on the market, then there is only one choice, Log Cabins LV!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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The Curved Cinema Pod by Log Cabins LV


We are proud to present the Curved Cinema Pod 

amazing iconic timber frame deluxe cinema pods

cinema pods, log cabins, timber frame buildings, insulated timber frame buildings, iconic buildings

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  741 Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  742 Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  743

Designing log cabins or timber frame buildings can sometimes be fun, and our Deluxe Cinema Room is without doubt a statement with what is achievable with Glulam beams and insulated panels.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  744Before I get hundreds of emails asking the price, if you do not have a budget more than £50.000 please start saving up!

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  745This amazing Deluxe Cinema Pod was designed to be as Iconic and a statement as any quality hand made timber frame glulam building could be.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  747The thinking behind this Cinema Pod design was to immerse the occupant into a space that would evoke as many emotions as possible, and the clever part of this cinema pod is to fit it with Smart Glass, that with a flick of a switch would turn day into night.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  746The Curved Cinema Pod is 5m Wide, with 200mm x 200mm glulam balks.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  749This building will last the test of time, and is completely hand made.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  748For more information on this amazing building or anything else you see on please send us an email, or call us!

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  750Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Timber Frame Cabins- Log Cabins 2016

Timber Frame Residential Holiday Units

Timber Frame Residential Holiday Units


If you are looking for a manufacturer of timber buildings or Log Cabins that really understands concept of design and keeping to your budget, then Log Cabins LV is the company to speak to.

Over the years we have left a trail behind us of iconic garden building designs, the highest quality camping pods, our fully insulated timber frame houses and not forgetting our New Passive House Range that does not just conform, its setting its own standard others can’t reach in quality, or price.

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     860We are also able to offer glulam, timber frame solutions that really are quite out of the stratosphere, but that’s what we like to do, expand design and showing at the same time that in timber construction there really are no limits.

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     860Unlike any one is the industry we are able to offer so many different build types that all come up to the highest of quality, and our windows and doors that are certified by BM Trada, also unlike most companies we are able to offer a 20 year structural guarantee to our residential log cabins and timber frame buildings.

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     861

However, more than this is our concepts and designs.

We love to design a building that really does stir the imagination.

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     862We have so many, many companies come to us and ask if we can not just supply but also design them a concept that makes their holiday park stand out from the rest, this kind of project we absolutely thrive on, as it gives us the platform to show case where we think the market should go in insulation, eco and quality of design, but more importantly what the price tag should be.


Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     863Not long ago we priced up a 100sqm timber frame cabin, one floor, larch clad, triple glazing that offered two bedrooms, lounge kitchen, two en-suits and a utility room, our price to trade was just say £70.000, the reseller in the UK was asking the end customer £130.000, and this is where we get angry! Because the customer expects a building worth £130,000 but the customer is only getting a building half the value in reality! This reseller is not reselling our products any more!

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     864

The sad thing about the UK for instance is the government’s objections to anything too way out there, sticking to a standard, 6.8m x 20m and 3.2m in height! This is of course if you are building to the awful New and improved, (don’t make me laugh) BS3632.


Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     865A Timber Frame be it a house, or a residential park home should be manufactured to full building regulations,

Not the building regulation that is in force now, but the new one to come in 2020 December, as this new EU building regulation requirement will not just say your house is poorly made, it will say you must retrofit and bring to the New Standard before you are able to sell it. Big Brother At Work!

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     867

We are able to design and manufacture highly insulated buildings; cabins and we are able to keep prices down, if any of this interests you please give us a call!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV 2016

quality log cabins

quality log cabins

log cabins

log cabins



Today is a short blog about quality interlocking logs and crap!

I cannot for legal reasons tell you the company who’s video I took this from, but what I will say is that they are one of the largest in the UK.

As I always do I look through peoples advertising material, be it written or videos and see what lies they are telling the public and exposé it, for what it is, deceitfulness!

Sadly too many companies out there in internet land, believe that you the public are too thick to understand what quality is, so Mr Log Cabins LV is going to help you notice how to spot the bulk rubbish that sadly litters our market and gardens.


Here is a list of what makes a great garden log cabin.


Slow manufacturing production.

Skilled work force.

Winter cut slow grown Russian timber.(this is absolutely vital for longevity for a garden cabin).

Certified double glazed windows and doors.

Skilled machinists, sharp blades, and a quality finish.

Quality windows and door hardware.

Professionally spray painted windows and doors.

Oak thresholds on doors.

Metal tie rods for the walls.

And so much more.


And this should all be standard with every cabin.

Or it is with ours.


So today’s blog… I want to show two photos of a badly cut interlocking notch and a good one, one of them comes from a company in the UK that claims to be the best, and is actually selling rubbish.

And the other photo is how it should look.

Interlocking notches should be tight, and you should not be able see into the lock. We all make mistakes in this industry we are only human, but!! This is not a mistake it’s bad workmanship where profit rules, sadly not quality!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins 19 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm 44 mm, 58 mm and 70 mm.


log cabins, log cabin, timber buildings

log cabins, log cabin, timber buildings

Garden cabins come in shapes and sizes; they also come in all different thickness.

There are 19 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm 44 mm, 58 mm and 70 mm.

Log Cabins can also come in 100 mm and above, but the standard garden cabins come in 19 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm 44 mm, 58 mm and 70 mm as these are the most popular sizes.

So what sizes is good for what purpose.


So here is a guide to help you!


19 mm log cabins are actually not really log cabins; they are manufactured from roof board material, which are fashioned together to resemble something that looks like a cabin!

Sadly 19 mm log cabins are manufactured in a certain way that does not allow the notches to be waterproof, the board is just to thin to cut twice.

So this one of the main reasons why we do not offer 19 mm log cabins.


They are also extremely expensive when you actually look at how many cubic meters of timber are used for the manufacturing process.


So are 19 mm Log Cabins worth the amount asked for them, the answer sadly is no!

They are a waste of good quality roofing boards, the windows and doors fitted to them are normally rubbish, and the hardware is cheap. Even on price they are super expensive!


28mm log cabins are nearly in the same league as 19 mm cabins, they are what we use as floor boards, but they do make a great 3 m x 3 m garden reading room, or a place to grow flowers, storing your push bikes, or BBQ, but saying all that, they are still cheap, and will not last more than say 4 years and you will start to notice windows and doors sagging, the building leaking, and November the 5th will come around and its used to light the bonfire!


19mm and 28mm log cabins are normally bought because of their price tags, but when spending say £800 to £1200 you have to ask yourself if this is really a good purchase. Are you buying a cabin that will last the test of time, or are you just throwing your money into the wind?


35mm log cabins are great, cheap, and fairly good at keeping water out and normally well priced.

Most come with budget double glazing, and the windows and door frame work is that normally of a 44mm log cabin.

A lot of budget mills sell these as they are a quick turn around and normally they are honestly priced, and if you don’t have a high budget, then a 34mm cabin is normally a safe bet!



44mm log cabins have now become the publics most sought after size, they are great value for money and most of the time they are water proof and come with windows and doors that will last a couple of years with out too much problem.


70mm Log Cabins are if cut from good quality timber, which has been dried correctly and notched correctly are fantastic value and well worth investing in.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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New BS 3632 Park Homes


New BS 3632 Park Homes

New BS 3632 Park Homes

If you are looking to purchase a residential building, be it a park home timber frame or a just a simple timber frame house, then you need to be aware of the new EU building regulations that are coming into force in 2020 December.

These new regulations will completely supersede the now pathetic building regulations and energy efficiency which are now used in the EU. And these new building regulations will change the type of construction used from brick to timber in a big way!


As we have seen the government has over the last 4 months changed the BS 3632 adding more insulation to the once pathetic build, but it is still again even though they changed it inadequate and still very substandard, making the buildings that are built under this reformed BS 3632 build regulation cheap and still nasty, and not worth a damn after 10 years.


Why the government does not make park homes and static caravans conform to full build regulations is beyond me, must be that someone somewhere has his hand in government kickbacks and election contributions.


Whichever, the new EU build regulations cannot be ignored, and I for one will push that all dwelling homes, be them park homes or static caravans, conform to this new build reg. Its about time we started selling buildings that not just increase in value, but will be incredibly cheap to run, and help our environment. I just do not understand why the government is so against making park homes energy efficient?


The large park home owners will be very emotional about this, as the days of ripping pensioners off for millions of pounds will stop dead, and it will be the pensioners that actually earn!


As we have said in many past blogs, the government needs to start doing more to help the park homeowners and protect their investments.

Most park home structures are absolute crap, the interior looks amazing, but that’s where the con is, the body of the building, frame work, amount of insulation, the quality of build is without doubt, complete and utter rubbish, as most park homes are built with some kind of timber fiber board, and the windows and doors are cheap and nasty, bought on price not quality!

I could go on for an hour telling you why the BS 3632 IS A RIP OFF but I think most of you have understood my feeling with the little I have already written.


When you go to all park home websites you will notice one thing, they do not write anywhere actually how the park home is constructed, and constructed with what!


Our Timber Cabins-Park Homes- Residential Buildings are built using C24 graded timber; we also use a mixture of different insulations, and all our windows and doors are hand made and are certified by BM Trada.

Our framework starts off at a finished 320mm, our passive panels finish at 474mm, this kind of framework is way over sized to what is offered on the market at present, but its what we consider to be a quality standard panel size.


If you are looking for a quality park home to live in that is quite simply better than anything offered on the web then is the company to speak to.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Twin Skin Residential Log Cabins


Residential Log Cabins

Residential Log Cabins


Over the years we have explained to our dealers about what is a residential log cabin and what is not, some of our dealers listen and others do not.


This email is to put you the public straight about what is considered a residential log cabin and what is not!


Residential Log Cabins 2016 9962Firstly, a twin skin 44mm x 44m log cabin is not a residential build, it was designed by us at the very beginning to be a 5m x 5m insulated garden office, we offered these garden offices with residential type windows and doors, and this log cabin was the bench mark for quality in insulated garden buildings.


But! Sadly this is where it all goes tits up, dealers started to offer our garden buildings as residential buildings, now we do not as a company offer any of our cabins as residential unless the dealer gives us a full set of architect drawings and structural calculations, which comply with local building regulations, we then cut to that.


This means if the architect had approved it as a twin skin it would be minimum 80mm x 80mm glulam logs, with a 150mm insulation, vapor barrier and the internal skin is dovetailed into the outer shell, this then keeps down on cold bridging and allows the two walls to move freely from one another, the heating of this would be under floor heating, the walls would be pegged on each and every layer, and metal bars would be used to tie the structure down, this is the only way a twinskin log cabin would pass building regulations.

Residential Log Cabins 2016 9963

Sadly too many companies use the word residential and do not know what the F— they are talking about. Its really annoying, but more than that its criminal.


As a company, we will sack our dealers and have done when they mislead the public, and most of the time this is done because of complete greed.

Residential Log Cabins 2016 9964

Any company that’s offering in the UK, Scotland, Northern or Southern Ireland a 44mm x 44mm twin skin as a residential or even the next best thing, to a residential log cabin, well they are lying!!!

Its impossible to get a 44mm x 44mm to residential specs.


OK….. The walls move too much, they are too thin, you cannot use thick steel rods to tie the buildings down, you cannot peg the walls and they will not pass structural calculations.

Our honest thoughts are that timber frame buildings are the perfect build type for residential cabins. They pass all structural calculations with ease, and as a build type they are quick and easy to assemble.

This is why we have such a huge range available. All our timber frame residential buildings are manufactured to building regulations and are fitted with certified windows and doors.

So if you are looking to purchase a quality residential log cabin, and really want to purchase it from the leading light in the industry then please give us a call.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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DF Deluxe Log Cabins 2016

DF Deluxe Log Cabins

deluxe log cabins

deluxe log cabins

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9988 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9989 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9990 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9991 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9992 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9993 Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9994

Are you fed up with trawling the web and finding nothing but the same cheap mass-produced log cabins?

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9996

Are you looking for a log cabin that is simply a cut above the rest and is manufactured better than anything else on the Internet?

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9995

Well! We at log cabins LV now offer truly amazing log cabins that put everything else to shame!

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9997

Our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins is quite simply the best garden log cabins for sale anywhere on the globe.

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9998

The standard of build the quality of the workmanship and the windows and doors are the talk of the industry.

Deluxe Log Cabins 2016  9999

If you are looking for the best, then please call Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Simply The Best Log Cabins in Europe!


Where are you going to find better windows and doors as standard in any cabin range or from any other company in the UK-Europe!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10001

You’re Not!


Log Cabins LV has been for years trying to make the industry step up and stop cutting corners and actually offer the public a range of buildings that actually are worth the money!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10002

Our Standard Range of Log Cabins are superb, but our Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are even better than the best of the best!, they are actually the best standard range of Deluxe Garden buildings on offer anywhere.

precision windows and doors log cabins  10003

So why is it other mills will not go to this length to offer better for less? Well! It’s quite simple, greed and profit!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10004

Please go to any of the bulk manufacturers and just click on all the up grades, or try to get their buildings to our standard quality on our Deluxe Range and you will see that their pricing will be not just a little higher, but significantly more, some by many 1000’s.

precision windows and doors log cabins  10005

precision windows and doors log cabins  10006

To be fair not all mills-manufacturers have the investment to purchase a quality CNC window and door line, and there are none that can offer a certified BM Trada-CE- Window and Door set as standard with their cabins, that’s why our Deluxe Log Cabins are simply the best!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Bi Folding Doors For Log Cabins

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  1

Quality Bi Folding Doors are almost impossible to find in this industry and the reason for this is that most mills sadly do not have the manufacturing know how or the skill of staff to be able to offer a quality log cabin with high quality bi folding doors that actually are fit for purpose.

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  2As the only company in the industry that offers certified BM Trada windows and doors as standard with our new deluxe range of cabins, you can be assured of not just quality, but fair pricing and as always our partners will help you from the order to the last day of the build!

Our dealers/partners are with out doubt the best of the best in the industry; also our dealers are the only ones that are able to offer you a 3m x 3m in 34mm up to a passive house.

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  3We have the largest skill set of dealerships in Europe, and because of this, we are able to offer so many different products with utter confidence that the LV dealer will be able to provide you with help from the beginning until the end!

Log Cabins LV Bi Folding Doors  4So if you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin for a garden office, or just a small one bed log cabin to live in, and you are looking for a company that can offer high quality log cabins with bi folding doors, then please choose us to speak to first.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Log Cabins or Not?


residential log cabins, log cabins to live it, residential timber frame

residential timber frame buildings, residential log cabins

Today’s Blog is about residential cabins and what is a residential and what is not.

What I am going to do is refer this as Mrs. X and her problems with company Y.

Mrs. X bought what she thought was a Residential Log Cabin and handed over a substantial amount of money.


Before I begin this awful factual story, I must say at the off set, that I am deeply displeased with this kind of behavior, and this is why we need in this industry a governmental body who is responsible to check substandard and dangerous buildings being sold by mass producers who are endangering life and are without doubt just profiteering from the public but more from elderly pensioners who sadly put their trust in rather dodgy back street, ex bankrupt companies!


So Mrs. X bought what she thought was a residential cabin, she paid for the so called residential cabin, also she paid for a base and the assembly of this cabin.


Now the most critical part of the build is obviously the base, because if the base is off only mm the whole cabin is in jeopardy from that moment on, if you have a base which has been made badly the cabin is going to lean all different directions the walls will not marry up and the roof will twist, this is fact. And eventually the cabin will leak and the cabin will fall apart.


So regardless, of how good the cabin is, or is not, if the base is wrong, it’s going to be a disaster from the first laid log!

I know you can all guess what I am going to say, yes sadly, her base was off not just few mm out of sink, but many cm’s off and the cabin is a complete and utter disaster. Windows and doors were not residential which she was promised, the roof collapsed and the walls separated. it was a 44mm x 44mm massed produced pile of crap to be honest, which Cost Mrs.X 40,000.


Now a lot of good companies would have apologized profusely and gone back and fixed the cabin, making sure Mrs.X was a satisfied customer.

Sadly Mrs.X had picked one of the worst cabin companies in the land, and company Y decided it was better to go bankrupt then to pay Mrs.X, or fix the building.

Mrs.X then wrote blogs, and went to her lawyer, but by then the company had filed for bankruptcy and Mrs.X lost all her money!


So the motto of this awful story is that when you think about buying a residential log cabin, think twice and find out as much about the company as possible, Google them, really look into whom you are giving your money to.

Do not buy any residential buildings from a massed producer of log cabins, they are always substandard and not fit for purpose.


Residential cabins to live in should not be fitted with garden type windows and doors, they should always be residential quality with certification. If you see any company saying that windows and doors are residential quality, ask them to prove they are offering certified windows and doors, they must be certified by BM Trada, or CE, ask to see the certificate.

Also, ask them to prove that their so-called residential log cabins meet building regulations for wherever you are. It’s quite easy to ask and if they say yes, get it on paper.So when the building inspector comes round and condemns the building you have the company by the balls! Also check on the web to see how much the company is worth.

The moral of the story is this, most log cabin companies are crooks, sadly, and there is only a handful that can actually deliver what they promise, so be careful.

We check all our dealers, we do not manufacture bulk and our windows and doors are certified residential quality, plus we are the only company in the UK that assess our dealers yearly and if they do not come up to scratch, we ask them to leave the group.

We are not looking for mass dealership members, we are looking for the best dealers, who offer the best service, who have the best fitting teams, who have experience and know their stuff!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV Youtube Channel


log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Please visit our Youtube Channel!

If you are looking for Glulam log cabins, bespoke hand made Norwegian Log Cabins, high-end super amazing log cabins, then log cabins LV is the company you should consider.

Our aim is to produce and supply top quality log cabins each and every time, we care about our customers, we care about quality, we care about price but more than that we care about high standards and on time delivery!

Our aim is not to just produce the best log cabins in the industry but to offer quality that is never offered as standard.

Our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are without doubt the best the industry has to offer.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV with Bi Folding Doors

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Tonight I would like to announce that we are now offering a large range of Deluxe Log Cabins that will now be available with Double Glazed, Certified Bi Folding doors.

Quality Log Cabins  with Bi folding doors  96Our New Range of Bi Folding Door Log Cabins will come in many different layouts and sizes.

We will be offering 13 different configurations, all will be offered professionally sprayed to your choice of colour and of course will come with the best hardware available.

Quality Log Cabins  with Bi folding doors  97Quite a lot of people find it very difficult to find a suitable building to house their hot tub, our new deluxe log cabins with bi folding doors are absolutely perfect for this.

Quality Log Cabins  with Bi folding doors  98Finding quality bi folding doors is hard enough, but finding them for a fraction of the price in a quality log cabin is the main reason log cabins LV comes first when it comes to ordering a deluxe log cabin!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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So today, we are going to talk about purlins and the reason why the positioning of them is so incredibly important in the apex.

So what is good purlin set up, and what is a bad set up?


The first question you must ask yourself is why so many companies manufactures the roofs wrongly.

This is sadly the case to at least 70% of all log cabins sold on the internet for garden use.

The roof purlins are designed to carry the weight of your roof, and to basically stop the roof from sagging and caving in.

Most log cabin manufacturers do not run under any kind of building regulations when it comes to manufacturing garden cabins, so it’s down to them to manufacturer them correctly, and sadly this is not seen as a must, so a cabin that is say 5m x 6m would have a roof area of around 36 sq meters taking in the pitch, and once you add the roof boards and waterproof membrane and shingles, you could be possibly looking at a roof which weighs in at 200 kilos, possible more, which is enough to seriously hurt, if not kill someone if it were to collapse.

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I am not being dramatic in any way, as purlins should be notched into the apex, most are not, and purlins should sit in the apex at 90 degrees, most are not!

And because the government has to yet put any kind of building regulation into this industry apart from the fact that they are not allowed to be any larger than 30 sq meters, and no higher than 4m tall if 2 meters from the boundary, this problem will exists until there is a fatal injury!

But some of us already manufacturer correctly, and some of us have done from day one.

You see the reason why bulk manufacturers manufacturer their purlins this way is because of speed, price and also laziness, as by placing the purlin into the apex at 90 degree you must chamfer the top of each purlin to be flush with the roof boards, and this takes time, and costs, so its easier to just cut them in at 45 degree and then the roof board sits flush with the purlin.

But this means your cabin roof is only held up by 50% of the purlin thickness as Mr. Gravity cuts it in half because it is sat at 45 degrees.

So if you are looking for a log cabin that is manufactured correctly, by a company that cares about quality, then please pick

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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