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Timber Frame Buildings and Log Cabins LV


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Have you noticed that from Penrith to Peterlee, Bournemouth to Brighton, companies that offer Garden Buildings, be it a massed produced Log Cabin, or a Low Quality timber frame shed, in the guise of a high quality Garden Office, all seem to offer the public extortionate prices for their wares.

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I get so angry, when I surf these websites, and see prices that seriously should be reported to trading standards.


This week I have seen on the internet a company offering a 6m x 5m low quality, poorly insulated, garden timber frame building, for a staggering £76.000, WTF???? In that price was fitted a Bar, 3 bar stools, and a flat screen TV and not forgetting a toilet…. WOW…..


Not all manufacturers are this greedy or this contemptuous, and do offer fantastic deals, but there are sketchy back street shed-timber frame companies out there that are, and these cowboys should be avoided at all costs.

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It is really worth “YOU” looking around the web and comparing prices, but!!! it is really important to compare specifications. The specification, the build quality is really, very important, and this is where your attention should be focused at all time.

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Some tips to look out for if you are thinking of purchasing a timber frame garden office.

Is the building pre manufactured in a factory, or are they going to build it in your garden?

Is the timber KD C24 CE FSC certified?

Is the building fully insulated?

Is the building manufactured to any kind of certification?

Is the company offering CE certified, Trada Certified, Windows and Doors?

Are the Windows and Doors cheap UVPC?

Has the company owner been bankrupt in the last 3 years?

Has the company bad reviews on the internet?

Is the company a professional house manufacture?

Do they have a long track record?

Can you speak to their previous customers?



If any shed, timber frame, pallet,  company are out there reading this blog….. Time to stop trying to rip off the public, or better still upping your specification and lowering your prices.


If you are looking for a timber frame building, built by professionals then please give us a call.

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