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Log Cabins Dutch Barn LV

dutch barn log cabins

log cabins lv

The reason why we are the number one in the industry for designing quality garden buildings maybe because we are just amazingly good at it!

Today we are offering our thoughts on a Dutch Barn Office/sleep over/Chill Out Pad Design.

All things come from the initial thought, (the spark-idea- ) and then putting that design on paper, or in our case a three D image, we then put all our hard work to our internal architects; this is where the structure is tested and structural elements added, so we make sure the building is fit for purpose, It’s quite easy to do this as we have more history designing cabins and bringing new and exciting designs to market than ANYONE!

Designing log cabins for more than 15 years can and does sometimes make designing daily a challenge, as most of you know we have the largest selection of log cabins and timber buildings possibly on the web! But! that does not stop us offering more and designing more!

I know a Dutch Barn Roof design is not everyone’s taste, but I find the design concept of the roof rather aesthetic internally.

The Superstores who sell log cabins offer designs that are so 2001, and as we all know all superstore log cabins are cheap and nasty! Buy cheap buy twice.

If you are looking for a bespoke design cabin, or a timber frame residential building, or maybe a Glulam Log Cabin classroom, or you would like to visit our passive park home, then logcabinslv can offer the highest of quality, at very competitive pricing. Please speak to the professionals.



Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Log Cabins LV

Seriously…No one makes better!!! LV the only choice…

Log Cabins

Log Cabins

I know that if you are reading this you have been surfing the Internet, trying to find the best company, out there that is offering the best cabins for the best price, and it’s a minefield.
The first thing to remember is that this industry is not regulated, so you really are in a muddy field up to your knees in bog as soon as you start.

You will see different kinds of selling terminologies, like preshrunk logs, amazing quality, unbeatable pricing, best selling suppliers, well trained teams, CE approved windows and doors, and the list is endless, but all in all we are all selling the same thing, or are we?

We are the only company in this industry offering residential trada certified windows and doors as standard in our deluxe range.

Log Cabins

Amazing log cabins from lv

So lets look at this industry and what we have done to change it profoundly.

Firstly I must apologies for helping so many (idiots) get a foothold into this industry, sadly dealers come and go, most don’t pay their tax bills and run off, others sell for a while and move on to selling plastic grass, others are bored working selling packing material and want to stop earning a minimum salary,  sadly most we have had to sack, and others left because they did not want to be regulated and told not to lie! We will not have anyone lying to a customer.
So you can be assured that our dealers, partners are the best now in the industry.

Moreover, once most back street dealers start to earn a better wage, they become obnoxious and as we always say, familiarity breeds contempt. And this kind of person we get rid of immediately. Log Cabins LV stands for honest, quality, and fairness.

log cabins lv

log cabins lv

We now have a very strict rule with new dealers, and we will not be offering our art work, help, content, manufacturing ,brand to any more companies that are a one man band with no experience with cabins or the public.

So how have we changed this industry.
Firstly, we have designed so many different buildings- log cabins, so many, and most of our designs have been copied. Sadly though the copies have not been what we would say good copies. that’s why our clock house is still the best in the business, and as the first company to ever design and bring to manufacture twin skin log cabins, we would still say we are number one at all twin skin designs and manufacturing.

There is one leading company out there that everyone slags off, however they have always moved forward on their own, brought out their own new designs, and have never copied one of our buildings.
We did actually supply and help this company when they first came into the market back in 2001, but they then decided to open their own manufacturing plant in Estonia and have now possibly 70% of market share in the UK. Good luck to them….

quality log cabins

quality windows from log cabins lv

Our log cabins have paved the way for better, and better, year in and year out!

We are now bringing on new dealers in Swansea, Cumbria, and Edinburgh, all of our new dealers have experience in Log Cabins, Timber Buildings and are in the timber industry.

If you have a question on who is who, who sells our buildings and who proclaims to sell our buildings please ask us!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Under 2.5m Log Cabins 2016


Log Cabins LV as always designs amazing log cabins that have turned a dull back garden into an amazing fun filled space, our Clock House was the first of the iconic buildings, then we designed the twin skin system which turned a cold single skin cabin into a warm, cozy workspace environment.


Our DF Range, which is without doubt the best range under 2.5m high cabins in the business, we then designed the New Ki Range, again an amazing curved roof range, completely unique to LV and only LV dealers.


We have gone back to the drawing board and really tried our best to come up with a cabin range that allows maximum head clearance, as sadly the government ruling on 2.5m height really does make most cabins which are on the market look squat and dark internally.


Therefore, we have designed New for 2016 our Dutch Barn Roof Range of Log Cabins, which are head height friendly.


Our New Head Height Friendly Dutch Barn Log Cabin Range are not just the best quality under 2.5m height log cabins on the market, you can be assured these are designed and manufactured by the most skilled and experienced tradesmen in the industry!


Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Log Cabins LV 16 years of Design-Quality and Dedication


log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Why is it that when we design a shape, or a size, or a feel, which is unique to us, everyone wants to copy it. Some idiot said the other day a cabin is just a cabin, and this kind of comment tells me that there are some in the industry that only see profit in this industry and not the beauty in design, or the integrity and skill of craftsmanship that goes in to manufacturing, designing a structure that actually works!


We have designed thousands and thousands of log cabins, and we have thought about each and everyone.


Take for instance our DF Range of deluxe log cabins; each log cabin was thought about, shape, design, amount of logs, position of windows, purlin thickness etc.

These are without doubt the best log cabins in the industry that is an absolute fact.


Our Deluxe Cabin range is the only standard range in the UK, which actually come with certified windows and doors.



We looked at trends and also at customer’s needs, desires, wants over the last 16 years, taking into account current laws, looking at shape and size of each and every window in each and every wall, and truly making sure they flow and feel balanced. I personally hate doors that do not match windows.


When you see a cabin and the entrance door, window, is higher than the surrounding windows placed in the walls, I hate this, I really do, we have a few cabins even in our massive ranges that have this oddity, not my personal favorite, I like balance.


All this takes time, and Log Cabins LV has the foresight and wisdom, plus the skill to design a building that actually make sense, also not forgetting which is fit for purpose, and we pride ourselves on also offering, designed, quality manufactured aesthetically beautiful log cabins which are affordable.


However, when designing a log cabin, there is one thing you must always take into account, and that is the raw material usage.


Unlike the bulk manufacturers who scrimp and scrape, use as little timber as possible in their log cabins, as profit is the key word, not quality, we are quite different to this.


We do look at lumber usage but in a different way, we design our buildings be them timber frame or log, so we really use everything, every part of our log usage, as throwing away or burning waste is waste, and we are extremely eco conscious.

Russian Gost sizes, 16/22mm, 25/44mm, 50-100mm


As we all know Russian timber being the best of the best. So odd sizes in cabins means its local timber, which normally means quick grown rubbish, remember profit comes to most men’s heart before quality.


Therefore, log cabins, which are, say manufactured from 58mm-68mm 98mm or some other weird size means local fast grown timber. Keep away, fast grown, summer cut logs, equals lots of splits and a lot of shrinking.


Also here is a great tip, if the bottom of a door of any log cabins you are thinking or buying is made up of very thin T&G boards, smaller than say 90mm in width, keep clear.



WARNING……There are people who claim to be LV dealers, but actually are not, please ask us before purchasing any cabin who is who, best be safe, rather than being deeply sorry later when you have a rubbish copy of a LV building littering your garden!


When you go through our website, looking for a log cabin or your choice, we would please like you to remember this, it has taken us 15 years to get all this material together, and many thousands of hours yearly and most times 7 days a week to get LV to being the leader of design and quality. There are those out there that have been in the industry a short period of time and like to pretend they know all and offer all, we are the only company that actually can offer a passive house or a 1m x 2m interlocking shed, a hand made Norwegian log cabin or a Camping Pod.


Log Cabins LV..the beginning was started with us wanting better than a shed made from pallet timber in your garden!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Log Cabins LV the Best in Log Cabins-Timber Buildings in the UK

log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Log Cabins LV does supply the best timber buildings- log cabins in the market, that is fact, and our accomplished dealers, who work hard, and have incredible fitters manage to demonstrate this time and time again.

Without bragging, we have been in this industry longer than anyone in the UK, we have designed so many iconic and amazing garden buildings to be honest I have lost count.

We are now looking at designing New And Amazing Park Homes, which is why we worked hard over the last 2 years, and designed and built the very first Passive Park Home in the UK, which is on display in Poole Dorset.

Log Cabins LV is as always moving forward and never looking back!

That is why our designs are copied by all, as we are the true designers and fabricators of the future of garden buildings designs, and now we have decided to offer our design skills to the holiday and park home industry.


When purchasing a log cabin, you need to take a lot into account, firstly, check out to see how long the company has been around, see if they are from a timber building background, most don’t and most are only in the business to earn.


If you look at most resellers in the UK, they actually offer nothing, just resell a cheap nasty copy of a LV design, or something similar, and take a huge profit and then next. That equates to about 99.9% of all the dealers.


LV dealers, like Mark here and his exspericanced fitters from put their heart and souls into creating  something amazing, and leaving the customer with a work of art, not some basic cabin with a felt roof which has earnt them hundreds for doing nothing.

Thats one thing I hate more than anything about greedy dealers, they build-erect quickly, make a mess and blame everyone else for their incompetence.

If you truly are looking for a Brand that means quality, integrity, price and design then Log Cabins LV is the brand to choose when you are considering purchasing a log cabin!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Eco Perch Timber Frame Camping Units 2016

Camping pods 2016

Camping pods 2016- eco perch

Over the past few months, we have had many people asking us for timber frame buildings, and especially our curved shaped buildings.


So tonight, I thought I would give you a blast from the past and have a look at the eco perch camping unit we manufactured a while ago.


I would firstly like to say the guys that put their heart and soul into manufacturing and constructing this building were amazing, as even I was completely taken back with their carpentry skills and the quality of the finished product.

Sadly the company that bought this amazing structure from us did not listen in regard to the direction of the external Siberian Larch Cladding, I still say it should have been vertical. I hate join marks.


The Pod was one of the most challenging Timber frame buildings we have undertaken built to date, as the amount of measuring 4 times and cutting once meant this building took almost 3 months, plus steaming the external boarding, curving it, and making sure this building was perfect and exact.


As you can see its amazing, and that’s why we are always called upon to manufacture this kind of product.

All the timber is C24 KD CE certified, windows and doors and certified CE trada Graded, and the quality of the build is second to none!

camping pods

camping pods- glamping pods- glamping

eco perch log cabins lv 111112 eco perch log cabins lv 111113 eco perch log cabins lv 111114 eco perch log cabins lv 111115 eco perch log cabins lv 111116 eco perch log cabins lv 111117 eco perch log cabins lv 111118 eco perch log cabins lv 111119 eco perch log cabins lv 111120 eco perch log cabins lv 111121 eco perch log cabins lv 111122 eco perch log cabins lv 111123 eco perch log cabins lv 111124 eco perch log cabins lv 111125 eco perch log cabins lv 111126 eco perch log cabins lv 111127 eco perch log cabins lv 111128 eco perch log cabins lv 111129 eco perch log cabins lv 111130 eco perch log cabins lv 111131 eco perch log cabins lv 111132 eco perch log cabins lv 111133 eco perch log cabins lv 111134 eco perch log cabins lv 111135 eco perch log cabins lv 111136 eco perch log cabins lv 111138 eco perch log cabins lv 111139


If you want a quality building, manufactured by the best, and at a cost that really makes sense, then please give us a call.


Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Dutch Barn Roof Log Cabins 2016

Quality Dutch barn Roof Log Cabins LV

Dutch Barn Log Cabins

Over the years Log Cabins LV has designed some pretty awesome garden buildings, some would say that our Clock House Log Cabin design, others would say it was our Twin Skin Log Cabins, others was our Quality Camping pods, and of course not forgetting our amazing Timber Frame Passive Park Homes that are not just ground breaking, they are also going to put the money back into their pockets come time they need to go into full time care!

Getting back to our designs, our New Deluxe Dutch Barn Log Cabins are very aesthetic to look at and this new range is manufactured as always to a very high LV standard.

The build quality is as always in our new Deluxe Range exceptional, with residential windows and doors, sprayed in 10 different colours, please speak to our dealers for more information regarding this.

The cut of the timber, the manufacturing process and care at which we build each and every cabin is given makes us the leading brand.

Log Cabins LV works tirelessly each and every day to bring better, and new to the garden market.

If you are in doubt about which dealer to speak to, please give us a call today!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Dealers-Log Cabins LV

Hi Folks, OK…. today we are going to list companies we no longer supply or trade with for one reason or another.
As always though here at Log Cabins LV we wish them luck in their further endeavors.
Sadly, most need to be sent a lawyers letter, costing us all time and money to remove our registered brand, trademark and our unique designs from their websites.
The companies that do remove our branded trademarked content are law abiding, the ones that don’t well we will let you make your own minds up about their integrity and honesty.


We are now in process of taking all these companies to court for failure to remove our Registered Trade Mark also our content and unique designs.

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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As Always there are those out there that want to deceive people and sadly this industry has its fair share of them. is proclaiming to sell our cabin ranges. And also trying to tie themselves in with Eurodita.


We would like to make the public aware that this company has nothing to do with us, we do not know this company or supply this company with our cabins, we are not in contact with this company and we do not know of this company and we have been in this industry more than 15 years.

We would always advice customers to be careful who to trade with, and if in doubt please call the Lithuanian Tax Department ( ) for help on issues where monies sent over seas. If you would like help on any matter please give us a call.


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