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Residential Log and Timber Frame Buildings


Residential Log Cabins and Timber Frame

If you are looking for a Log Cabin, a cabin to live in, or just quality residential log cabin, then please have a look through our massive range of cabins and timber frame buildings.


The other day we had a phone call from a woman in the UK she was looking for a Residential Park home to actually go in here grounds.


She called one of our LV representatives in the UK and started to ask hundreds of questions, and these questions were all about planning, which our dealer answered honestly, it was then our dealers turn to ask a few questions, so the first was, what’s was her budget, with this, she exploded and said how dare he ask?


When the dealer told me of this, he was concerned he had upset a customer, and I said, actually I saw no harm, as how can we judge what she can afford. What build type, what degree of quality if we do not know the budget!


Sadly, there are too many con men in this industry and because of this, the public are nervous, and rightly so!


I will give a for instance.

There is a cabin company that has just come onto the scene in the UK, their web sites tells people that they can purchase a 4 bed Residential Log Cabin for under £30.000, ( it’s not possible to get a 2 bed residential building for £30.000) and to our horror, there are so many old and vulnerable people actually believing this crap! (Seriously)


So when we get calls and people ask us for a residential building which means it has full building regulations, full structural calculations, triple certified glazed windows and doors, and they are told £70.000 plus for a 4 bedroom, they start to shout foul!

Seriously, I get so angry at gullible people! When could you buy a house, which is classified as Residential, for £30.000, yeah mid 1980’s, and it was not up too much in  insulated properties, or quality of build.


However, the foul was them being told £30.000 in the beginning for a 44mm supposedly (Residential Log Cabin). Which in reality is worth about 7.000 Euros, the windows and doors that are not certified and the cabin comes to no building regulation standard at all!


If you really want the truth, and really want advice on purchasing a quality, log cabin or timber frame building, then please give us a call.

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Garden Corner Log Cabins 44mm


Garden Corner Log Cabins

Garden Corner Log Cabins

Garden Corner Log Cabins

Log Cabins LV Corner Garden Log Cabins are amazing if you are looking to save space in your garden, however most of the 45-degree garden corner log cabins are not waterproof, and are not fit for purpose and because of this known fact in the industry we decided to not manufacture a cheap water leaking version.Garden Corner Log Cabins 2

This is why we invented and patented a quality corner metal fixing to make sure all our corner cabins are 100% waterproof, and fit for purpose!

If you are looking for a mass produced cheap nasty corner garden log cabin, then this is not the cabin for you, as its not mass produced, its not cheap, and as you can see it’s far from nasty!

Our 44mm corner log cabins come with double glazed tilt and turn windows, these are not our deluxe windows, or sprayed, however they are amazing quality and as you can see in the photo look amazing.Garden Corner Log Cabins 1

If you are looking for a quality log cabin which is built to last, then please consider giving us a call…


Thanks to James for the photos.

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44mm x 44mm Twin Skin Log Cabins





Are you looking for a quality insulated residential log cabin?

Have you visited many websites where the sales staff know absolutely nothing, but try and get you to purchase a 44mm x 44mm twinskin, and they insist it’s of residential quality and that you can’t get better, and that their prices are absolutely amazing! Well, if you have met these people and they try and sell you this, get them to write you and email, get them to put residential on the quotation they send you by email, and then send it to trading standards.

residential twin skin log cabins

quality twin skin log cabins

We were the first company ever to manufacture, and sell the twin skin log cabin system into the market, we know more about twin skin designs and what they can do and can’t, than anyone in the market! And we have never tried to palm off a 44mm x 44mm as a quality residential building.

(As these companies are scamming you 100% ).

A 44mm x 44mm is not residential quality! And…..Can never be  a Residential ..

44mm x 44mm log cabinsWell, as always in our blogs, we are today going to talk about a few companies in the UK, actually one, that have a whole selection of residential buildings in 44mm x 44m which they call Residential.

Now sadly, the boys from the Baltic’s sometimes get their English words mixed up, and because of this we have to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their literature, and how they explain themselves, and how they call their garden log cabins. As a 44mm x 44mm is truly a quality insulated GARDEN CABIN. It is not a residential , never has been never will be!

There is always a con to be had, and sadly the foreign companies that have started to come into our market place, see that there actually is no regulation, which means policing, which then makes them think that they can say anything they want, and you the British public will listen to it, and believe it, and sadly 70% of you know, know different.

So today, I am going to help our Baltic brothers and sisters out, and give them a lesson in English.

The Word Residential means, a place where someone can live.

It also means that a full time dwelling, must have all certification behind it, to be worthy of the definition Residential.

Which means a building must go thorough inspections, and each and every part of the Residential Structure means meeting the UK building regulations.

So when I see a Company that is in all intense and purposes trying to sell to the UK public a TwinSkin Log Cabin in 44mm x 44mm and they use the work Residential in the selling title, knowing full well that a 44mm x 44mm is not residential quality, it makes my blood boil, as it’s a con, and needs to be reported.


The images below are all 80mm x 80mm glulam logs, pinned and pegged, with full insulation between all the logs, and dovetailed, this kind of twin skin set up will pass building regulations.

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins

So we have done a few images to show you a 44mm x 44mm twinskin log walls, and the difference between that, and a 80mm x 80mm laminated engineered log.

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins 02In addition, the construction of the roof in a residential cabin is of high importance, plus the windows and doors must be certified for fire and theft.

There are many of you out there that purchase solely because of price, this will come back and bite you on the ass, as when you go to resell it, or the local council send a survey down to check your building, 99.9% of the time they condemn it! and tell you to take it down. A 44mm x 44mm Twin Skin cabin will not even conform to the New 2016 BS3632 caravan act. So, be aware…By cheap buy twice…

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins 03If you really want sound advice, for a company that even builds schools in twin skin logs (which must also conform to Ofsted) and if any of you out there know about Ofsted, they make you jump through hoops with a pig on your back, backwards.

If in doubt, and want the truth, give us a call. Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins -64-1


To those that are avid readers of my blog, please excuse my absence; I am sure you are all aware we are now at busy time, and putting paper to pen, or one finger typing and committing myself to thinking of something new to chat about is quite hard sometimes.

A few people have asked me why I slag the mass manufacturers off so much, as they are needed to satisfy the hordes that want a cheap log cabin to put up in the garden just to store away the garden furniture or the BBQ, or the trampoline after summer has gone.

Well my answer to that is, it’s a waste of timber, it’s a waste of money, and it’s covering up what could be a nice part of the lawn, plus who wants a cheap cabin for all the neighbors, friends to see when they come visiting or peering over the fence!

Log Cabins have been in the UK gardens now for almost 15 years, and in this time, we as a company have tried desperately to up the game, and manufacture a quality cabin at a good price.

There are amazing companies from Poland –Europe- Baltic’s, Scandinavia that manufacture superb quality log cabins, but the prices are sadly incredibly high.

And as everything is price driven, these amazing log cabins hardly ever see their way into a normal family garden.

So we are left with the bulk mass manufactured crap!

What we did was design a cabin range, the Deluxe Range, and offer everything we could, superb timber, superb manufacturing, superb windows and doors, topped of with a superb price.

We are now finding this range is blasting ahead, we had a few minor issues, one of which is that the doors in particular are manufactured to a very high standard, and I mean a high standard, but we had a complaint they were not aesthetic enough. We took this on board and have added some more trim, plus we have had to retrain our fitters, as most fitter run from job to job, and when in doubt nail the problem away, we have stopped this, and have shown our new fitting groups how to build a quality cabin, taking their time, and leaving the cabin erected and fit for purpose, and of course looking superb.

If you want to purchase a quality log cabin, and you are fed up with going to one supposedly log cabin super store after another selling the same as the last, and the same as the next one, then please speak to us, we have the largest range of log cabins in the world, we are able to bespoke and really offer a quality log cabin that does not cost the earth.


The photo attached is of one of our Deluxe Range log Cabins, the customer was so impressed with the quality of his cabin, he asked our guys if they would completely remodel his garden around it, ((about time))..

The cabin will last only as long as the windows and doors, these are their achilles heal, we have designed, manufactured, and offer certified residential type windows and doors in our New Deluxe Range of Cabins.

amazing log cabins

quality log cabins

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Deluxe Log Cabins


deluxe log cabins 2016 59


( Thanks John for the Photos)

Seriously where are you going to find any log cabins which is fitted out as standard with windows and doors such as these.

I can answer that for you, ((No Where!))

Quality log cabins in the UK are as rare as Rocking Horse Pooh, and 99.9% who say that their cabins are the best value in the market, etc, are deluded.

LV has been designing log cabins and offering them to the public longer than anyone at present in the UK, we have seen so many companies come and go, and most of the time, the customers are the ones that suffer.

We have also over the years sacked our own dealers for either over charging, or just no offering the customers a quality service.

Sadly this industry has zero in the way of governance, and as a self regulating claims of quality are never actually confirmed, so we thought last year to design a range that is not just good, we would manufacture the best, of the best, Garden Cabins and offer them at sensible pricing!!

We hold the gauntlet out to any manufacture in the business to offer the same as us, to the same quality , with certified windows and doors, sprayed, and all the add on’s we offer at our pricing level, and we know they can’t and won’t!

If you are looking for a superb quality log cabin, please send us an email, or give us a call…

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential log cabins UK

If you are looking for a quality residential log cabin, or timber frame residential log cabin, then please contact us today.

All our timber buildings are manufactured to full building regulations, and are all fitted with certified windows and doors, residential quality, and sprayed to your choice of colour.

We are able to offer a full turn key solution.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, which is fitted with the best quality of windows and doors in the industry then please fill out the contact form and we will help you find the nearest dealer to you.

Thank you very much for reading our blog!!!

Deluxe Log Cabin from Log Cabins LV

Deluxe Log Cabins from Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Garden Log Cabins


garden log cabins

garden log cabins


I have always claimed that our New Range Of Deluxe Log Cabins are the best in the industry, here are a few photos of a Deluxe Log Cabins that has been kitted out by James of Log Cabins IM and show cases his ability and his build teams ability to erect and fit out a quality log cabin with ease.

Garden Deluxe Log Cabins 4

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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