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In today’s world of Eco-Renewable drumming by all governments across the EU to increase taxes on mr joe public, for planetary welfare, and our problem of mass house shortages, it is hard to believe that governments around Europe have not looked at manufacturing Glulam (laminated) log houses to relieve the house shortages which have been brought on to us by mass immigration and the selling off of government stocks, and not forgetting a birthrate that is quite simply horrifying.



Why is it that most governments say that they sponsor and are fully behind the eco vibe when they give hundreds of millions in tax relief to companies that build not just awful, but unsightly brick and block first time buyers homes, that are poorly insulated and have an absolutely bulk mass produced superstore feel to them, that most first time buyers shy away from because aesthetics have fallen to the way side, and profit is put into first place.


We have heading to the Lake District (Cambria) some fantastic Engineered Glulam Log Lodges, that are not just up to full building regulations, they exceed them, yet the price for this kind of structure absolutely kills brick and block house prices dead!

Plus the aesthetics of this kind of structure truly does put brick buildings to shame,

plus the insulation value of this kind of build is so way ahead of conventional builds.


If you are first time buyers, have some land, planning permission, and you are on a tight budget, then a glulam construction could be what you are looking for.


An Engineered Glulam Laminated House is a super strong construction which will not just last the test of time, but will inspire you and all others to rethink what a eco home of the future can be.


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