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Family Log Cabin Accommodation.

Sometimes your house is just not big enough, and you need extra space, then you either think, dreaded BS 3632 Caravan, ( the most expensive garbage sadly our country has ever invented) or a Quick Grown Pine Baltic Cabin from some company that sells crap at low prices and calls them residential which are manufactured from fast grown baltic pine, or you think, quality, and sustainability and you think Not so cheap but quality and quality that will last, and prices that will astound you.

Its easy to make a quality log cabin, you just need the right ingredients, and the right machinery, the right lumber and the right management that like us wants to manufacture the best of the best, and keep pricing low, unlike sadly 99.9% of cabin companies in the Baltics/ UK that can charge as much as 5000 to 10.000 more for a cabin than us, pure greed and now rather stupid. Brexit means, European Cabins will cost more and more, and from us, well, less and less.

Quality log cabins and timber buildings ar low low prices. Please contact us if you want to find out more.
Passive Timber Frame LV design Houses.

If you are looking for a quality passive timber frame solution we have it, as we have a full CNC line and also a full bespoke service that is able to offer not just quality log cabins for sale in the UK, but also timber frame buildings, that are much needed for the housing market at the moment at a fraction of the costs that are being banneded about by most manufacturers in the UK, 1000 pounds per sq meter for a A++ house is F—-ing disgusting and stupidly overpriced .. actually Greedy. Like most UK companies that import from abroad, who actually know nothing about the product, just sell it on and hope for the best, we at LV know our product, and lets not forget, the timber that the UK companies use to be able to purchase now can’t, which means home grown, quick gown timber will be used in timber frames in the UK, LV use only graded Russian, tight Grain C24 , which means quality from the inside out, do not forget LV manufacture it, and design it, and truly believe in it. If your looking for quality, then speak to us…

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Granny Flats for the Garden

granny flats- granny flats for the garden

There are so many companies selling granny flats for the garden now its gone quite silly.

Yet, 99.9% of them are not fit for purpose.

Over the next few weeks we are going to offer the public a new range of highly insulated granny flats for the garden.

There are so many companies that offer granny flats from logs be them twin skin or single skin, also there are a lot of companies now offer granny flats made from Sip Panel construction, which is an American product which is a very cheap and cheerful way to build quite flimsy houses.

Plus the word SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panel, how a panel joined together with glue of screws, made from OSB board stuck to polystyrene, is structural, is beyond me.

OK.. Getting back to what you should be looking for is a timber frame highly insulated fully compliant granny flat, and than when is not needed, can be dismantled and either sold or taken to the next location and be rebuilt.

Granny Flats for the garden 2016 809Sadly log cabins are not the best of buildings to take down after 5 years, in fact is near on impossible, plus getting them through any kind of building control is near on impossible also.

So what do we offer with our new range of granny flats.

Firstly, all our granny flats will easily pass building regs, and structural calcs.

Secondly we can manufacture the building so you are able to take it down after you have finished using it, as the second hand market for this kind of building will become quite a large one due to the government’s new tax on granny flats over £40.000.

Granny Flats for the garden 2016 810Our aim is to relocate your building to another customer, or for us to offer a dismantling service and then reassembling it at another location for you.

Our timber frame specification we have found does not just comply with full building regulations, it kicks that into touch!

We offer quality of build, assembly, and price; we also offer a 20 year guarantee on the structure and 5 years on windows and doors.

Granny Flats for the garden 2016 811All our buildings (framework) are manufactured from KD C24 CLS CE certified, our outside vertical cladding is Northern Siberian Larch. Please do not forget, these are not just amazing little spaces for mum or dad, both to live in, these are amazingly insulated, warm, friendly and refreshingly well priced small houses.

Granny Flats for the garden 2016 812It’s disturbing how many people buy a twin skin log cabin for their parents to live in, it really is!

I get calls daily and people ask me what is the cheapest way of getting a granny flat, some people, some times the public shock me but this has happened numerous times, is if a 34mm log is ok for someone to live in, sometimes I just want to call social services and warn them that some old man s going to end up with a camp bed in a shed!


And what more upsetting is that mum and dad have sold their house and the kids do not want to buy a good granny flat, they want to buy the cheapest so they pocket the difference.. What has happened to people decency, honesty, and family spirit?

Seriously. when you are this side of the phone listening to what people say, mums sold her house, she got 280.000 for it, and we are looking to spend 11.000 on a room for her! (with everything)… is that possible? Sometimes I just want to laugh!


Granny Flats for the garden 2016 813I love designing granny flats, I really do, as to most people, this is where they finish their days in comfort, and I think it is important that we make them as comfortable as possible.

Also its highly important that the building is completely insulated, highly insulated, as heating is an issue for the elderly and keeping costs down is imperative, our timber frame buildings will keep the money firmly in your wallet, as we are offering triple glazing with all our granny flats as standard.

All our windows and doors are hand made, from glulam joinery timber also they will be sprayed to your choice of colour and all are certified by BM Trada and also have a CE certification.

If you are truly looking for a fantastic Granny flat with all the bells and whistles, and come with a full turn key solution,then please send us an email, or give us a call today!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins VS Timber Frame

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Timber Frame Cabins VS Log Cabins, what are the pros and cons.

So many people ask us what is the difference between timber frames and Log Cabins, and which build type is best for a garden granny flat to name one structure we are asked about very frequently.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   809

The answer to this is quite simple, one is quite easy to put through building control and the other is not!

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   810

If you are looking for a granny flat in your back garden, most of the time price is the arguing factor, so most people look for log cabins, and then try their best at insulating them and turning them into some kind of residential unit, when sadly they are not even close to getting them to residential specification,.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   811

This is really a no, no, as most log cabins sold to the public are designed for garden use, which means that the windows and doors are not residential quality, also the thermal value of a log cabin be it a single skin 70mm or a 90mm is not suitable for a cabin to live in full time.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   813

Also trying to insulate this kind of single skin solid timber structure is quite difficult.

Actually, it’s near on impossible to do correctly as the timber walls, roof etc moves too much!

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   814

Twinskin log cabins made from solid timber, are also not a great idea to turn into a residential dwelling, in fact we tell all our dealers, or customers who enquire about twinskins that a solid 44mm x 44mm is not a residential unit, neither is a 70mm x 70mm.


The only kind of twin skin log cabin that we would put a thumbs up would be a glulam twinskin log cabin 80mm x 80mm and then only if inner wall is dove tailed to the outer wall, keeping cold bridging down to a minimum.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   815

Glulam Twin Skins are not what we would call a cheap solution, aesthetically they are beautiful, they are incredibly robust and sturdy, and they will last for almost ever.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   816

However, twinskin log cabins require quite a bit of work to get them to a full building regs and to get the certification of a residential full time dwelling.


Now timber frame buildings are on the other hand a piece of cake to get through planning.

Also unlike a brick house, they are easy to highly insulate and I mean highly insulate and make them low energy, low impact, housing.

I love timber frame buildings, as they are the future and they will become increasingly more sought after and common in the years to come.


Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   817

If your have land, or a large garden, and you want to build a granny flat for less than 40.000 pounds, then a granny flat, flat pack unit in timber frame construction is the way to go, forget about putting your mother in a hodge podge building, give your mum-dad a building they will feel comfortable in.

A building that is fit for purpose and a building you could actually resell!

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   818

Yes I am sure some of you saw that resale word, well! Unlike logs or brick, and even sip panels, Timber frame is an easy one to take apart.

It can be manufactured from the off set to be taken apart.

And this means this new government tax on granny flats, just flew out the window.

Rather than knock them down, just take them apart, flat pack it, and sell it on!

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   819

I love our government; they are always trying to find a way of making dying a more miserable experience for those left behind.


OK..I must not get all political, I am told off enough at saying the country is full up, it is though!


Granny flats and timber frame go hand in hand. Now this is why Log Cabins LV are the company to choose to purchase your granny flat from.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   820

We source the very best of the best timber, which you would never see in the UK, it would never be allowed to leave the Baltic’s, and the reason is, yes,,, you are going to be surprised at this…. we want the best first, and the rubbish can be sold to others. You see here in the Baltic’s, our forester’s look after the local companies, we do not sell our timber to the highest buyer; we make sure the local businesses get the first pick.

This is called looking after your economy; OK I will not talk about steel! This is also called making sure home produced products are better than anyone else. which of course means we get the edge in the market.

Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   821Also this is the draw dropper, our prices are half that of the UK if you go by specifications. As C24 KD CE timber is only used in our timber frame, also we only fit our timber frame with Certified residential triple glazed windows and doors.

Not forgetting also our hand made certified windows and doors on all our buildings are BM Trada certified CE certified and come with triple glazed units as standard.

Moreover, timber frame  is as cheap as Glulam-Laminated twin skins per sq meter.


Log Cabins VS Timber Frame 2016   822

Our timber frame buildings come fully finished, they can be erected as quick as a log cabin, and they are so eco friendly, greenpeace members will give your house a hug daily!

I do not jest about the green credentials these building have they are so good for the environment, as all the timber is CE certified, forget about the profit making FSC culture, you need CE timber that comes from managed government forests, I hate any company that wants to add money to timber for profit! Only governments replant, not businesses.


As I live in a massive forest, and venture into them daily, take my word on that!


So if you are looking for a quality, low priced, eco alternative to a brick and block, or a log cabin granny flat, or maybe you have a bespoke design you would like us to look at, or you are interested in a house, or even garden office, then please give us a call and let us show you why Log Cabins LV is a great choice.


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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