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Bespoke Log Cabins from LogcabinsLV

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Before we start this blog I would like to comment on Our new Design. This is not a Bulk Cabin Superstore Building, This kind of design comes only from a serious design house and manufacturing department of logcabinslv.


Log Cabins LV are known for looking at different ways in which to design-manufacture-price and bring to market high quality log cabins, super insulated residential buildings and of course our famous Deluxe Gluam and bespoke Log Cabins, we are not a bulk cabin superstore.

Log Cabins LV are far more exclusive, and normally only the well-researched customer who is looking for the ultimate Log Cabin- Timber Building, a customer who does comparisons and really looks at what he is offered, looks at the whole picture, and not just at pretty pictures and low pricing.


Our amazing log cabin ranges are the best and most unique ever designed, and our manufacturing department are without doubt the best to be found in the log cabin/timber frame / Glulam industry. Log Cabins LV also picks its partners/dealers carefully, we look for family run businesses, also we look for now only timber building elated companies to sell our products, also we are always looking from the customer’s point of view first!


LogcabinsLV never allows shoddy workmanship or over pricing. This is one reason we have been trading longer than anyone in the UK-Ireland- Scotland.


LV designs the future and we design it with passion but also we design it with quality and price, but more than that, we design our cabins to stand out, and to last the test of time, we actually care about the longevity of our cabins.


It is amazing how so many people will buy a mass produced log cabin, the difference in price of purchasing a quality log cabin to a nasty bulk log cabin is miniscule, yet the extra pounds stop people thinking about what they are letting themselves in for.


Lets look at the bulk cabins and what you get.

OK! let’s say you’re speaking to a dealer who offers you a 70mm log cabin, and he tells you that it’s great, amazing, and they will do you an amazing deal. As soon as they say it is a great deal, your alarm bells should start ringing. As Deals, steals and a deposit please is the happy tune of the sales man.


If you go to an architect and you express your wishes to have a room for your garden drawn up, we all know that it could take from 4 to 8 weeks for the first set of cad drawing to hit your email.


We all know architects charge quite a considerable amount to do this, and the reason for this is their expertise level. In addition, they will also give you structural calculations etc.


Now many of you out there do not want to pay for a building that meets full building regulation, you are only looking for that room in the garden under 30 sq m in size and under 2.5m high, which is a great way of getting away from building regulations and all the expenses.

But where many people fall foul is that you still want a bespoke cabin, timber frame, or glulam log cabin, or even a standard building, you need to make sure its up to the job, and sadly most cheap, mass produced superstore log cabins, or timber frame buildings are not.


And! This is where the bulk manufactures fall flat on their faces, because of the speed in which they offer bespoke log cabin plans, they are very quick at drawing you up something and taking a deposit. 24 hrs is not enough time to really study a bespoke building regardless size or shape.


We take between two and four days drawing up plans for bespoke buildings, we have a highly skilled dedicated team that understands buildings, log cabins, timber frame and we will find fault if a fault is to be found. We do not rush, as we have learnt over many years that rushing plans means problems.


If you are looking for a quality bespoke log cabin, or a fully insulated timber frame building please give us a call.

Log Cabins LV the number one in doing it right!

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