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Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins LV

With more than 3000 people a day surfing through our website , we have had to take action, so we are very happy to announce that we have now upgraded our server! Log Cabins LV website is now quicker and more responsive to page requests. You can now enjoy faster browsing to find the building that suits your needs.

For more information please call us or send us an email.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Timber Frame Gallery by Log Cabins LV

Timber Frame Gallery by Log Cabins LV

Timber Frame Gallery by Log Cabins LV

Are you looking for a manufacturer that really understands timber frame construction?

Are you looking for a credible house builder that truly understand quality of build?

Are you looking for a Passive House that will be manufactured by professionals?

At log cabins LV we can offer you quality, amazing designs and fantastic pricing.

We are able to offer help in planning, on site management, delivery, and assembly.

We are also able to offer all electric installation, plumbing and internal work., all work carried out is by certified tradesman.

Log Cabins LV in partnership with Iformbuildings the one stop shop!

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Summer Cottages

logcabins- summer cottages

Summer Cottage -log cabins

Through out Finland there are a staggering 152.000 lakes, around these pristine lakes are situated many thousands of sauna summer cottages.

Sauna in Finland is seen as the ideal way of rejuvenating the skin, getting rid of toxins and relaxing after a hard days work. Baths are not a common place in Finnish houses or apartments.

Therefore, when the Fin’s travel to their summer cottages at the weekends, or on their annual leave, sauna is a huge part of that vacation experience.

Incorporating a sauna into a summer cottage needs to be thought out well, as the whole family will participate, which means their could be as many as 10 to 20 people enjoying an evening in the woods, having BBQ a few beers, Sauna and midnight swim.

Around the summer, cottages could be many small interlocking log cabins to accommodate friends and family, so interlocking log cabins, or timber frame cabins are very popular in Finland.

Most summer cottages are fully insulated, and some can be as large as 250 sq meters, depending on the plot size! Triple Glazing and strong roofs are necessary due to snowfall, below temperatures, and the occasional bear waking up and foraging, and the most popular route into a cottage by bears is through the roof!

It is very important that when manufacturing a summer cottage one begins to think about what kind of timber to use, in the old days it would have been solid logs, round, hand sawn and quite a crude structure. More refined summer cottage cabins came to fruition in the 60’s and 70’s, and then in the 80’s quality interlocking structures were popping up all over the lakeshores. These are manufactured from quality pine logs and from then until now nothing much has changed in design or quality.

We have looked at traditional summer cottages and believe that by using an Engineered 220mm x 200mm Glulam log, this will be sufficient to keep the cold out, will stand the test of time with the scorching summers and extremely cold winters.

We have taken some time in redesigning a few of the most popular designed summer cottages, and giving them a make over….

At the beginning of February, we will be offering the Finnish public a New log cabin website. On offer will be the whole LV range, including our new Summer Cottage Range.

Do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins LV

All the timber that we manufacture our log cabins and timber buildings are sourced from responsibly managed, government controlled FSC certified boreal forests, stretching throughout northern Baltic and Siberia regions.

Which suggests that this timber is intrinsically quality (please see our previous posts on the kinds of trees and forests that our timber is sourced from). However to get quality construction and cladding or decking lumber might still be a bit of a challenge. That intrinsic value can be wasted during stages in the chain from the foresters to us.

At Log Cabins LV our biggest concern has always been quality and that’s why our brand is now recognized as the quality mark. The location of our production facilities, which are metaphorically and literally speaking next to the forest, which allows us to be incredibly picky. We don’t waste money on shipping timber around far from where it is sourced and we can afford buying only top class timber logs and lumber yet still remain competitive with our production pricing. In addition, our ECO foot print is so very, very low compared to other manufactures.

We have been manufacturing timber buildings for the industry for many years and we have learned how to pick our suppliers of sawn KD carcassing to get the best of the best in timber stocks for our log cabins and timber buildings.

After buying our sawn KD timber, we continue to inspect the quality of each and every piece of timber before and during the production. All of that ensures quality of the final product, as our customers deserve the very best! do not settle for less!

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