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Beware of LV Log Cabin Copies!!!!

Beware of copies!


Too many companies are proclaiming to sell our log cabins, when in fact they are selling copies of ours that are cheap and unsafe.


At we only manufacture quality log cabins. We do not offer massive discounts; we do not have sales on daily, monthly or weekly!

We are too busy and every log cabin is built to order.If a company has stock, they are bulk manufacturers, we are not! Your cabin in essence is made just for you!

We hand pick our dealers with care! Log Cabins LV cares about its customers, you are not just a sale!

If you do not see our LV brand on the images, photos of the website you are looking to purchase from, then the company concerned are not part of our LV trusted dealer network. Please send us an email if you are unsure, and we will call you back to help you find the best person to help solve your needs.

Secondly if you are told by some low life back street seller that they can obtain an LV Log Cabin, but cheaper, then you know they are conmen/woman and best to keep clear of them immediately!

Please report them to us, so we may then add their name in our blog and make sure other unwitting members of the public do not fall foul of their cons!

We have heard that there is some man and his dog operating out of a pigsty in the middle of Kaunas Lithuania offering our DF log cabin range at a reduced rate, once again beware! Cheap versions always mean trouble, missing bits, bad timber, cracked wood, awful windows and doors, and no guarantees…. 

Buy cheap, buy twice!

Please call us if you feel unsure whom you are buying the Log Cabin from and we will of course help you find a dealer that will help you through any problems you may have!

Do not settle for  for more info!!!


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