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Residential Log Cabins VS Glulam Residential Log Cabins

Residential log cabins

If you are thinking of purchasing residential log cabin from solid logs think again. Time and time again we have had customers wanting to purchase residential log cabins from solid timber, to only find out that the planning authorities have rejected the proposal, because the cabin was made from solid wood. The planning department found it very hard to put it through building regs because of wood movement through out the seasons, cold bridging, splitting, warping etc.


This was the reason why we started manufacturing our log cabins from engineered glulam logs. Glulam solves all these structural instability problems. When the cabin is built it only compresses once and does not contract or expand during it’s life time. Glued laminated logs does not warp or twist, multiple laminations cancel each other’s internal tensions.


Thicker log walls give better insulation for a log cabin but the thicker solid logs tend to split more often due to being heartwood and the splits are normally longer and deeper.


Glulam logs tend not to burn with open flames, they smolder slowly and deteriorate much later in comparison to solid logs that burn and collapse quickly.


All these superior properties of a glulam log cabins vs solid log cabins not only makes it easy to comply with building regulations but also makes our residential engineered glulam log cabins last longer and keeps your investment safe.


if you are looking for holiday accommodation or school classrooms, an office, a garage, a meeting room or any other kind of function room then our glulam logs in single or twin skin are perfect for you.


Glulam log cabins can easily pass building regulations and structural calculations. For more information please send us an email or give us a call.

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