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Residential Holiday homes.


Residential Holiday Park Homes and Mobile Holiday Units have been manufactured for too long using the historically bad build code BS3632.

I know that we harp on about this nearly every week, and we hope a few people who are looking to purchase a Holiday Home, Mobile, and Park Home Unit will read this article and understand the pit falls that are associated with the BS3632.

Firstly, 99.9% of all Park Homes, Mobile Units that are built with-in the code 3632 are not an investment. They will depreciate like a car, be it 1000, to 4000 a year, depending on make and model. EBay is a great website to check on manufacturer, model, and look at depreciation.

In the coming months and a trusted UK partner, will be unveiling a new range of park homes that will with out doubt upset the park home manufactures to the core!

It is time that this part of our industry was slapped firmly on the butt, and told off for selling crap to our pensioners, and for them to pull their socks up and start offering the public what they deserve for the kind of money being spent.

For too long the pensioners of the UK have been paying copious amounts of money for Park Homes Units and Mobile Holiday Homes that are worth 1/8 of their real value!

How this has been allowed to go on for so long is beyond us! UVPC windows, walls so thin that when you shut the pathetically ultra thin none residential doors the whole wall moves, useless in winter, and a resalable value of almost zero after 20 years.

Our New and Exciting Park Home Passive Buildings are not built to the BS 3632, or the pathetic building codes central government has chosen to tell us all are amazing, we have gone passed all of this (Double), we have the first ever Passive panel, with full structural calculations, build regulations attached to it, Plus… our panel is priced the same as something made to the dreaded BS3632.

What we have been working to achieve is offer a park home, that is in reality a very modern home, that have all the benefits of being a highly insulated graded timber frame unit, but built to a standard that will not just be worth the price tag, but will be so far advanced for its years, it will increase in value, and this is unheard of in the industry.

NO more C16, the UK builders love using this grade, its cheap, its nasty and it is used in abundance.

We only use CE C24 FSC. This high grade is important to ensure long life!

Next we have not gone with the conventional panel thickness used in the UK starting from about 170mm thick to 190mm (in total) our panel (your external walls) will be over 300mm thick, with lashings of quality insulation (kingspan) and built in our huge factory, nothing is built in your garden, on your land, or in your holiday park, we deliver all panels pre made. Our new residential park home fully insulated unit will be state of the art and will feature many firsts.

For more information and to book a viewing for next February/March of the latest most modern Park Home-Mobile Unit in the UK please send us an email.


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Log Cabins- Buy Cheap Buy Twice!

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice, this expression is just so true when it comes to purchasing a 19mm log cabin.

Log Cabins come in all shapes and sizes, they also come in many different thicknesses, and cheap in the cabin industry starts in a 19mm (board) log.

We have for many years resisted selling 19mm log cabins to the public as we see this size timber only useful for a roof board. Also we honestly believe that the structure has no strength at all, and is very much a waste of good roof boards!

19mm log cabins are in the industry seen as mass produced crap, and when you buy a 19mm log cabin, the expression Buy Cheap Buy Twice is a great saying for this type of log cabin. Actually calling it a log cabin is laughable, as 19mm is not a log, it’s a thin board, which does not have any qualities attached to it, it has zero build strength (GOOD FOR ROOF BOARDS) , U values, longevity, but what is does do is earn the company selling them, mass profits.

If you are thinking of buying a 19mm flimsy board flimsy hut, then be prepared for it to leak,  and last a maximum of 3 years, if you are very blessed,  Buy Cheap Buy Twice.

The minimum thickness of a log for a log cabin you should ever consider purchasing is 28mm.

We also believe any Log Cabin in 28mm with a footprint greater than 20 sq. meters should not be sold in the market place. A 28mm are what we use for flooring. You can make low budget cabins from these, but they do have their limitations.

A 28mm log cabin also has issues and limits in its weight bearing capacity.(Great for flooring)

35mm Log Cabins were bought to market due to public demand.

35mm log cabins are a great value, a great budget cabin, and a cabin that will no doubt last its time in the garden market!

44mm log cabins are always great value, a 44mm log is robust, and if treated with quality stain, will last for many years.

Our 44mm log cabins are with out doubt the best in the industry, and you cannot go wrong with a 44mm garden office, but a 44mm log, are not suitable for a residential unit! Too many companies sell cabins in 44mm log thickness and use the words like, residential, to live in etc, 44mm logs are for a single great garage, home office, garden workshop, etc, but not a dwelling.

So, when you are thinking of purchasing a log cabin, steer clear of 19mm log cabins, and do not settle for less.

Log cabins- Buy Cheap Buy Twice- Timber Frame Buildings

Log cabins- Buy Cheap Buy Twice LV

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Bespoke Log Cabins- Buildings- Structures

Bespoke Log Cabins come in all shapes and sizes, and is possibly the largest manufacturer of all bespoke log cabins, bespoke timber buildings and Glulam log cabins in the UK-Europe.

Our Bespoke Glulam Log Cabins are amazing value for money.

If you need to change a window or door position, or chance the height, pitch of the roof, add a veranda, or you are looking for Siberian larch decking added to your cabin, all of this is a service that offers.

All of our Timber Frame Buildings are available bespoke; we are able to offer increased insulation values, different external cladding, window and door designs. We are also able to offer price point.

If you really want the best of the best, then there is no better than

Do not settle for less!!

Bespoke LogCabins

Bespoke Log Cabins lv

Bespoke Log Cabins - Buildings  LV  12 Bespoke Log Cabins - Buildings  LV  13 Bespoke Log Cabins - Buildings  LV  14


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Bespoke Log Cabins Windows and Doors

When purchasing one of our Engineered Glulam-Laminated Log Cabins or Timber Frame Buildings we like to offer our customers a full-bespoke option, be that larger window, double or triple glazing, and quality doors. We are able to offer quality security doors with full-bespoke options.

quality windows and doors

quality cabin dooors

Quality log cabins windows and doors  12 Quality log cabins windows and doors  13 Quality log cabins windows and doors  14


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Larch Clad buildings insulated.

Residential Timber Frame Buildings

Log cabins LV is with out doubt the number one in cabin designing on the Internet at present. We can boast over 4000 unique designs that you are also able to bespoke to your own requirements. is the only company that offers all the different build types, be it Engineered Glulam Log Cabins, Solid Wood Log Cabins, Timber Frame Highly Insulated Cabins- Buildings- Norwegian Hand Made Log Cabins.Camping Pods and much more.


Over the years the types of timber which cabins are manufactured from has changed drastically, as more and more customers are looking for a cabin to last the test of time, but still wanting the Log aesthetic, and as we have the largest range of Engineered Glulam Log Cabins on the internet, we have found the extra price is rewarded with a 3 times longer life span to that of solid timber log cabins.


So, what’s New for 2015 for

Well! We have decided to tackle head on the Park Home Market.


Park Mobile Homes are renown to cost the earth, but when sold second hand, the value drops quicker than a meteorite, and the impact hurts your pocket dramatically.


The UK Government has as we see it; let the public down, in so far as allowing the park Home Manufacturers to build their wares to the BS 3632 specification, which is feathering only one side of the nest. If you are thinking of leaving the grandkids money, by purchasing a Park Home, which is manufactured under the BS 3632 act, you can say good bye to its investment, as an investment.


The BS 3632 Specification goes something like this:


Stable and Structurally Sound. (Most garden sheds Are!)

Weather Resistant. (Again, the same as a shed)

Adequate Ventilation, Drainage, Sanitation. ( Most dog kennels have these attributes)

Adequate means of escape.(A shed with a window)

Meet Satisfactory Thermal and sound insulation criteria.(Insulated shed)


If you were to pay £74 and download the BS 3632, you would be surprised at how this act is really designed to furnish the manufacturer pocket and empty your bank account.

Any building that is manufactured to this build spec, is in our option, no better than a slightly insulated shed!

In addition! Any dwelling built to this specification, will not return your investment!


When you purchased your first home, your house was built to high standards, Building Regs, Structural Calculations, thermal properties, site surveyors certificated, etc, and was equipped with residential windows and doors, and cost from 125.000 to 350.000. You knew that it would increase in value over the years, so you knew that your home was a great place to invest your hard earned money. Good investment!


Our thoughts are, shouldn’t a Park Homes offer these financial qualities also?

Why should you sell your Bungalow-House, and invest into a Park Home that will loose its value hand over fist?


BS3632 Park Homes sell from £100.000 to £250.000, they are equipped with amazing looking Kitchens and Bathrooms, fantastic carpets etc, but that’s high gloss on a cheap poorly made car!

Our Aim is to bring to market a Fully Functional Passive Park Home that exceeds building regulations, structural Calculations, and is way into the future come thermal properties, and will cost less than a conventional Park Home. We will not be cutting back on our timber frame work, as it will be all graded C24, King Span, Siberian Larch, and top of the range appliances, plus we will be offering Triple glazing as standard, and the windows and doors will not be manufactured from plastic!

We at are incredibly excited about this, as we will be the first to offer the Park Home market with our UK partners the best ever manufactured Park Home!


With a specification that does not just exceed what is currently on offer, it makes Park Homes look like glorified sheds, which is exactly what they are!

Look out soon for our Grand Showing of our New Residential Timber Frame Park Home!


Larch Clad buildings insulated.

Timber Frame Structure

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Passive Timber Frame Buildings


Our Timber Frame Buildings are not just small Garden Offices, or Two Bedroom homes, we also manufacture, design and erect fully finished educational classrooms.

We are able to offer not just a turnkey solution, we can offer an excellent turnkey solution, from planning, base, erection, electric, water, drainage etc.

Over the past few years, we have seen a large amount of Academy’s looking to purchase new exciting, green, low cost, study-classrooms, this year we were lucky enough to win a tender to supply and erect two, 8m x 18m Eco fully insulated Glulam Cabin classroom blocks.

If you are looking for a quality fully insulated timber frame building, then please give us a call and we will tell you why our new timber frame segments are not just amazing, they are truly the future!

We will very shortly be able to offer the public a timber frame massively insulated passive park home, holiday unit that will not just surpass building regulation, but set the standards for the future.

Logcabins.LV with our partners have decided to tackle the BS3632 build standard, and show the public really what a quality timber frame park home, holiday mobile unit, should be manufactured from.

Our aim is to manufacture a structure that not just keeps its value through the years, which sadly none of the caravans or park homes do at present, and in the same breath bring running costs down to a bare minimum.

It’s about time we offered our retired population a Park Home that is a true investment!

Do not settle for less!

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Log Cabins

Log Cabins LV 4

Log Cabins LV 3

When we first started offering log cabins into the UK market, we found that only 5% of the public knew what was a garden log cabin!

Quite a lot of the public think of a log cabin, as a Swiss family get away!  Large logs and costing many thousands of pounds.

As the longest running company offering, designing, manufacturing, log cabins to the UK and as the leading Brand we can hold our head up high and say that we have tried from day one to offer quality log cabins at amazing pricing and improve on our designs, and our manufacturing technique’s!

We also as the leading Brand of log cabins, timber buildings, camping pods and much more have taken recruiting the best garden centre’s, dealers, agents, through out the UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland to represent our Brand with professionalism.

If you are looking for quality log cabin, and you are nervous about what to purchase and who from, then please give us a call, or send us an email.

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Glulam Log Cabins

Here are a few photos of the kinds of products we produce at our Glulam-Laminated Manufacturing Plant.

We are able to offer many quality products using our graded glulam.

Glulam timber is ideal for Post and Beam, Residential Dwellings, Glulam Cabins, Stress Rated Beams, Purlin’s, Roofing materials, Quality Graded Joists, and so very much more. Our Glulam timber is available in Pine, Spruce and Northern Siberian Larch. has over many years offered quality, well priced products.

If you are looking for a quality glulam log cabin, or a residential twin skin glulam dwelling, then we are the only company to have a chat to.

We have a huge selection of glulam buildings, be it a Garden Office, Residential Glulam Log Cabin, or a Primary Glulam Fully Insulated School.

Do not settle for less.

Log Cabins 80mm glulam

Glulam Log Cabins

80mm Glulam Log Cabins  1901 80mm Glulam Log Cabins  3800 80mm Glulam Log Cabins  5699 80mm Glulam Log Cabins  7598


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Glulam Log Cabins

What is the forever-lasting log cabin? It’s a glulam log cabin manufactured by

Our Glulam log cabins are not just amazing, they are fabulous. And with out question the best on offer in the industry to date!

if you are thinking of buying a quality log cabin, top shelf stuff, then the only course of action is to decide from who and how much?

To decide on purchasing a log cabin made from glulam logs, you firstly need to find out if it is graded glulam timber, or just timber stuck together! ( otherwise known in the trade as finger jointed). Quality Glulam Timber  should start from C32 to C40 in grade..

The difference in price between rubbish and quality is minuscule, as the companies that claim to sell Glulam, just copy the prices, models, designs from those that actually do sell engineered graded glulam and hope for the best!

We are a certified mill; we manufacture high-end glulam logs, trusses, beams, bridges, etc. Our yearly turn over in volume of Graded Engineered Glulam is 31.000 Cubic Meters! This is done on one of the most sophisticated Glulam plants in this end of the world. We manufacture for the Swedish government public bridges from our Engineered Glulam.

We also sell to Japan, where earthquake areas need a flexible solution in housing. Engineered glulam is great for counteracting and dealing with aggressive ground tremors etc.

If you are looking for a pool house, hot tube cabin, swimming pool enclosures, or just a strong, durable garden office, fitted out as standard with residential windows and doors, that will take mother natures abuse for many years to come, then please speak to us.

Glulam Log Cabins are not just the future, they save timber resources.

Glulam Log cabins have a life span which far exceeds that of a normal solid log cabin.

Please send us an email or give us a call.

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Log Cabins..Good and Bad!


Log cabins LV has over many years tried to offer the public quality log cabins at affordable pricing.


Sadly, most customers do not know the difference between a quality log cabin and a pile of rubbish.

Most images, photos look the same, from Website to Website. Therefore, the only way the public can try to distinguish what is quality and what is the bottom end of the market, is by the pricing!


This is where there is a grey area in the market as we price our cabins fairly, which means keeping prices down but quality high, and this actually hurts our business model, as the lower end of the market copy our designs- product info-imagery- and also pricing!


99.9% of log cabin manufacturers manufacture simply rubbish! Their brochures tell another story about, quality, amazing durability, fantastic windows and doors, great value for money, buy now, sale on etc etc.


Sadly it is just talk, we say sadly as these companies are wasting valuable timber resources. Moreover, at the same time increasing timber pricing. which increases over all pricing with in the market!


So how can you spot a quality log cabin from a pile of rubbish? Well!  Its quite difficult till you have it in your garden, and unpacked, then you start to build and you realize that they are forgotten to send you the quality garden cabin, and in replace they have sent a pile of knotty timber planks! I know this sounds harsh, but quite honestly, someone needs to write about the pit falls of European Log Cabin market and the mills that produce rubbish which tarnishes our market and is conning the British-European public. has with out question the best log cabins, on offer in Europe! We also have the largest range of unique designs of log cabins and timber buildings in the market place.


We have more timber build construction types on our website on offer than any other manufacturer in the world! Fact.


We have been offering-designing-manufacturing log cabins to the trade in the UK and Ireland longer than any other company. FACT!


Our Glulam Log Cabins have the highest grade, Fact!

There is not another company in Europe that can offer such a high grade of C32 for their glulam log cabins, its an incredibly high grade, a strong grade, that is meant for construction, not living, yet we offer this dense, pliable, amazing engineered timber for dwelling homes, at an incredibly low rate.

We were the first to offer the UK/Irish market quality log cabins, and we can honestly say we have seen a dramatic change in the market over 14 years. The market is now full of here today gone tomorrow characters, where 5 year guarantees mean nothing.

Also we have seen a huge waste of timber, as most cheap log cabins have an average life span of 3 years.

The procedure of manufacturing a log cabin, starts from felling government controlled FSC-PFC trees, and then these logs are transported to the mill where the logs are cut to required size.

From then the timber is moulded, and notched, sized and checked for quality.

Log Cabins LV checks each and every log, plank, roof-floor board, and with our hand made windows and doors from joinery graded timber, you can be sure your log cabin, from us, is the best it can be!

So what makes log cabins LV the Number one choice?

It may have something to do with the fact that nearly all designs on the internet, stem from us, we were the first to design and manufacturer the Clock House, The Aurora, The Twin Skin System, The Garden office, and many, many more!!

We were the First company to offer tilt and turn Windows, also 28mm flooring.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, and really do not want to take a chance loosing your hard-earned money and purchasing rubbish, then is the brand for you!

Do not settle for less! the number one in timber cabins!

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Log Cabins Kent and Sussex

Our new website is now up offering the counties of Kent and Sussex the largest range of log cabins, timber buildings and Glulam Log Cabins, single skin and twin skin, clock house log cabins, Tan Timber frame buildings, Camping Pods, Summer Houses, also on offer are our DF log Cabin Range, TF Log Cabin Range, Fully insulated Micro Houses, KL Log Cabins, and the largest range of Residential Timber frame and Log buildings in the UK. over the next few weeks will have many new ranges added .

If you live in Kent or Sussex and you looking for a quality log cabin, then please fill our the contact form, and our nearest dealer to you will give you a call.

We are also able to offer a full turnkey solution.

If you are looking for a bespoke log cabin, no problem.

We at make the experience of purchasing a log cabin an enjoyable one.

Do not settle for less! the number one for garden buildings and residential living!

log cabins kent and sussex

log cabins kent and sussex

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Log Cabins by 2014

Here is a list of a few of our amazing log cabins..

Please follow the URL’s bellow to see what we as a team at accomplished this year!!

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Log Cabin LV

Our Standard range of solid log, Log Cabins from come with amazing quality windows and doors as standard.

However, our 80mm glulam log cabins and above, come with superior windows and doors.

If you are looking for a quality log cabin, and fed up with promises by sales staff about how great their glulam cabins are, we make no promises, we just tell it as it is, they are the best in the business and no one sells better! We are the only manufacturer to offer graded C32 to C40 Engineered Glulam Logs.

Also all our Windows and Doors with all our entire range of Glulam log cabins have a 5-year guarantee, which is unheard of in the industry!

Unlike most companies we do not take on dealers that work from their bedrooms and have no experience in log cabins, we as a company hand pick each and every dealer, but not all our dealers are able to sell certain build types due to their expertise level.

Therefore, if you would like advice on which of our dealers are trained in glulam cabin construction, please drop us a line!

Do not settle for less! Log Cabins LV is the best!

log cabin

log cabins- log cabin- cabins- cabin

log cabin LV 24 log cabin LV 25 log cabin LV 26 log cabin LV 27 log cabin LV 28 log cabin LV 29 log cabin LV 30 log cabin LV 31 log cabin LV 32 log cabin LV 33

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Log Cabins by Log

log cabins-cabins-logcabins

log cabins-cabin-log cabins lv

If you are looking for a log cabin, and fed up with seeing the same old same old, then please have a look through our website. has the largest range of log cabins on the web, with over 4000 different designs.

We are the only manufacturer to offer quality 80mm engineered glulam twinskin log cabins with a grade of C32. We are also able to offer glulam logs in small complaint cabins, our new euro range in 80mm log cabins are great value for money.

As you will have noticed so many companies are offering the same, same, yet we at have tried from the very beginning, and when we say beginning we mean , we are the longest running supplier-manufacturer of log cabins in the UK.

Over the years we have seen many companies come and go, we have seen this industry also flooded with crap, cheap this, sale that, and quality levels sink to new lows every year that passes.

What you can be assured of is that our log cabins are the best they can be, and that we would rather charge slightly more, and offer a quality log cabin, than to charge less and offer substandard rubbish.

Do not settle for



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Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets

Holiday Homes, Park Homes, Residential Two Story Homes, are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Do you need to apply for building regulations? Want a passive building/House/Cabin/Office/Garage etc? Budget tight? But still want excellent workmanship and quality materials, does all this sound too good to be true? Is it possible to get a quality timber framed building, clad in Northern Siberian larch and an affordable price?

Over the years, more and more timber frame buildings have been shipped in from Europe, as prices are a lot lower and of course quality of build and timber so much higher.

Our Timber Frame Buildings are not just amazing, they are truly spectacular, our panel specification and graded timber make our timber frame buildings sought after, which is why we have a long waiting list, but if your looking for the ultimate in Timber Frame, want something completely different, if you are looking for quality then please send us an email or give us a call!

Do not settle for less.

Timber Frame Housing - park homes-holiday chalets

Timber Frame Housing – park homes-holiday chalets

Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets

Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets-timber cabins

Timber Frame Housing  04

Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets

Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets-holiday homes-

Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets

Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets-Holiday Cabins

Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets

Timber Frame Housing – Park Homes-Holiday Chalets

Timber Frame Housing  11


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80mm Glulam Euro Range Log Cabins

80mm glulam euro range log cabins

80mm glulam euro range log cabins lv

Our Famous Euro Range of Log Cabins just got bigger and a lot better. Euro Range of Log Cabins has for many years been the favorite for thousands of people choosing their garden buildings, a range that covers everyone’s needs, the Euro Range is available in 34mm, 44mm, 70mm and twin skin 34mm x 34mm and 44mm x 44mm. Cabin sizes vary from 2m x 3m to a whopping 5.5m x 8.5m two storey!

So after careful deliberation and planning with our production staff we have decided to offer the whole of the Euro Range in our new Engineered Glulam 80mm Log.


All our New Euro Range offers the following.

Quality Engineered 80mm graded C32 Logs

Quality CNC manufactured CE approved Residential Windows and Doors

C40 Glulam Pulins

Graded Trusses

Impregnated Bearers

Quality Hardware

Double Glazed Units, Triple available please ask for details..

Exceptional Quality T&G Flooring


Please ask our Dealers for more information., do not settle for less!


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Camping Pods

Camping Pods

Camping Pods

Camping Pods are all the rage now, but what is a good camping pod, and what is not!

As one of the largest manufacturers of timber frame houses for the Norwegian market, with a skilled old and experienced work force, with top of the range CNC machinery we truly know how to build quality highly insulated structures, and that is possibly, why our camping pods are the most sought after in the industry.

Our camping pods are purchased by High End Camping Sites, Children Holiday Parks, 5 star Accommodation Facilities, Hotels, B&B’s and the like. Our Camping Pods are not just hand built; they are truly the best in the industry when it comes to the high quality materials used. Plus our prices are very competitive against lesser models. The Original Camping Pod was designed by the Toda Tribe, this original building has been copied by companies who would like to take credit for this unique design.

If you come across these fraudsters, please say Toda and I am sure they will grin and change the subject quickly.

Camping Pods from are unique, fully insulated, hand made, quality residential windows and doors, toughened glass, fully wired out and can be used the day they are delivered. Do not settle for less!

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As a company, we have tried every year to offer our dealers exciting ranges at affordable prices.

When searching on the internet for log cabins you will notice that most if not all companies offer the same, 3m x 3m 44mm with double glazed windows and doors, etc.

However, telling the difference between what is good and rubbish is rather difficult.

Being fooled by price is most companies way of pulling you in, and noticing that most if not all have sales going on 99.9% of the time, which is the second attempt of pulling you in, and then the companies write about their Log cabins being the best quality and amazing windows and doors.

Most cabin retailer’s websites are fools paradises, where you think your dream cabin is available at amazing prices, and that it can be delivered the next day! Imagine a top quality log cabin, sitting in storage ready for you to pull out your credit card and wham! It’s at the bottom of your garden looking pretty.

Reality check.

Buildings-Log Cabins that are in stock are normally piled high, have literally thousands of kilos of weight on them, plus most companies that sell thousands of cabins a year must manufacture over the winter, so you’re cabin could be over 6 to 8 months old.

This is a cash and carry mentality, which is pile them up high and kick them out the door quickly!

This mentality is not one that should be in the log cabin industry.



As one of the founding fathers of Garden Log Cabins in the UK, we have tried over the years to improve our manufacturing techniques and keep pricing realistic to our quality levels. Moreover, not flood the market with rubbish! Wasting quality natural materials, and over charging for it!

Some of our glory moments have been to design and manufacture first the Clock House log cabin, bring to market and design the first twin skin interlocking log cabin, offer tilt and turn windows, make sure all our cabins from 34mm have 28mm flooring, better hardware, and strengthening all our rafters and purlins, which is no mean feat and keep pricing levels low!

Because of this, we believe we are now the leading brand in Europe, Australia.

There are cash and carry log cabins, and there is quality…LV stands for quality!

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Log Cabins News has over the many years of trading accumulated the largest range of garden building designs in the world. With over 4000 in timber frame and Log we feel that if you are looking for a garden building, then we are really the only company that has all shapes, sizes, and heights! But we have so much more than that also, we have unique designs, iconic designs, designs for different garden moods, and every month, we come to market with new and exciting quality cabins, be them in 44mm solid timber log or 80mm glulam.

On Thursday we launch our new Euro Range of 80mm glulam log cabins.

Please watch this space…