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Log Cabin Man Cave!

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How many of you out there want to own that log cabin man cave at the bottom of the garden, to get away from screaming children, maybe the wife, to have your friends round and have a game of pool, or just sit at your own bar, smoke a cigar and watch the TV in peace?

Man caves over the last few years have become quite the rage, but when you look back at the first man caves offered in log form, you will start to notice that the doors and windows are falling apart, and the windows get steamed up every time the footballs on!

Last month I had a guy call me and send me a photo of his man cave, and trust me when I say this, the cabin was a mess, not just a mess, it was without joking sadly awful. He told me that he wanted to add an extension, and I told him honestly that it was only fit for a bonfire.

Now the reason I am writing this blog today, is not to laugh at his dilemma, but to make a point about log cabins and what is fit for purpose and what is not!

If you want to own a man cave then there are a few things you must take into account before you decide to purchase a cheap bulk manufactured cabin.

Cheap nasty cabins come with cheap nasty doors, these doors normally are manufactured with cheap pine, and cheap pine will twist eventually, plus cheap pine windows will also twist but more than that, they will leak.

Windows and doors are actually more than 70% of the overall quality of a log cabin, and when purchasing a cabin one must take notice what kind of windows and doors you’re getting.

Most manufacturers will show you a picture of a window or door, which normally is an upgraded window, which you can purchase if you pay more money, because if they showed you their standard windows you would run a mile!

There are lots of tricks on the internet to get you fooled into thinking your getting X when you really are getting Y, and if you see a quality window or door on a website, your mind believes this is really what you are purchasing.

Too many companies put upgrades on the homepage into tricking you into thinking this is a standard window or door set with their ranges.


Log Cabin Man Caves normally have a quite few electrical devices installed, and this causes heat, so ventilation is needed.

Sadly, if you have a cheap set of windows and doors in your cabin, the heat also escapes through these, and that’s when mould takes hold and your windows and doors rot away quickly. Plus they look awful.

So what do you do?

Quite simple actually, don’t buy a cheap nasty bulk log cabin, look for something with a Residential Window and Door set that is Trada certified and is manufactured using glulam joinery timber, which are water tight, and fit for purpose.

Moreover, you want to purchase a door with an insulated plate and not that’s fitted with planks of 19mm T&G.

You may be thinking these are going to cost a lot, well your wrong. Log Cabins LV has a range of buildings that are superbly better than anything else on the web and are competitively priced.

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