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BEWARE OF THE 12-14-16 week waiting time for your LOG CABIN 2020………………………………………………………………………

A small note to the wise, in 2008 we all remember the awful recession, and in that recession a few tricks were played by certain individuals that I will not mention, who are though still trading, and the trick was this, they knew that bad times were coming, so they did something very underhanded, and as a supplier to some of these companies, we lost 100’s of 1000’s of pounds. And the Public lost a lot more.

You must be very wary of the 12 week waiting time scenario, companies who you think you can trust, tell you the waiting time is 12/14/16 weeks, and you pay a deposit, after that 16 weeks has elapses, they go bust! They go off line, and you will receive sorry letters, but your deposit is gone, and then you have to go back to the bank to see if its possible to get your money back, we do not have a waiting time, we are as always pre Virus 4/5 weeks, the same as it was before, and 4/5 weeks after said Virus.

So if your told to wait, be careful………………….

Log Cabins LV -The largest range of logcabins in the World.

Over the years we have at designed some incredible log cabins, timber frame buildings and glulam log cabins, our designs have helped the industry turn from the Blockhaus German designs to a more aesthetically modern European Design. With over 3000 designs and so many more coming you are spoilt for choice when you enter We are always designing new and innovative cabins, timber frame buildings, glulam cabins.big and small.

Do not settle for

quality log cabins

3000 designs from log

Amazing designs from 2014  036 Amazing designs from 2014  051 Amazing designs from 2014  066 Amazing designs from 2014  081 Amazing designs from 2014  096 Amazing designs from 2014  111 Amazing designs from 2014  126 Amazing designs from 2014  141

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quality twin skin log cabins by

Building a log Cabin!

Skinners-Sheds in Sussex have just sent us these amazing photos to show all you people out there, how well they erect cabins and not just small 5m x 3m 34mm cabins.

Its takes skill and a great building team to tackle a twin skin residential. Skinners-Sheds knows how to do it with ease!

If you are looking for a quality cabin, then please send us an email or please fill out the form on find a dealer page!

log cabins lv

twinskin cabin

twinskin log cabins

pine boards for log cabin internal roof

quality internal log cabin roof

twinskin logcabins

buildings a twin skin log cabins

Log Cabins  068 Log Cabins  072 Log Cabins  076 Log Cabins  080 Log Cabins  084 Log Cabins  088 Log Cabins  092 Log Cabins  096

Log Cabins  328 Log Cabins  332 Log Cabins  336 Log Cabins  340 Log Cabins  344 Log Cabins  348 Log Cabins  352 Log Cabins  364


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Log Cabins Window and Doors

How many companies on the net actually show their windows and doors in their full glory, I can answer that, NONE! Why? Because most of the companies on the web offering cabins have low quality windows and doors!

Over the years we have put more attention on our window and door production line, than trying to pump more of the same out the door as 99.9% of companies seem to do!

I know this is a scathing attack on the competition, but we actually don’t have competition where our cabins are concerned, we are not a cash and carry manufacturer, we do not manufacture hundreds of the same cabin style  in the winter and push them out the door in the summer, all of our cabins are bespoke to order. If you are looking for a quality cabin at a very reasonable price have what you are looking has the largest selection of log cabins on the market to date.

We are the only manufacturer able to offer, laminated log cabins, scandinavian log cabins, timber frame buildings, round log cabins, camping pods, saunas, gazebos, summer houses, Micro Housing, and so very much more.

logcabins window and doors

cabin windows and doors

Windows and Doors log cabins LV  0212 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  0422 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  0632 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  0842 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1052 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1262 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1472 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1682 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  1892 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2102 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2312 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2522 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2732 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  2942 Windows and Doors log cabins LV  3152


Quality Log Cabins by

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New Window and Door Line for our Laminated Log Cabins

Quality Windows and Doors

laminated Windows and Doors

At we believe not only offering standard quality windows and doors for our solid log cabins but also quality residential windows and doors for our newly arriving Engineered Laminated Log Cabins. Manufacturing windows and doors is always the the bottleneck in the production, so rather than hurry and make a mess, we have decided to invest in the latest window-door line by Weinig. This new window and door line is not just the very best on offer in the world, but this CNC machine is truly the best at what it does, and that is make superb windows and doors every time. We are able to offer passive windows and doors, Tripple glazed, double glazed bespoke sizes in both windows and doors, materials avalible are Oak, Larch, Spruce.Why settle for less.Log the first choice for quality log cabins.

Log Cabins Window and Doors

Laminated Windows and Doors


quality windows and doors

Log Cabins lv

quality windows

Wooden Windows and Doors by

Quality windows and Doors

Computerised-Handmade Wooden Windows and Doors

Quality Laminated Windows and Doors

Bespoke Windows and Doors

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Log Cabins LV BBQ Hut-Kota Hut

BBQ Cabins

BBQ Grill Huts-Grill Huts-BBQ Cabin manufaucturer. 

With a high quality insulated sectional timber framed

Kota Cabin BBQ hut you can have a BBQ all the year round.

Even when it rains!

On a lovely bright sunny day many of us get motivated to bring out that BBQ from the Garden Shed and start cooking for our friends and family the traditional outdoor enjoyable festivity.

In the UK, however, there never seems to be enough of those days and before you know it autumn has arrived and back into the Shed goes that BBQ where it sits for almost another year taking up quite a lot of room. If the summer is anything like the wet 2012, your BBQ probably never saw the light of day. So how can we resolve this? just love problems like this. It whets the creative appetite.

Let us look at what we feel you would really like. Here are four main points.


1)    To be able to have a Barbecue all year round.

2)    Not to have to cart the BBQ to and from the Garden Shed.

3)    To have something in the Garden that is attractive even when not in use.

4)    To have something that is virtually maintenance free.


Answer?  A fully insulated top quality Siberian Larch, timber framed BBQ Hut.

We proudly present the KOTA CABIN.

The Kota Cabin BBQ Hut is in a class of its own. It represents the state of the art futuristic way to entertain and share a BBQ with your friends and family at anytime of the year.


This beautiful insulated timber framed sectional  building has been carefully crafted from the best grade C24 Trada graded wood. Many other timber merchants who are keen to price cut end up using the grade of timber that we at reject.  It has best quality insulated framework to ensure comfort and strength for all year round use. You can then be assured of enjoying the benefit of your cabin for many years to come. In fact the outer Larch clad mellows as it ages and improves as time goes on. Siberian Larch and Pinewood are rated as the finest quality timber in Europe, if not globally. Why? Because this type of timber is obtained from arctic type forestry where such trees, during their growth period, have to contend with extreme temperature conditions.

These trees grow slowly over many years creating a much more dense, well-seasoned wood. Once felled they are put into production and kiln dried to exacting moisture content that is maintained in quality control conditions. In particular, Siberian Larch that is used for the outside walls of the Kota Cabin is virtually indestructible because of its high tannin content giving the timber a high level of water resistance thus making wood rot virtually impossible in its natural state.


Front section of the insulated timber framed sectional Kota Cabin

This exploded view of the Kota Cabin shows how easily it can accommodate 6-8 people who can sit comfortably around the generous solidly crafted central table that incorporates the built in BBQ. Other than the enticing smell of the cooked food, the smoke that emits from the BBQ goes out through the exquisitely designed central Flue to the chimney which is equipped with a rainproof and windproof covering so that nothing can blow back into the cabin.

The ceiling area is supported by carefully milled timber framed beams that support the 8 triangular shaped tongue and grooved sections that have been designed to accept the roof insulation and roofing tiles.

The finest quality pine is used for the timber-framed walls. The beautiful tongue and groove timber crafted prismoidal effect flooring completes this.


Not unlike the extremely popular Camping Lodge, the Kota Cabin is 6.5m wide x 6.5m long and sits against a superior Siberian graded and Trada certified decking area that is 6.5m wide x 5.5m long. This leaves 3.5m in front of the Kota Cabin for an additional outside lounge and dining area.


The maximum height of the Kota Cabin is 4.1m with a ridge height of 2.1m.

The double door frontage is wheelchair friendly with plenty of room inside to manoeuvre the wheelchair into position anywhere around the table.


Each of the five rear sectional timber framed walls has the best grade double glazed windows for maximum natural light. This leaves the front three sections. The very front is where there are double glazed double doors and either side of those are high, virtually full length top grade double glazed units providing maximum comfort whatever the weather as well as strong and sturdy, yet delightfully designed, door and window furniture for maximum security.


Including the decking area, the maximum garden ground space taken up by the Kota Cabin is 10m x 6.5m. An exceptionally appealing addition to any private garden.


For commercial use, the insulated timber framed Kota Cabin represents the ultimate facility for the leisure industry. Maintenance is a breeze with very little to worry about other than easy regular cleaning.


Besides renting out the Camping Lodge for your fishery or Hotel complex. By adding a couple of strategically positioned Kota Cabins, additional income can easily be made by renting out this type of facility. A complete package could be offered to the potential clients to include these amenities.


Be it for commercial or private use, you can be assured that once in your possession, unlike the traditional “Drag it in –drag it out” BBQ. The finest quality insulated sectional pine timber framed, Siberian Larch clad Kota Cabin will be used again and again.


Once again, value for money is of paramount importance and we at are convinced that you will be pleasantly surprised of the price structure that we have formulated for you. This is simply because you will receive from us consistently high quality products that have been rigorously quality checked and tested throughout the production process as well as using only the very best quality high grade, Trada certified, timber from sustainable forests that meet the requirements of retaining our natural resources for future generations.


We at are always pleased to discuss your requirements. You can also get more information from any one of our appointed dealers or partners.


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Camping Lodges by


Camping Lodge-Camping Pods

Our Camping Lodges are without doubt the future in Glamping Camping for the UK and Europe!


Exterior walls (exterior dimensions 6,5m x 6,5m – octahedron):

  • Vertical (angled) larch panel 20x140mm – oiled;
  • Horizontal battens 45x45mm for mounting of a vertical panel;
  • Vertical battens 20x45mm c/c600 for air gap;
  • Gypsum plate 9.5mm as wind barrier;
  • Segments of wooden framework 45x95mm c/c600;
  • Angled framework;
  • KNAUF insulation 100mm – in free lengths;
  • Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
  • 13mm inside wooden panel – in free lengths.




Inside walls:

  • 13mm inside wooden panel – in free lengths;
  • Segments of wooden framework 45x95mm c/c600;
  • KNAUF insulation 100mm – in free lengths;
  • 13mm inside wooden panel – in free lengths.




  • Pine floor boards – in free lengths;
  • 22mm chipboard on top as a floor base;
  • Wooden balks 45×195 c/c600;
  • 200mm KNAUF insulation;
  • 12mm chipboard underneath;


  • Final roof cover – not included, supplied be the Client;
  • 22mm chipboard – in free lengths;
  • Battens 45x45mm c/c600 along roof rafters for air gap – in free lengths;
  • Diffusion film Tyvec Pro – in rolls;
  • Visible Glue-lam balks 80x120mm – in free lengths;
  • Precut rafters 45×145 c/c600 on top of the glue-lam structure;
  • KNAUF insulation 100 mm – in free lengths;
  • Plastic film 0.2mm – in free lengths;
  • 13mm inside wooden panel – in free lengths


  • Rain gutter system made of coated metal, black.




  • 26mm thick Larch terrace floor boards – in free lengths;
  • Surface impregnated wooden terrace balks 45×195 c/c500 – in free lengths;
  • Larch side boards – in free lengths;



Windows and doors:

  • Windows (6pcs.): wooden frame windows with double glass package, European-type (inward opening, with handles), painted white.
  • Outside doors: one double simple wooden entrance door with insulated plate (glass package window can be included) with 3-plug locks and handles, impregnated, grunted and painted white.
  • Wooden inside door: one wooden inside door made of glued pinewood with impregnated MDF fillings, with simple locks (without handles), grunted and painted white.


Additional materials:

  • Galvanized metal materials needed for segment assembling: bolts, anchoring bolts, metal plates are included.

Boards for covering outside joints of segments, wind boards and panel boards for covering the bottom


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Camping Lodges by welcomes you to our New and exciting Camping Lodges. Over the last few years Glamping Camping has become all the rage, however sleeping in one of our amazing unique, quality camping pods is rather basic., and quite a lot of the public want something more luxurious  however  luxury costs,  but there is a middle in luxury and quality and we think our Camping Lodges  meet that criteria.

Quality Siberian Larch Camping Lodges only from


Camping Lodges

Camping Lodges from

Camping Cabins

Camping Cabins by

Camping Glamping Cabins

Camping Glamping Cabins by

Camping in Luxury by

Camping in Luxury by

We really hope you enjoy our New, Quality, Camping Lodges.

This is just  sneak peak at whats to come!

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Kota Cabins-BBQ Cabins New from Logcabinslv

I am always accused of taking something and making it better, so in this case what we have done to the BBQ Cabin design is not only good, But!!! actually Great!

BBQ Cabins are with out doubt a great place to have a family gathering, a great place for a birthday party, or a gathering of many, or just a relaxing place for a quite romantic night, With our new KotaCabin we have given generous space for movement, copious amounts of light, and still keeping the essence of a Kota-BBQ Cabin feel. Our design really does offer luxury, safety, and quality, manufactured  from Timber frame, with Full thermal Insulation, Residential Type Double Glazed, Tilt and Turn, toughened glass windows and doors and a choice of external cladding from Siberian Larch to Pine or Spruce, KotaCabin from really is the only sensible choice.

bbq lodges-bbq huts-bbq cabins

Quality BBQ Lodges from


bbq cabins

BBQ Huts from


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Quality Timber from

Bespoke Garage Doors

Hand made bespoke garage doors from parts for log cabins.lvlaminated sections for our windows and doors

When walking through our manufacturing departments, there are always amazing photos to take. I truly believe that quality jumps out of the photo! These parts are used for our windows and doors. is with out doubt the leader in design, price and quality in the Timber Building industry. Our diverse range means we are able to offer 99.9% of what ever you need. please send us an email today.

Quality from

Quality timber from

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BBQ Grill Cabins-Huts-Kotas from

Over the last few years we have been looking to sell these amazing garden BBQ grill huts-cabins, we have now decided to put this small, but quality range of BBQ Grill Buildings onto the market. We are at present looking to change the dynamics of this building and bring it up to the 21 century as we believe this design is old and dated, however, these units are amazing, they come in Siberian Larch, Spruce or Pine and Thermo Timber. If your looking to have a BBQ at night, with all the family around the quality grill, with that charm of Finlands Lapland, then these BBQ Grill Huts-Cabins are perfect for that family get together. BBQ Huts-Cabins by

BBQ Grill Cabins


BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   57 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   58 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   59 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   60 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   61 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   62 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   63 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   64 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   65 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   66 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   67 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   68 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   69 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   70 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   71 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   72 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   73 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   74 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   75 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   76 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   77 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   78 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   79 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   80 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   81 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   82 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   83 BBQ Cabins-Huts- Kotas- from log cabins.v   84

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