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Log Cabins LV 2017 (2)


Log Cabins LV Friday’s Blog, and what a response I received today about yesterday’s blog, thanks everyone, and to one particular person, (not interested)..

I will answer some of the question in the emails.


(Dear Log Cabins LV , Why has the marketplace turned for the worst)?


To this question, I would say because of huge demand!


Which means very large industrial units has been built to mass-produce large qualities of cheap log cabins.


A quality mill can manufacture a good quality long lasting, high-end cabin in say 3 hours.

So about 4 a day, possibly 5 depending on the size of each and every cabin.


A bulk manufacture will produce 40 to 60 cabins a day.

Now a few of you will say, that’s great, feed the demand earn, great business, but I would say, how to make 80 to 120 windows and day and 60 + doors, and then you begin to understand how quality is not the goal.


Windows and doors are labor intensive, and must be put together by hand.


When we manufacture a door it goes in a press, when the bulk mills manufacture a door, it goes in a pile, full of nail and quick drying glue!




Also manufacturing windows and doors is an art, but sadly, in the cheap massed produced super store type mills, it is a nail gun!


Our standard cabins, which come with what we would say garden type windows and doors, are better than most upgrades offered on the web!


So what most super store bulk manufacturers tend to do, is buy in very cheap, unseasoned, softwood, pine spruce, that is only 15/25 years old, because the timber is softer less dense, it dries a lot quicker, which also means drying time is less.

In addition, the timber costs a lot less to purchase.


The whole idea behind mass is to produce as much as possible, sell it as quickly as possible and NEXT!


Not the Log Cabins LV way!


Our way of manufacturing log cabins is completely the reverse, as we do not manufacture bulk, we do not hurry, as manufacturing anything quality takes time, we have no reason or want to change this process.



What I find amazing is how the public can, actually purchase these cheap monstrosities, it really is beyond me. For an extra 300 to 700 you can purchase a cabin that will last 60 to 70 years, with windows and doors that are actually residential standard.


Next question.


(What is the difference between LV and the rest)


Simple, we understand how the market moves, we understand change in demand, and we understand that hurrying anything leads to mass problems.


I am not saying we have never had problems, as that would be a lie, we have had huge problems, and sometimes our manufacturing department does not agree with what we feel is their fault.


But we soldier on and find the fault and move on.


My personal hate is when a dealer, reseller, (we don’t have anymore of these) just sits behind his desk, and actually does zero.


Our dealers are very proactive, incredibly actually, always doing site visits, and always looking how to finish the job off with a satisfied customer at the end.


Unlike any company in the UK who offers log cabins, we can say that our very first customer, is still offering our brand of log cabins to the public, still, which is more than 14 years, and actually his company has grown on the strength of our quality, he is also the largest seller of log cabins in the South East of UK.


Of course, he has been offered low-end bulk super store log cabin designs, but he said, (stay with what we know works)…


Dealers are immensely important, but also making sure, your dealers do not over price the buildings because of the quality level.


We have never had that problem, due to the vetting we do before we allow anyone now to be an LV dealer. In addition, we also have work groups, which helps our dealers to understand us and us them.


Have any questions please do not hesitate to email me and ask whatever…


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Log Cabins from LV 2017


Log Cabins LV 201702

Firstly, a massive shout out to James, thanks for the photos, and thanks for putting your heart and soul into selling our deluxe log cabins, believing in them, and giving your customers great customer service.

Log Cabins LV 201703

What is incredibly important is that James only sells LV, he believes in the brand, the quality, the service and the smiles from the office girls!

Log Cabins LV 201706

To us what is incredibly important is that our dealers offer their customers a full quality service, starting from the order, to the delivery and assembly.


Most Bulk Cabin Superstores offer off the shelf, massed produced rubbish, which sadly has as much feeling, aesthetics, panache as a 8ft x 8f shiplap shed made from old pallets.

Log Cabins LV 201707I know this sounds harsh, but please look at the photos of the log cabin on today’s blog (supplied by Jame) and look at what other companies are offering and we are clearly miles ahead in quality, price and or course quality of assembly.

Log Cabins LV 201709

Our Deluxe Range is now years ahead of all superstore cabins and years ahead in certification and quality of build, so if you are looking for a quality log cabin, that’s not a bulk, manufactured pile of bonfire kindling, then please give us a shout!

Log Cabins LV 201710

Why do people pick Log Cabins LV.

We design the best.

We have the best dealer network in UK for log cabins.

Our timber is only from winter cut; we offer certified windows and doors, which are professionally spray-painted.



SO……If you are looking for a quality log cabin that really is a cut above the rest, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and will last the test of time, then please send us an email or please give us a call.


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Phytosanitary Certificates For Log Cabins

Phytosanitary Certificates Beware.

As Brexit comes into play, and Mrs. May signs on the dotted line and put article 50 into play, you must ask yourself, what will happen to your log cabin guarantee?

This is a game changer for log cabins in the UK, as many companies will disappear and so will your guarantee. So, whom do you trust to be around after article 50 starts to change the face of import and export?

90% of mills that supply log cabins into the UK do not have phytosanitary Certificates on their Kilns. This means that the KD timber they used to produce your log cabin from was not heated to the correct temperature to kill off all bugs.

Because we were in the EU if was not needed, but now!!!

Quality kilns are of course are very expensive, and most mill owners, would rather sail away on holiday on their yachts for a year than invest in new and better equipment.

A lot of mill owners earn vast sums of money on churning out rubbish, the typical Log Cabin Warehouse syndrome.

Most Baltic mills are here today and gone tomorrow, and most just churn out absolute rubbish daily, but! it pays their staff wages and gives them a great life!

Now with article 50 nearly signed, they are all beginning to panic, and panic they should.

From Pallet and Shed Manufacturers, to House builders, all timber entering the UK will need a phytosanitary Certificate, and this costs, price of timber will increase, and because of this sales go down, small companies disappear and so does your guarantee.

What a pickle this has made of our industry you may think, well actually I think it’s the clean up we needed.
This industry is not regulated….AT ALL… there are so many crooks and liars, in this industry, that a shake up is very much needed, and this will shake up everyone.

I am glad to say we have five very large high volume Kilns that are phytosanitary Certificated, and our production will as always carry on for many years, and our prices will not increase, unless Mrs. May decides she wants to put only awful garden sheds back into the gardens and ban log cabins! Who Knows!!

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Log Cabins LV 16 years of Design-Quality and Dedication


log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Why is it that when we design a shape, or a size, or a feel, which is unique to us, everyone wants to copy it. Some idiot said the other day a cabin is just a cabin, and this kind of comment tells me that there are some in the industry that only see profit in this industry and not the beauty in design, or the integrity and skill of craftsmanship that goes in to manufacturing, designing a structure that actually works!


We have designed thousands and thousands of log cabins, and we have thought about each and everyone.


Take for instance our DF Range of deluxe log cabins; each log cabin was thought about, shape, design, amount of logs, position of windows, purlin thickness etc.

These are without doubt the best log cabins in the industry that is an absolute fact.


Our Deluxe Cabin range is the only standard range in the UK, which actually come with certified windows and doors.



We looked at trends and also at customer’s needs, desires, wants over the last 16 years, taking into account current laws, looking at shape and size of each and every window in each and every wall, and truly making sure they flow and feel balanced. I personally hate doors that do not match windows.


When you see a cabin and the entrance door, window, is higher than the surrounding windows placed in the walls, I hate this, I really do, we have a few cabins even in our massive ranges that have this oddity, not my personal favorite, I like balance.


All this takes time, and Log Cabins LV has the foresight and wisdom, plus the skill to design a building that actually make sense, also not forgetting which is fit for purpose, and we pride ourselves on also offering, designed, quality manufactured aesthetically beautiful log cabins which are affordable.


However, when designing a log cabin, there is one thing you must always take into account, and that is the raw material usage.


Unlike the bulk manufacturers who scrimp and scrape, use as little timber as possible in their log cabins, as profit is the key word, not quality, we are quite different to this.


We do look at lumber usage but in a different way, we design our buildings be them timber frame or log, so we really use everything, every part of our log usage, as throwing away or burning waste is waste, and we are extremely eco conscious.

Russian Gost sizes, 16/22mm, 25/44mm, 50-100mm


As we all know Russian timber being the best of the best. So odd sizes in cabins means its local timber, which normally means quick grown rubbish, remember profit comes to most men’s heart before quality.


Therefore, log cabins, which are, say manufactured from 58mm-68mm 98mm or some other weird size means local fast grown timber. Keep away, fast grown, summer cut logs, equals lots of splits and a lot of shrinking.


Also here is a great tip, if the bottom of a door of any log cabins you are thinking or buying is made up of very thin T&G boards, smaller than say 90mm in width, keep clear.



WARNING……There are people who claim to be LV dealers, but actually are not, please ask us before purchasing any cabin who is who, best be safe, rather than being deeply sorry later when you have a rubbish copy of a LV building littering your garden!


When you go through our website, looking for a log cabin or your choice, we would please like you to remember this, it has taken us 15 years to get all this material together, and many thousands of hours yearly and most times 7 days a week to get LV to being the leader of design and quality. There are those out there that have been in the industry a short period of time and like to pretend they know all and offer all, we are the only company that actually can offer a passive house or a 1m x 2m interlocking shed, a hand made Norwegian log cabin or a Camping Pod.


Log Cabins LV..the beginning was started with us wanting better than a shed made from pallet timber in your garden!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Dutch Barn Roof Log Cabins 2016

Quality Dutch barn Roof Log Cabins LV

Dutch Barn Log Cabins

Over the years Log Cabins LV has designed some pretty awesome garden buildings, some would say that our Clock House Log Cabin design, others would say it was our Twin Skin Log Cabins, others was our Quality Camping pods, and of course not forgetting our amazing Timber Frame Passive Park Homes that are not just ground breaking, they are also going to put the money back into their pockets come time they need to go into full time care!

Getting back to our designs, our New Deluxe Dutch Barn Log Cabins are very aesthetic to look at and this new range is manufactured as always to a very high LV standard.

The build quality is as always in our new Deluxe Range exceptional, with residential windows and doors, sprayed in 10 different colours, please speak to our dealers for more information regarding this.

The cut of the timber, the manufacturing process and care at which we build each and every cabin is given makes us the leading brand.

Log Cabins LV works tirelessly each and every day to bring better, and new to the garden market.

If you are in doubt about which dealer to speak to, please give us a call today!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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44mm x 44mm Twin Skin Log Cabins





Are you looking for a quality insulated residential log cabin?

Have you visited many websites where the sales staff know absolutely nothing, but try and get you to purchase a 44mm x 44mm twinskin, and they insist it’s of residential quality and that you can’t get better, and that their prices are absolutely amazing! Well, if you have met these people and they try and sell you this, get them to write you and email, get them to put residential on the quotation they send you by email, and then send it to trading standards.

residential twin skin log cabins

quality twin skin log cabins

We were the first company ever to manufacture, and sell the twin skin log cabin system into the market, we know more about twin skin designs and what they can do and can’t, than anyone in the market! And we have never tried to palm off a 44mm x 44mm as a quality residential building.

(As these companies are scamming you 100% ).

A 44mm x 44mm is not residential quality! And…..Can never be  a Residential ..

44mm x 44mm log cabinsWell, as always in our blogs, we are today going to talk about a few companies in the UK, actually one, that have a whole selection of residential buildings in 44mm x 44m which they call Residential.

Now sadly, the boys from the Baltic’s sometimes get their English words mixed up, and because of this we have to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their literature, and how they explain themselves, and how they call their garden log cabins. As a 44mm x 44mm is truly a quality insulated GARDEN CABIN. It is not a residential , never has been never will be!

There is always a con to be had, and sadly the foreign companies that have started to come into our market place, see that there actually is no regulation, which means policing, which then makes them think that they can say anything they want, and you the British public will listen to it, and believe it, and sadly 70% of you know, know different.

So today, I am going to help our Baltic brothers and sisters out, and give them a lesson in English.

The Word Residential means, a place where someone can live.

It also means that a full time dwelling, must have all certification behind it, to be worthy of the definition Residential.

Which means a building must go thorough inspections, and each and every part of the Residential Structure means meeting the UK building regulations.

So when I see a Company that is in all intense and purposes trying to sell to the UK public a TwinSkin Log Cabin in 44mm x 44mm and they use the work Residential in the selling title, knowing full well that a 44mm x 44mm is not residential quality, it makes my blood boil, as it’s a con, and needs to be reported.


The images below are all 80mm x 80mm glulam logs, pinned and pegged, with full insulation between all the logs, and dovetailed, this kind of twin skin set up will pass building regulations.

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins

So we have done a few images to show you a 44mm x 44mm twinskin log walls, and the difference between that, and a 80mm x 80mm laminated engineered log.

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins 02In addition, the construction of the roof in a residential cabin is of high importance, plus the windows and doors must be certified for fire and theft.

There are many of you out there that purchase solely because of price, this will come back and bite you on the ass, as when you go to resell it, or the local council send a survey down to check your building, 99.9% of the time they condemn it! and tell you to take it down. A 44mm x 44mm Twin Skin cabin will not even conform to the New 2016 BS3632 caravan act. So, be aware…By cheap buy twice…

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins 03If you really want sound advice, for a company that even builds schools in twin skin logs (which must also conform to Ofsted) and if any of you out there know about Ofsted, they make you jump through hoops with a pig on your back, backwards.

If in doubt, and want the truth, give us a call. Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Deluxe Log Cabins


deluxe log cabins 2016 59


( Thanks John for the Photos)

Seriously where are you going to find any log cabins which is fitted out as standard with windows and doors such as these.

I can answer that for you, ((No Where!))

Quality log cabins in the UK are as rare as Rocking Horse Pooh, and 99.9% who say that their cabins are the best value in the market, etc, are deluded.

LV has been designing log cabins and offering them to the public longer than anyone at present in the UK, we have seen so many companies come and go, and most of the time, the customers are the ones that suffer.

We have also over the years sacked our own dealers for either over charging, or just no offering the customers a quality service.

Sadly this industry has zero in the way of governance, and as a self regulating claims of quality are never actually confirmed, so we thought last year to design a range that is not just good, we would manufacture the best, of the best, Garden Cabins and offer them at sensible pricing!!

We hold the gauntlet out to any manufacture in the business to offer the same as us, to the same quality , with certified windows and doors, sprayed, and all the add on’s we offer at our pricing level, and we know they can’t and won’t!

If you are looking for a superb quality log cabin, please send us an email, or give us a call…

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Garden Log Cabins


garden log cabins

garden log cabins


I have always claimed that our New Range Of Deluxe Log Cabins are the best in the industry, here are a few photos of a Deluxe Log Cabins that has been kitted out by James of Log Cabins IM and show cases his ability and his build teams ability to erect and fit out a quality log cabin with ease.

Garden Deluxe Log Cabins 4

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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The Curved Cinema Pod by Log Cabins LV


We are proud to present the Curved Cinema Pod 

amazing iconic timber frame deluxe cinema pods

cinema pods, log cabins, timber frame buildings, insulated timber frame buildings, iconic buildings

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  741 Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  742 Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  743

Designing log cabins or timber frame buildings can sometimes be fun, and our Deluxe Cinema Room is without doubt a statement with what is achievable with Glulam beams and insulated panels.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  744Before I get hundreds of emails asking the price, if you do not have a budget more than £50.000 please start saving up!

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  745This amazing Deluxe Cinema Pod was designed to be as Iconic and a statement as any quality hand made timber frame glulam building could be.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  747The thinking behind this Cinema Pod design was to immerse the occupant into a space that would evoke as many emotions as possible, and the clever part of this cinema pod is to fit it with Smart Glass, that with a flick of a switch would turn day into night.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  746The Curved Cinema Pod is 5m Wide, with 200mm x 200mm glulam balks.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  749This building will last the test of time, and is completely hand made.

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  748For more information on this amazing building or anything else you see on please send us an email, or call us!

Curved Cinema Pod Log Cabins LV  750Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Residential Timber Frame Cabins- Log Cabins 2016

Timber Frame Residential Holiday Units

Timber Frame Residential Holiday Units


If you are looking for a manufacturer of timber buildings or Log Cabins that really understands concept of design and keeping to your budget, then Log Cabins LV is the company to speak to.

Over the years we have left a trail behind us of iconic garden building designs, the highest quality camping pods, our fully insulated timber frame houses and not forgetting our New Passive House Range that does not just conform, its setting its own standard others can’t reach in quality, or price.

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     860We are also able to offer glulam, timber frame solutions that really are quite out of the stratosphere, but that’s what we like to do, expand design and showing at the same time that in timber construction there really are no limits.

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     860Unlike any one is the industry we are able to offer so many different build types that all come up to the highest of quality, and our windows and doors that are certified by BM Trada, also unlike most companies we are able to offer a 20 year structural guarantee to our residential log cabins and timber frame buildings.

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     861

However, more than this is our concepts and designs.

We love to design a building that really does stir the imagination.

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     862We have so many, many companies come to us and ask if we can not just supply but also design them a concept that makes their holiday park stand out from the rest, this kind of project we absolutely thrive on, as it gives us the platform to show case where we think the market should go in insulation, eco and quality of design, but more importantly what the price tag should be.


Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     863Not long ago we priced up a 100sqm timber frame cabin, one floor, larch clad, triple glazing that offered two bedrooms, lounge kitchen, two en-suits and a utility room, our price to trade was just say £70.000, the reseller in the UK was asking the end customer £130.000, and this is where we get angry! Because the customer expects a building worth £130,000 but the customer is only getting a building half the value in reality! This reseller is not reselling our products any more!

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     864

The sad thing about the UK for instance is the government’s objections to anything too way out there, sticking to a standard, 6.8m x 20m and 3.2m in height! This is of course if you are building to the awful New and improved, (don’t make me laugh) BS3632.


Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     865A Timber Frame be it a house, or a residential park home should be manufactured to full building regulations,

Not the building regulation that is in force now, but the new one to come in 2020 December, as this new EU building regulation requirement will not just say your house is poorly made, it will say you must retrofit and bring to the New Standard before you are able to sell it. Big Brother At Work!

Holiday Timber Frame Cabins 6.8m x 15.75m     867

We are able to design and manufacture highly insulated buildings; cabins and we are able to keep prices down, if any of this interests you please give us a call!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV 2016

quality log cabins

quality log cabins

log cabins

log cabins



Today is a short blog about quality interlocking logs and crap!

I cannot for legal reasons tell you the company who’s video I took this from, but what I will say is that they are one of the largest in the UK.

As I always do I look through peoples advertising material, be it written or videos and see what lies they are telling the public and exposé it, for what it is, deceitfulness!

Sadly too many companies out there in internet land, believe that you the public are too thick to understand what quality is, so Mr Log Cabins LV is going to help you notice how to spot the bulk rubbish that sadly litters our market and gardens.


Here is a list of what makes a great garden log cabin.


Slow manufacturing production.

Skilled work force.

Winter cut slow grown Russian timber.(this is absolutely vital for longevity for a garden cabin).

Certified double glazed windows and doors.

Skilled machinists, sharp blades, and a quality finish.

Quality windows and door hardware.

Professionally spray painted windows and doors.

Oak thresholds on doors.

Metal tie rods for the walls.

And so much more.


And this should all be standard with every cabin.

Or it is with ours.


So today’s blog… I want to show two photos of a badly cut interlocking notch and a good one, one of them comes from a company in the UK that claims to be the best, and is actually selling rubbish.

And the other photo is how it should look.

Interlocking notches should be tight, and you should not be able see into the lock. We all make mistakes in this industry we are only human, but!! This is not a mistake it’s bad workmanship where profit rules, sadly not quality!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Twin Skin Residential Log Cabins


Residential Log Cabins

Residential Log Cabins


Over the years we have explained to our dealers about what is a residential log cabin and what is not, some of our dealers listen and others do not.


This email is to put you the public straight about what is considered a residential log cabin and what is not!


Residential Log Cabins 2016 9962Firstly, a twin skin 44mm x 44m log cabin is not a residential build, it was designed by us at the very beginning to be a 5m x 5m insulated garden office, we offered these garden offices with residential type windows and doors, and this log cabin was the bench mark for quality in insulated garden buildings.


But! Sadly this is where it all goes tits up, dealers started to offer our garden buildings as residential buildings, now we do not as a company offer any of our cabins as residential unless the dealer gives us a full set of architect drawings and structural calculations, which comply with local building regulations, we then cut to that.


This means if the architect had approved it as a twin skin it would be minimum 80mm x 80mm glulam logs, with a 150mm insulation, vapor barrier and the internal skin is dovetailed into the outer shell, this then keeps down on cold bridging and allows the two walls to move freely from one another, the heating of this would be under floor heating, the walls would be pegged on each and every layer, and metal bars would be used to tie the structure down, this is the only way a twinskin log cabin would pass building regulations.

Residential Log Cabins 2016 9963

Sadly too many companies use the word residential and do not know what the F— they are talking about. Its really annoying, but more than that its criminal.


As a company, we will sack our dealers and have done when they mislead the public, and most of the time this is done because of complete greed.

Residential Log Cabins 2016 9964

Any company that’s offering in the UK, Scotland, Northern or Southern Ireland a 44mm x 44mm twin skin as a residential or even the next best thing, to a residential log cabin, well they are lying!!!

Its impossible to get a 44mm x 44mm to residential specs.


OK….. The walls move too much, they are too thin, you cannot use thick steel rods to tie the buildings down, you cannot peg the walls and they will not pass structural calculations.

Our honest thoughts are that timber frame buildings are the perfect build type for residential cabins. They pass all structural calculations with ease, and as a build type they are quick and easy to assemble.

This is why we have such a huge range available. All our timber frame residential buildings are manufactured to building regulations and are fitted with certified windows and doors.

So if you are looking to purchase a quality residential log cabin, and really want to purchase it from the leading light in the industry then please give us a call.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Simply The Best Log Cabins in Europe!


Where are you going to find better windows and doors as standard in any cabin range or from any other company in the UK-Europe!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10001

You’re Not!


Log Cabins LV has been for years trying to make the industry step up and stop cutting corners and actually offer the public a range of buildings that actually are worth the money!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10002

Our Standard Range of Log Cabins are superb, but our Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are even better than the best of the best!, they are actually the best standard range of Deluxe Garden buildings on offer anywhere.

precision windows and doors log cabins  10003

So why is it other mills will not go to this length to offer better for less? Well! It’s quite simple, greed and profit!

precision windows and doors log cabins  10004

Please go to any of the bulk manufacturers and just click on all the up grades, or try to get their buildings to our standard quality on our Deluxe Range and you will see that their pricing will be not just a little higher, but significantly more, some by many 1000’s.

precision windows and doors log cabins  10005

precision windows and doors log cabins  10006

To be fair not all mills-manufacturers have the investment to purchase a quality CNC window and door line, and there are none that can offer a certified BM Trada-CE- Window and Door set as standard with their cabins, that’s why our Deluxe Log Cabins are simply the best!


Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins LV Youtube Channel


log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Please visit our Youtube Channel!

If you are looking for Glulam log cabins, bespoke hand made Norwegian Log Cabins, high-end super amazing log cabins, then log cabins LV is the company you should consider.

Our aim is to produce and supply top quality log cabins each and every time, we care about our customers, we care about quality, we care about price but more than that we care about high standards and on time delivery!

Our aim is not to just produce the best log cabins in the industry but to offer quality that is never offered as standard.

Our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are without doubt the best the industry has to offer.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Deluxe Residential Log Cabins


quality residential log cabins

residential twinskin log cabins- twinskin cabins- residential log cabins

If you are looking for a quality bespoke custom made residential log cabin, then please have a look at our huge range, we are able to offer not just amazing quality but also unbeatable pricing.

Deluxe Residential Log Cabin LV 2016 2

There are so many companies offering residential log cabins now on the internet, yet if you were to really start from base bearers up and examine the full specification on most so called residential log cabins, you may be shocked to learn that 99.9% of residential log cabins are actually not!

Deluxe Residential Log Cabin LV 2016 3

Firstly, its impossible to get a twin skin log cabin 44mm x 44mm through building regulations, as firstly the timber will not stand up any form of stat rating, and sadly the timber is not thick enough, there are some companies that will offer this as a residential size, pass these companies by, and look for companies that actually understand what they are talking about.


80mm x 80mm glulam with 150mm insulation is actually the thinnest one could go to meet building regulations, sadly though there are not many companies that offer this kind of engineered timber.


Glulam logs must be manufactured using non-toxic glue, must be manufactured under accreditation, and have grading values. This is necessary unless you want your logs to split at the ends and the whole cabin to fail.


Sadly a lot of mills that manufacturer Log cabins are just that, and to cut costs they will manufacturer their own glulam using off cuts and ungraded timber.


How can you know, well, if your cabin shows up and the longest log say 6m in length has more than 2 bits of timber in it, then its home made, also you are able to ask the mill for accreditation and grading on their logs, if they are unable to offer this, then my suggestion is to stay well clear!


As always I always say we are the best, and I am sure a lot of you are fed up with hearing this, but at we do try and do our best to offer the best, not the cheapest. I would rather sell 10 less cabins a week by telling the truth and offering better, than offer crap and have 10 miserable customers asking themselves what the f—k have they bought!


Unlike most log cabin companies that just stand still offering the same old models year after year, Log Cabins LV moves forward, pushing the quality always forward and upwards, offering high quality buildings-Log Cabins.

This year with our New Deluxe Range we have we believed hit the highest point any cabin company has ever reached.

Firstly we can offer as standard certified double glazed tilt and turn residential windows and high quality, insulated double, single doors, spray painted to your choice of color.

We are able to offer residential log cabins with full building regulations; we can offer a professional fixing team to install.


Sadly in the UK most fixing teams that install log cabins are sadly not skilled enough to install our new deluxe range, we have now had to retrain our fixing teams to understand how to assemble a quality log cabin.


Sadly a lot of fixing-assembly teams believe a nail gun can solve most problems, when in doubt, nail, if in doubt, nail. This is one reason why so many log cabins last such a short time as the way they were assembled hastily and badly.

Our deluxe log cabins are not just amazing, they are the first ever log cabins manufactured by a house manufacturer, and because of this the quality and build skill is not coming from a converted pig sty in Kaunas, but a factory that understand how to manufacture quality.


Our NEW Deluxe Residential Log Cabins are unequal and are built to last a life time.

If you are looking for a company that actually tells the truth, is willing to help you through planning and other issues you may have, then Log Cabins LV is here to help!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins in Ireland 2016


log cabins lv



Its really funny when I read a blog on facebook from a ex-bankrupt log cabin dealer in Ireland telling customers how he is going to bring the price of supply only off the self log cabins down!


Is this the same dealer who ran away from a customer last year, went bankrupt rather than sort out the problems, and left a poor woman with a log cabin not fit for purpose! If anyone would like to know who she is, please just ask me for her number!


This industry is truly full of nasty, evil, crooked scum that sees a trick and a flaw and capitalizes on it!

Who run away from problems and would rather bankrupt their company and start afresh than pay-fix problems which were caused by their shoddy workmanship.

Actually, I blame the government for allowing this kind of disgusting behavior. However, if you pay your taxes, well! They look the other way!


The moral of this story is always check up on Google about companies, the simple way is just put into search.. Bad review of__________ company.

Also ask if the company has ever been bankrupt.


What tends to happen in Ireland is that they open a company in the south, and if it all goes Pete Tong, they bankrupt the company and then open up one in the North.

We have dealers in Ireland that are family run companies, have been operating for years, and have a great reputation.


I am pleased to announce also that we have 2 new dealers coming on board with us from the north and the south this year. So Ireland is going to have a new range of amazing buildings, with superb quality, and at amazing prices.


I hate pushing the point, as really it’s up to the customer to do the homework, but there are a few companies in Ireland, that are dangerous to say the least to give money to. Never pay fully for a building if it’s costing you 50,000 Euros, keep the fitting work money back till the job is done, then go to each and every wall, door, window, roof etc and make sure it’s all done correctly, also make sure the foundations are correct, then pay!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Log Cabin Door Hinges





Log Cabin Hinges 2

quality log cabins from

log cabins, log cabin, cabins, cabin for garden


If you are looking for a quality garden log cabin, and I mean the best quality in the UK-Europe then Log Cabins LV has to be your first port of call,


Over the next few weeks we are going to highlight why our New Deluxe Range of Log Cabins are not just especially good, they are exceptionally amazing.

Lets start by looking at the hinges.


Hinges are so incredibly important; sadly though they are overlooked by most people as insignificant.


When you purchase your log cabin, you are going to want it to not just keep out Mother Nature, but also thieves, also you need a door that is secure against heavy winds, usage, etc.


As you can see by the photos attached the difference in our Deluxe Hinges, and what is currently offered is a night and day scenario.


Our Deluxe Range of Log Quality Cabins are paving the way forward, Log Cabins LV is the only leading light in this industry!

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins in Scotland

Do you live in Scotland? Are you fed up with being offered over priced cabins, or just out and out rubbish, are you in an area where mother nature likes to saturate you yearly?

If your answers to all these questions is yes, then you need to speak to us.

Log Cabins LV has the best dealerships in the UK-Scotland and Wales, our dealers are not just bedroom boys, who are just trying to sell, sell, sell, we have dedicated timber experts that understand log cabins, timber buildings, planning issues, and building regulations.

Log Cabins for the Scottish environment need to be built to with stand awful conditions, and still be fit for purpose.

Scotland is an amazing place to live, valleys and mountains, rivers and lakes, but! The downside also is that in the winter, it can be a harsh environment for log cabinstimber buildings, dwellings etc.

So what we have decided to do is offer a far more sturdy range of log cabins and timber building to cope with these awful conditions, keeping with in everyones budget.

Our New Deluxe Range of log cabins are perfect for the Scottish environment, our Deluxe range is fitted with the most exceptional windows and doors in the industry, each and every cabin in this range is designed to keep mother nature out, and designed for longevity!

If you truly want that perfect cabin then please give us a call, or send us an email.

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins in Koln

Garten Haus - Log Cabins LV

Log Cabins Germany

Carnival in Koln at the weekend was amazing, but my real reason for going to Germany was to scout out the log cabin competition, and to check the quality level German companies offer to their public.

Before I start the review I am in no way bias, I am just reporting what I saw!

Firstly, the size of cabins on display seems to be between 3m x 3m up to 5m x 4m, 5m x 6m and they are all painted, and this surprised me, but then I realized why they painted them all.


There are many German companies manufacturing Log Cabins, but in all honesty, their quality level is quite disappointing, that is not to say all Log Cabins manufactured by German Companies are awful, I can only comment on what I saw.

The reason they paint in partly is to cover up the large dark dead knots, and in most cabins, there were plenty of these, and surprisingly there was damp and water ingress in nearly all the displays.


What’s amazing though is that prices were compatible to the UK.

OK German only has 19% vat, add the extra 1% and Germany is on par with the UK in pricing, yet with out doubt our UK quality levels are 25% better than what is on offer to the public in Germany.

Our New Range of Deluxe Log Cabins would if entered into the German market cause a stir, as there is nothing offered or available at our level of quality and pricing in the country!

Here in the Baltic’s we manufacture the best log cabins in the industry, secondly there are only a few of us up here that make excellent log cabins.


But!!! If you are looking for the best Log Cabins that have the highest of all quality, and offers so much more, with the highest build specification, a company that has more dealers worldwide and also offers timber frame housing Passive- Non Passive, Holiday accommodation or camping pods, plus our amazing glulam log cabins, then the only choice really is

For more information please call us or send us an email.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabin Man Cave!

quality log cabins man caves

log cabins, cabins, cabin, logcabins, man caves

How many of you out there want to own that log cabin man cave at the bottom of the garden, to get away from screaming children, maybe the wife, to have your friends round and have a game of pool, or just sit at your own bar, smoke a cigar and watch the TV in peace?

Man caves over the last few years have become quite the rage, but when you look back at the first man caves offered in log form, you will start to notice that the doors and windows are falling apart, and the windows get steamed up every time the footballs on!

Last month I had a guy call me and send me a photo of his man cave, and trust me when I say this, the cabin was a mess, not just a mess, it was without joking sadly awful. He told me that he wanted to add an extension, and I told him honestly that it was only fit for a bonfire.

Now the reason I am writing this blog today, is not to laugh at his dilemma, but to make a point about log cabins and what is fit for purpose and what is not!

If you want to own a man cave then there are a few things you must take into account before you decide to purchase a cheap bulk manufactured cabin.

Cheap nasty cabins come with cheap nasty doors, these doors normally are manufactured with cheap pine, and cheap pine will twist eventually, plus cheap pine windows will also twist but more than that, they will leak.

Windows and doors are actually more than 70% of the overall quality of a log cabin, and when purchasing a cabin one must take notice what kind of windows and doors you’re getting.

Most manufacturers will show you a picture of a window or door, which normally is an upgraded window, which you can purchase if you pay more money, because if they showed you their standard windows you would run a mile!

There are lots of tricks on the internet to get you fooled into thinking your getting X when you really are getting Y, and if you see a quality window or door on a website, your mind believes this is really what you are purchasing.

Too many companies put upgrades on the homepage into tricking you into thinking this is a standard window or door set with their ranges.


Log Cabin Man Caves normally have a quite few electrical devices installed, and this causes heat, so ventilation is needed.

Sadly, if you have a cheap set of windows and doors in your cabin, the heat also escapes through these, and that’s when mould takes hold and your windows and doors rot away quickly. Plus they look awful.

So what do you do?

Quite simple actually, don’t buy a cheap nasty bulk log cabin, look for something with a Residential Window and Door set that is Trada certified and is manufactured using glulam joinery timber, which are water tight, and fit for purpose.

Moreover, you want to purchase a door with an insulated plate and not that’s fitted with planks of 19mm T&G.

You may be thinking these are going to cost a lot, well your wrong. Log Cabins LV has a range of buildings that are superbly better than anything else on the web and are competitively priced.

Please have a look at our New Deluxe Standard range of Log Cabins.

All our Log Cabins are available in many different sizes,  and thicknesses bespoke sizes welcomed  also.


For more information please call us or send us an email.

Log cabins LV the sensible choice!

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