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Camping Pods LV 2017

Camping pods have changed very little over the years, they are still similar in shape, there are of course cheap mass produced ones now for sale on the super store bulk buy websites, and of course there are quality ones to be had.

However, if you surf the web, you will find that not a lot of the camping pods are actually fit for purpose.

I am sure there are a few people out there in super store land, who sell the cheap massed produced camping pods will utterly disagree with me, but to them all have to say is, stop raking in the absurd profits, and offer better for less!

Camping Pods should be manufactured to last, they should be highly insulated, and they should be portable.

Our unique quality designed camping pods are manufactured not just to last, they are built to offer the inhabitants 5 star comfort.

So if your looking for quality, Pods, think Log Cabins LV.



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