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BEWARE OF THE 12-14-16 week waiting time for your LOG CABIN 2020………………………………………………………………………

A small note to the wise, in 2008 we all remember the awful recession, and in that recession a few tricks were played by certain individuals that I will not mention, who are though still trading, and the trick was this, they knew that bad times were coming, so they did something very underhanded, and as a supplier to some of these companies, we lost 100’s of 1000’s of pounds. And the Public lost a lot more.

You must be very wary of the 12 week waiting time scenario, companies who you think you can trust, tell you the waiting time is 12/14/16 weeks, and you pay a deposit, after that 16 weeks has elapses, they go bust! They go off line, and you will receive sorry letters, but your deposit is gone, and then you have to go back to the bank to see if its possible to get your money back, we do not have a waiting time, we are as always pre Virus 4/5 weeks, the same as it was before, and 4/5 weeks after said Virus.

So if your told to wait, be careful………………….

Quality Log Cabins from Log Cabins LV

When you are loooking for a quality log cabin for the house, or a play room for the kids, or just a simple man cave, then can offer you the full turn key solution.

We have over 20 years of experience, and know what is quality, and very much what is crap, as most sadly companies on the market today offer notjhing but But rubbish.

If your looking for a coampnay that really understands what a quality log is, not some fast grown bit of timber, which should really be used for pallets, not cabins, then come and speak to us.

We have over 7000 different designs of log cabins, which is the largest collection in the world, we offer everything in timber, Pods, for glamping and camping, Home offices from glulam logs and passive housing that does not cost a fortune, but will last the test of time and be an investment, not a liability like most of whats on the market for sale today.

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Baltic Pine- Log Cabins LV

Baltic Scots Pine Cabins

Baltic Scots Pine Log Cabins Scots pine from Baltic region.

Baltic Pine, commonly known as Scots Pine is a species of pine from the Baltic region. Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) also known as European redwood is an evergreen coniferous tree growing up to 35 m in height and 1 m trunk diameter when mature.

It is native to Europe and Asia, ranging from Western Europe to eastern Siberia. It also is the only pine native to northern Europe. Few hundred years ago Scots pine was common tree in the UK but due to over-exploitation and grazing it became extinct throughout most of the country.

In Britain it now occurs naturally only in Scotland and has been proposed as the national tree of Scotland.

However the girth and height of this species in Scotland is quite undersized compared to other areas in the world, but is great for use in pulp or shuttering etc.


Scots Pine populates a rather big region in Europe, sprawling from Portugal in the west out to eastern Siberia. That results in natural variability in terms of density, strength, and appearance because of the wide geography of growth and different conditions for the tree.

Pines from colder northern climates tend to produce denser, more finely-textured wood-timber because of their slower and longer growth. Baltic pines are the best in this respect.

Scots pine is a softwood sawn form of which is used for general construction purposes, flooring paneling and interior joinery. Its texture is relatively fine and the grain is usually straight.

The growth rings are prominently marked by the darker, denser summerwood. The knots are usually closely grouped.

Baltic Pine dries quickly after felling, warping or distortion if any is very moderate.

The (trees) pines are debarked and cut into poles and cut into planks very quickly, so that the drying process can start as soon as possible. If the timber is not dried quickly then the fungi can turn the timber a slight blue colour. This will not affect the load bearing capabilities of the timber, just effect the appearance. Drying and cutting pine is an art form, and we have many years of experience.

In our production of Solid Timber Interlocking log cabins we use Baltic Pine as our main timber for our logs. We also use joinery pine, which is dried to 9% for all our windows and doors. factories are located in Baltic countries; we are getting our hands first on the very best timber, at a competitive price. Our log cabins are with out doubt manufactured from some of the best timber on this planet.

This also helps us work efficiently and minimize waste while giving you the quality you deserve for your investment.

Scots Pine is perfect timber for making staircases, window frames, doorframes, paneling etc.

Pine has a nice smooth finish pine takes stain treatment very well or paint, you can varnish also.

When treated with quality preservatives it is very durable for long term outside use.

Baltic pine accepts impregnation (Tanalith E ) very well. Our floor bearers all come pressure treated.

Baltic pine has been appreciated for decades for its thermal properties and has been timber of choice in internal finishes. It shows remarkable quality properties in our log cabins and timber buildings.

Log ..Do not settle for less!

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