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Log Cabins 2017

Quality Log Cabins from a manufacturer who cares!

When your looking for a unique log cabin, you must firstly ask yourself, if the log cabin Superstore type dealer can offer uniqueness, quality, and of course competitive pricing.

In the age of mass production, and over supply, the need for lower pricing to get rid of mass-produced substandard log cabins has now entered a new phase in our industry.

log-cabins-2017-03(This cabin above is fitted with CE quality residential windows and doors, they are fitted correctly and as you can see prepainted ,these are the best windows and doors in the industry hands down.)


Quality of build is not a log cabin superstore trait, mass production cabins are as they are advertised, cheap, and when something is cheap, it is a lucky dip on if you receive a quality cabin, or a pile of lumber fit only for bonfire night!

As a manufacturer, we really believe in designing cabins that are fit for purpose, we are not running with the pack, our aim is quality, not quantity.

There are a few companies that also have the same ethos as us.



However saying that I have heard, some German companies who manufacture log cabins claim to be as one idiot told me the crème la crème of the industry, how ever if you think charging customers 3x the value for a 5m x 5m in 45mm above everyone else is crème la crème, well, sadly I call is utter greed. And I say to my german brother and sisters, the Brits are not stupid!



There are a few dealers out there that have had training from their suppliers of cabins how to hype the brand, they actually are taught how to lie, and claim the brand they are pushing is amazing, and that’s why the price is super high.



Normally this is done to the elderly or gullible and of course the promise of amazing quality seals the deal, and of course the resellers receives the handsome profit. Actually the resellers earn more money than the manufacturer.

Hence, the market is awash with crooks, liars and conmen, and not forgetting substandard, also over priced log cabins.


It is very important how to choose the right company to purchase your log cabin.

What are the signs to look for?


Firstly look to see the different kinds of brand of cabins, the resellers will have the brand marked as part of the range, then look online and see how many dealers that brand of cabins manufacturer they have nation wide, worldwide. If they have over 100, they are busy players, which means MASS PRODUCTION, which means, a high speed, in out product. Means problems and missing parts and normally cheap logs.


Next,,,, ask the sub-dealer  to send you the price of the cabin and close ups of the windows and doors, and if they proclaim their windows and doors are CE certified ask them to provide the certificate for that. Also send his quote to other dealers of the same brand, you will always find one of them will undercut him by 100’s, so it’s worth doing it! The cabins are cheap, so their profits should be lower, not higher. You the customer should win, not a greedy, fat lazy, reseller.

Our dealers, are amazing, they all work with customer from beginning till end, they only sell LV and what’s more important, they all charge sensibly. Greedy dealers, or dealers that fail to perform and offer a good fitting service, or over charge, are here today, and gone completely tomorrow.


Please remember when buying from bulk sellers,  make sure that when your windows and doors are delivered they are the exactly same as the ones advertised, if they are not return the cabin, and call the credit card company.


Remember log cabin superstore type resellers are often selling numerous brands of different log cabins, which is a good indication that they are in the industry for the money only, and these type of resellers are normally here today gone tomorrow.


You will notice if you look on Google, that the most successful companies only sell their own brand, they believe in their own brand, and they are more likely to offer a better log cabin, better customer service, and will know their buildings inside out.

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Buying A Log Cabin

When you are looking for a quality log cabin, design and construction is obviously a major part of your criteria, however there many other factors to take into account.


Firstly, you really need to understand, the source and the felling time of the timber used in your cabin.


Many companies will just say its Nordic Pine, or some other rubbish like that, which is supposed to make you believe that Nordic pine is supposed to be the number one pine in the world, its not, and that’s a fact.


When choosing your design and timber thickness, you need to investigate from the company concerned, when their timber was felled.


Most won’t know the answer to this question, as most resellers, or part time cabin sellers, will either say they will ask, or they will waffle away about FSC and hope you forget the question you asked.


The answer to this question is a simple one, and the reason why they felled timber at that time, will make sense to even the most unknowledgeable member of the public.


If you would like the answer to this question, please email me. I decided not to publish the answer, due to the fact many resellers read our blogs, and then use our information, our designs, to lie and cheat customers.


OK, lets talk windows and doors.


Our standard window and door set up, (standard production range) , are possibly the best in the industry, fitted with rubber watertight seals, great hardware, and which are handmade with joinery red wood, make these standard windows and doors fantastic value.


We do not stop there, we are now offering an upgrade, LV is the only company, the Only Company that can Offer for all 44mm and 70mm cabins CE certified residential windows and doors set!


For more information about how to get a quote on your bespoke cabin, or any other questions you may have on any of our extensive range of buildings, be them log or timber frame, maybe you are interested in glulam, please do not hesitate to send us an email here at log cabins lv.

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log cabins- timber buildings- 44mm log cabins

Log Cabins LV 2017 (2)


Log Cabins LV Friday’s Blog, and what a response I received today about yesterday’s blog, thanks everyone, and to one particular person, (not interested)..

I will answer some of the question in the emails.


(Dear Log Cabins LV , Why has the marketplace turned for the worst)?


To this question, I would say because of huge demand!


Which means very large industrial units has been built to mass-produce large qualities of cheap log cabins.


A quality mill can manufacture a good quality long lasting, high-end cabin in say 3 hours.

So about 4 a day, possibly 5 depending on the size of each and every cabin.


A bulk manufacture will produce 40 to 60 cabins a day.

Now a few of you will say, that’s great, feed the demand earn, great business, but I would say, how to make 80 to 120 windows and day and 60 + doors, and then you begin to understand how quality is not the goal.


Windows and doors are labor intensive, and must be put together by hand.


When we manufacture a door it goes in a press, when the bulk mills manufacture a door, it goes in a pile, full of nail and quick drying glue!




Also manufacturing windows and doors is an art, but sadly, in the cheap massed produced super store type mills, it is a nail gun!


Our standard cabins, which come with what we would say garden type windows and doors, are better than most upgrades offered on the web!


So what most super store bulk manufacturers tend to do, is buy in very cheap, unseasoned, softwood, pine spruce, that is only 15/25 years old, because the timber is softer less dense, it dries a lot quicker, which also means drying time is less.

In addition, the timber costs a lot less to purchase.


The whole idea behind mass is to produce as much as possible, sell it as quickly as possible and NEXT!


Not the Log Cabins LV way!


Our way of manufacturing log cabins is completely the reverse, as we do not manufacture bulk, we do not hurry, as manufacturing anything quality takes time, we have no reason or want to change this process.



What I find amazing is how the public can, actually purchase these cheap monstrosities, it really is beyond me. For an extra 300 to 700 you can purchase a cabin that will last 60 to 70 years, with windows and doors that are actually residential standard.


Next question.


(What is the difference between LV and the rest)


Simple, we understand how the market moves, we understand change in demand, and we understand that hurrying anything leads to mass problems.


I am not saying we have never had problems, as that would be a lie, we have had huge problems, and sometimes our manufacturing department does not agree with what we feel is their fault.


But we soldier on and find the fault and move on.


My personal hate is when a dealer, reseller, (we don’t have anymore of these) just sits behind his desk, and actually does zero.


Our dealers are very proactive, incredibly actually, always doing site visits, and always looking how to finish the job off with a satisfied customer at the end.


Unlike any company in the UK who offers log cabins, we can say that our very first customer, is still offering our brand of log cabins to the public, still, which is more than 14 years, and actually his company has grown on the strength of our quality, he is also the largest seller of log cabins in the South East of UK.


Of course, he has been offered low-end bulk super store log cabin designs, but he said, (stay with what we know works)…


Dealers are immensely important, but also making sure, your dealers do not over price the buildings because of the quality level.


We have never had that problem, due to the vetting we do before we allow anyone now to be an LV dealer. In addition, we also have work groups, which helps our dealers to understand us and us them.


Have any questions please do not hesitate to email me and ask whatever…


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Trees- Timber – Siberian Larch

Some Exciting Facts about Trees- Timber.

Siberian Larch.



Some facts..

All members from the pine family (pine, spruce, firs, cedars, larches, hemlocks, yews, and so on) have cones, but “pine cones” only come from pine trees.

Trees- Timber – Siberian Larch

A pine cone on the forest floor is definitely an indication of moisture and wildfire danger.

Closed scales on a cone imply damp conditions while open scales imply the forest floor is dry. In autumn, pine trees make a lot more of the larger cones before a serious winter to ensure seeds will make it by way of squirrel and bird feeding frenzies.

As for tree species it would be the pioneer species- in this case Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) increasing in monoculture.

This species features a quantity of adaptations to permit it to survive beneath these extreme situations.

Siberian Larch is really a really tough wood to dry; the procedure has to be completed really slowly to stop the wood from severely twisting and splitting.

These same properties make it difficult for moisture to penetrate the wood after it is dry.

Be aware that the wood will most likely experience some slight surface splitting because it dries.

Making use of a stain using a UV inhibitor will help shield the wood from splitting excessively.

Siberian Larch accepts stain properly and may be nailed, screwed, or applied using a hidden fastener technique.

Siberian larch cladding is recognized for colour and beauty, so houses that want subtle but engaging exteriors will locate this an extremely all-natural decision.

The colour and tone is striking enough for any location and no matter what sort of home you might have, larch cladding is really a beautiful organic option.

The general impact remains essentially beautiful even for a lot of years at a time.

The larch trees of western Russia have been lengthy known because of this and their demand continues to escalate.

Siberian Larch wood cladding functions for homes exactly where durability in the exteriors is a massive factor.

For areas that are prone to climate extremes, this option operates greater than perfectly.

The life span of siberian larch can run in decades.

Also, if you are not keen on obtaining a house that wants frequent maintenance, the great news is larch when left untreated provides a visual spectacle over the years with alterations in colour and appeal.

Siberian Larch is a fairly new item to enter the North American deck market which is imported from Russia.

It is dimensionally steady, reasonably low cost, considering its amazing quality, and it’s naturally resistant to decay.

Siberian Larch is light golden brown and can oxidize with age into a beautiful silvery gray colour.

It’s harder than Cedar and Redwood and is structurally stronger than Pressure Treated Wood because of its tight grain as well as a big proportion of latewood in its growth rings.

Latewood (winter cut timber) is denser, far more mechanically steady, and tough than early wood (timber cut in spring) which is a lot more likely to scratch and wear away the surface over time.

That is the outcome of a very limited summer time expanding season inside the intense Siberian climate.

Siberian Larch includes a sizable proportion of heartwood simply because the trees are harvested from Old Development forests that possess superior qualities to trees grown from Second Development plantations.

Having all heartwood also makes it possible for Siberian Larch to keep a constant colour throughout a whole deck surface.

Log Cabins LV

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Log Cabin Holidays in the UK

Log Cabin Holidays in the UK

Log Cabin Holidays in the UK   2      Holiday companies more and more are now offering their clientele to stay in a rustic looking cabin style chalets.

Log Cabin Holidays in the UK   3This kind of off grid holiday lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, and with the eco badge stuck firmly to the brochure.

Log Cabin Holidays in the UK   4 How many log cabins that are portrayed as really  green and eco holiday are honestly eco and green.

Were they built to earn money, or save our planet?

Log Cabin Holidays in the UK   6Or are our old Mass Produced Awful BS3632 Caravan type buildings better?

When I look through holiday brochures, looking at the Log cabins offered out for rent, I see most of the time a glorified garden version.

And if one was to use an HD thermal Imaging Camera and scLog Cabin Holidays in the UK   7an the outside, you would see almost a bonfire effect looking back at you through the screen.

Sadly 99.9% of holiday log cabins in the UK are not designed to hold eco credentials.

Most lOg Cabins are designed to put beds in, and give the feeling of being in a log cabin environment.Log Cabin Holidays need to be greener.

Whats really amazing is that the largest bill of all and every holiday park is the electric bill.

Energy waste is mostly caused by  insufficient insulation, a cheaply manufactured building, and zero foresight from the park owners.

Log Cabin Holidays in the UK   8I personally think holiday parks that are wasteful should be fined, also i believe it important that we do start looking at some kind of building regulation for holiday chalets.

We are now looking to supply a very large holiday park in the lake District, Cumbria with very eco log cabins, the lake district is a perfect place to showcase quality.

Sadly we have found that the lake district seems to have high amount of bulk superstore rubbish type residential log cabins.

Everywhere. single skin and from manufactures that do not offer quality, just low prices, and this is where the market fails.

With our Eco Twinskin Engineered Glulam Log cabins heading up there.

We are sure that the market will repel mass produced cabins and actually start to purchase cabins solely manufactured and designed for a true ECO Holiday experience.


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Log Cabins 2017

Over the many years have been designing log cabins and timber buildings for many years,


In those many years, we have seen a positive shift in the industry.


In 2001, we would say that most timber interlocking buildings-log cabins were bulk manufactured to sell, not last.


Quality levels were low, but then so was the pricing.


In 201 log cabins were almost 50% cheaper, yet the timber price, oil and standard of living is the same then as now!


Also in those days, it was OK to sell a 28mm log cabin, which was say 4m x 5m.


Now 28mm logs are used for a lot smaller cabins, and only a few companies still offer this shamefully thin log.


Manufacturing -Offering 28mm log cabins comes with responsibilities, yet few who offer these care if the buildings are fit for purpose.

Profit is the key factor.


If you are looking for a quality log cabin, and you want to be sure that will will last the test of time, please send us an email.

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Residential Engineered Glulam Log Cabins

residential engineered log cabins 1

residential engineered log cabins 1

We are asked time and time again if it is possible to get a log cabin through the UK strict building regulations.

The problem with getting a Timber Building, if it is of log construction, through the building regulations is that sadly 99.9% of architects, and structural engineers have not been taught in which ever university they were in to work with log cabins or in a log environment.

Nearly 100% of Residential Log Cabins are manufactured from solid timber, and to the one’s that have done their homework, you will know that solid timber is affected by the seasons, as a solid log will expand and contract depending if it is wet or sun baked.

This then is a problem for the structural engineers as they find it almost impossible to calculated a structure that is manufactured from solid logs.
A solid log has too many variables.

The only way around this is to manufacture the cabin from engineered timber logs, which some people call Glulam, and others call laminated, depends how read up you are.

Engineered Glulam timber should not be confused to that of finger jointed laminated logs.

Many manufacturers will try and confuse the customer by using the word Laminated logs, which is correct, as when you stick 2 boards of equal thickness together it is a laminating process, that is the correct terminology, so as far as trading standards go, they can not be held liable.

But actually what they are doing most of the time is just sticking two boards together, normally in increments of either 28mm or 30mm boards, of ungraded material, they will use the word KD, CE, laminated timber, but sadly it’s still off cuts which is finger jointed, and not an engineered timber log.

Engineered Glulam is exactly that, an engineered log that starts its life as C24, which is one of the highest visual grades available, and then the C24 is re-graded and given a new class, depending on which species of timber the architects or structural engineer has requested.
To re-grade all the knots and imperfections are removed. The board length for laminating is never less than 4m.

Grading is as follows.

In Spruce
GL24c / GL24h / GL28c / GL28h / GL32c
In Pine
GL24c / GL24h / GL28c / GL28h / GL32c
In Northern Siberian Larch
GL24c / GL24h

These grades are used to determine weight, strength, length etc. (Engineered Grading)

So as you can see, glulam laminated engineered logs are not just little bits of off cut timber stuck together, our glulam is incredibly strong, does not crack, or twist and can come in unbelievable long lengths, starting from 2m to 84m in length, which obviously gives great aesthetic look, and the ideal product to manufacture a residential log cabin.
Yes, engineered timber costs more, but if you’re looking to invest £60.000 or £180.000, on a 1/2/3/4/5-bed residential log cabin, then having it manufactured from laminated engineered glualm is the sensible choice.

The machine used to process the raw graded timber and turn it into engineered laminated logs cost a staggering £10.000.000,, and it’s easy to see as the logs themselves are absolutely amazing. And as true in perfection and quality as any quality engineered logs could be.

And all of this is known by the structural engineers, which is why so many couples that have gone down the chosen route of wanting a residential log cabin, are recommended by their structural engineered to manufacture/build their desired cabin in our engineered logs.

In addition, the engineer is able to give a structural engineers report to the planning authority!
Moreover, in every case we have structural calculations submitted the planning authority is overwhelmed at how eco, durable, and to the mark our engineered log laminated houses- residential log cabins really are!

So, if you want a residential cabin, and want all the boxes ticked, please give us a call.

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Log Cabins from LV 2017


Log Cabins LV 201702

Firstly, a massive shout out to James, thanks for the photos, and thanks for putting your heart and soul into selling our deluxe log cabins, believing in them, and giving your customers great customer service.

Log Cabins LV 201703

What is incredibly important is that James only sells LV, he believes in the brand, the quality, the service and the smiles from the office girls!

Log Cabins LV 201706

To us what is incredibly important is that our dealers offer their customers a full quality service, starting from the order, to the delivery and assembly.


Most Bulk Cabin Superstores offer off the shelf, massed produced rubbish, which sadly has as much feeling, aesthetics, panache as a 8ft x 8f shiplap shed made from old pallets.

Log Cabins LV 201707I know this sounds harsh, but please look at the photos of the log cabin on today’s blog (supplied by Jame) and look at what other companies are offering and we are clearly miles ahead in quality, price and or course quality of assembly.

Log Cabins LV 201709

Our Deluxe Range is now years ahead of all superstore cabins and years ahead in certification and quality of build, so if you are looking for a quality log cabin, that’s not a bulk, manufactured pile of bonfire kindling, then please give us a shout!

Log Cabins LV 201710

Why do people pick Log Cabins LV.

We design the best.

We have the best dealer network in UK for log cabins.

Our timber is only from winter cut; we offer certified windows and doors, which are professionally spray-painted.



SO……If you are looking for a quality log cabin that really is a cut above the rest, that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and will last the test of time, then please send us an email or please give us a call.


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Why buying a bulk log cabin is rather stupid!

These are the blogs log cabin bulk resellers, hate!

quality timber buildings

residential log cabins and timber frame buildings

Are you looking for a log cabin, or timber frame building that does not come from an online super store, that is designed and manufactured, then assembled by professionals?


If the answer is yes, then Log Cabins LV and its partners are the answer to all your prayers.


There are way too many companies out there selling what we call in the industry bulk rubbish, its easy to spot, they all sell the same ranges, they all have near enough the same pricing, and the cabins, buildings look like clones, and this is because they are manufactured in high numbers, each cabin that rolls of the production line is not seen as a true master piece of work, its seen as another 1% in the profit margin for that day!


At Log Cabins LV our designs, are unique to us, and yes we have more designs, than all of them cabin design houses put together x 3, its true quite a lot of the other manufacturers have copied our best sellers, as its easier to copy ours than actually sit down and for them to think for themselves.

We are not a superstore, we manufacture each and every building to order taking great pains to make sure it as perfect as possible, and as we never get the same cabins ordered weekly, never mind hourly, which is due to the fact that our ability lies in bespoke manufacturing we do not have stock.


This also means that you cabin was not under 8 other cabins, the problems with bulk manufactured cabins is this.

They are packed on an assembly line, so if one bit is missing in one cabin, then you can bet your last pound (euro) that it is missing in all of that high-speed production cycle.

And normally they will make 50 cabins per timber thickness and log cabin size.


Most manufactures do not like to do bespoke (anything), they say they will do a bespoke design if you asked and they like to advertise this as it’s good for their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but when you actually look at the prices they will offer you for a bespoke, and the pressure you get from the sales staff you will see they would rather you purchase a stock cabin, and make it fit than to actually bespoke a cabin for you.

Over the years, we have seen so many companies push bulk-manufactured Log Cabins into the market place, hoping that the public will only look at price and not quality level.

I am thankful that 2008 saw a lot of the working class start to really look at what they were buying and now this section of the public are actually more read up and now spend wisely, and the bulk manufacturing sector of log cabins are now feeling the pinch!

Log Cabins LV has been in this industry longer than anyone, we have seen the superstores of bulk manufactured log cabins come, and now vanish, the public want quality for their hard earned money, and if you really want an exceptional quality log cabin then we have the best dealer network now in the UK-Europe.



If a company jumps up and down and says 2 week delivery, then it is a log cabins from stock, or they are so bad no one wants what they are selling.. Whichever the case, beware!

Its better to have a freshly made cabin, that smells of the forest, than one that smells of mould because it’s been stacked with hundreds of others in a damp dark shed in the middle of a field!


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Residential Log Cabins 2017

Designing The Future

Residential Modern Park Homes 20171

Residential Modern Park Homes 2017

If you are looking, to purchase a log cabin from a company that is utterly nuts about design, quality and price then log cabins LV and its partners across the UK and Europe should be your first port of call.


We are absolutely passionate about designing the future, when you browse around the web and you look from log cabin websites to log cabin website, and no doubt you will notice they all offer the same cabins, their ranges are mostly identical.


Any company offering a clock house or a twin skin log cabin is offering a LV design, sadly most of the time their efforts are normally cheap and below par, but I must smile at how brazen most companies are! Its like companies that proclaim to sell us, and don’t, its flattering!

I can not say any more because we have so many people using our content and brand illegally to only purchase from a website with the LV Brand, so what I will say is call us and we will tell you who is nearest to you and who you can purchase a true LV building from.


Its important for peace of mind when purchasing a log cabin to ask to see any accreditations they proclaim to have, if a company says it has Residential Windows and Doors, and they are CE certified, ask to see the certification. Normally its just all waffle, and once you have given them a deposit, they are then looking for the next victim.


Log Cabins LV designed the first ever clockhouse and sent it to manufacturing, and not forgetting we were the first to design and bring to manufacture the very successful twin skin log cabin system.


So when you browse from site to site, you are actually looking at our hard work and copies of most of our LV designs.


It takes a dedicated team of highly enthusiastic cabin designers to really want to change the face of gardens and offer quality, and still keep pricing at an affordable level but never letting go of our principle ethos of quality first, and profit second.


Sadly! And I mean this, when we first started designing cabins and putting our designs into manufacture, we really enjoyed offering something unique and different, over the years we have seen this industry change, and sadly not for the better, there are too many bulk cabins on the market, there are 6 companies in the UK that manufacture absolute bulk crap!


It’s easy to spot these companies, and! What you may think is a bonus, is actually a ploy to help off load truckloads of bulk-manufactured cabins.


First Ploy…They can offer you the plans of the buildings that day! No deposit, No charge, be happy!


When you purchase a house, the architect does not do plans for free, and I can hear some of you saying these cabins are not houses, but I will come back and say, they need to be safe, and fit for purpose! And if you are looking for a quality log cabin, then an LV is worth the investment, plus 70% of our cabins are bespoke, and it’s important for us to make sure that what we sell is 100%.


Next Ploy! 30-25-20% deposit, They will always offer you a low deposit to pull you in!! Companies that do this are actually saying, hey! Stupid people, buy from us! We have lots of bulk cabins for sale! If the mills you buy from a busy all year, they never have time for making stock, so anyone with stock, id not busy, of they have extremely high speed machines, which again equals bulk.. If any of you out there know anything about manufacturing, you will know, a window made quickly is a window that will leak, and a door made quickly is a door that will twist!

Just Beware, nothing is free and a man who offers the moon is normally offering only rocks or dust!


Our Timber Frame fully Insulated Buildings and Log Cabins and our designs seem to very much dominate this industry from Sussex to Kent, Folkestone to Lands End, from London to Manchester, across from Blackpool to Middlesbrough, from Cumbria to Newcastle upon Tyne, if you are looking for a quality bespoke building and you really want it from people that understand cabins, timber frame, breath and live timber structures, then we are the company to speak to.

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Log Cabins Dutch Barn LV

dutch barn log cabins

log cabins lv

The reason why we are the number one in the industry for designing quality garden buildings maybe because we are just amazingly good at it!

Today we are offering our thoughts on a Dutch Barn Office/sleep over/Chill Out Pad Design.

All things come from the initial thought, (the spark-idea- ) and then putting that design on paper, or in our case a three D image, we then put all our hard work to our internal architects; this is where the structure is tested and structural elements added, so we make sure the building is fit for purpose, It’s quite easy to do this as we have more history designing cabins and bringing new and exciting designs to market than ANYONE!

Designing log cabins for more than 15 years can and does sometimes make designing daily a challenge, as most of you know we have the largest selection of log cabins and timber buildings possibly on the web! But! that does not stop us offering more and designing more!

I know a Dutch Barn Roof design is not everyone’s taste, but I find the design concept of the roof rather aesthetic internally.

The Superstores who sell log cabins offer designs that are so 2001, and as we all know all superstore log cabins are cheap and nasty! Buy cheap buy twice.

If you are looking for a bespoke design cabin, or a timber frame residential building, or maybe a Glulam Log Cabin classroom, or you would like to visit our passive park home, then logcabinslv can offer the highest of quality, at very competitive pricing. Please speak to the professionals.



Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Log Cabins LV

Seriously…No one makes better!!! LV the only choice…

Log Cabins

Log Cabins

I know that if you are reading this you have been surfing the Internet, trying to find the best company, out there that is offering the best cabins for the best price, and it’s a minefield.
The first thing to remember is that this industry is not regulated, so you really are in a muddy field up to your knees in bog as soon as you start.

You will see different kinds of selling terminologies, like preshrunk logs, amazing quality, unbeatable pricing, best selling suppliers, well trained teams, CE approved windows and doors, and the list is endless, but all in all we are all selling the same thing, or are we?

We are the only company in this industry offering residential trada certified windows and doors as standard in our deluxe range.

Log Cabins

Amazing log cabins from lv

So lets look at this industry and what we have done to change it profoundly.

Firstly I must apologies for helping so many (idiots) get a foothold into this industry, sadly dealers come and go, most don’t pay their tax bills and run off, others sell for a while and move on to selling plastic grass, others are bored working selling packing material and want to stop earning a minimum salary,  sadly most we have had to sack, and others left because they did not want to be regulated and told not to lie! We will not have anyone lying to a customer.
So you can be assured that our dealers, partners are the best now in the industry.

Moreover, once most back street dealers start to earn a better wage, they become obnoxious and as we always say, familiarity breeds contempt. And this kind of person we get rid of immediately. Log Cabins LV stands for honest, quality, and fairness.

log cabins lv

log cabins lv

We now have a very strict rule with new dealers, and we will not be offering our art work, help, content, manufacturing ,brand to any more companies that are a one man band with no experience with cabins or the public.

So how have we changed this industry.
Firstly, we have designed so many different buildings- log cabins, so many, and most of our designs have been copied. Sadly though the copies have not been what we would say good copies. that’s why our clock house is still the best in the business, and as the first company to ever design and bring to manufacture twin skin log cabins, we would still say we are number one at all twin skin designs and manufacturing.

There is one leading company out there that everyone slags off, however they have always moved forward on their own, brought out their own new designs, and have never copied one of our buildings.
We did actually supply and help this company when they first came into the market back in 2001, but they then decided to open their own manufacturing plant in Estonia and have now possibly 70% of market share in the UK. Good luck to them….

quality log cabins

quality windows from log cabins lv

Our log cabins have paved the way for better, and better, year in and year out!

We are now bringing on new dealers in Swansea, Cumbria, and Edinburgh, all of our new dealers have experience in Log Cabins, Timber Buildings and are in the timber industry.

If you have a question on who is who, who sells our buildings and who proclaims to sell our buildings please ask us!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Under 2.5m Log Cabins 2016


Log Cabins LV as always designs amazing log cabins that have turned a dull back garden into an amazing fun filled space, our Clock House was the first of the iconic buildings, then we designed the twin skin system which turned a cold single skin cabin into a warm, cozy workspace environment.


Our DF Range, which is without doubt the best range under 2.5m high cabins in the business, we then designed the New Ki Range, again an amazing curved roof range, completely unique to LV and only LV dealers.


We have gone back to the drawing board and really tried our best to come up with a cabin range that allows maximum head clearance, as sadly the government ruling on 2.5m height really does make most cabins which are on the market look squat and dark internally.


Therefore, we have designed New for 2016 our Dutch Barn Roof Range of Log Cabins, which are head height friendly.


Our New Head Height Friendly Dutch Barn Log Cabin Range are not just the best quality under 2.5m height log cabins on the market, you can be assured these are designed and manufactured by the most skilled and experienced tradesmen in the industry!


Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Log Cabins LV 16 years of Design-Quality and Dedication


log cabins lv

log cabins lv

Why is it that when we design a shape, or a size, or a feel, which is unique to us, everyone wants to copy it. Some idiot said the other day a cabin is just a cabin, and this kind of comment tells me that there are some in the industry that only see profit in this industry and not the beauty in design, or the integrity and skill of craftsmanship that goes in to manufacturing, designing a structure that actually works!


We have designed thousands and thousands of log cabins, and we have thought about each and everyone.


Take for instance our DF Range of deluxe log cabins; each log cabin was thought about, shape, design, amount of logs, position of windows, purlin thickness etc.

These are without doubt the best log cabins in the industry that is an absolute fact.


Our Deluxe Cabin range is the only standard range in the UK, which actually come with certified windows and doors.



We looked at trends and also at customer’s needs, desires, wants over the last 16 years, taking into account current laws, looking at shape and size of each and every window in each and every wall, and truly making sure they flow and feel balanced. I personally hate doors that do not match windows.


When you see a cabin and the entrance door, window, is higher than the surrounding windows placed in the walls, I hate this, I really do, we have a few cabins even in our massive ranges that have this oddity, not my personal favorite, I like balance.


All this takes time, and Log Cabins LV has the foresight and wisdom, plus the skill to design a building that actually make sense, also not forgetting which is fit for purpose, and we pride ourselves on also offering, designed, quality manufactured aesthetically beautiful log cabins which are affordable.


However, when designing a log cabin, there is one thing you must always take into account, and that is the raw material usage.


Unlike the bulk manufacturers who scrimp and scrape, use as little timber as possible in their log cabins, as profit is the key word, not quality, we are quite different to this.


We do look at lumber usage but in a different way, we design our buildings be them timber frame or log, so we really use everything, every part of our log usage, as throwing away or burning waste is waste, and we are extremely eco conscious.

Russian Gost sizes, 16/22mm, 25/44mm, 50-100mm


As we all know Russian timber being the best of the best. So odd sizes in cabins means its local timber, which normally means quick grown rubbish, remember profit comes to most men’s heart before quality.


Therefore, log cabins, which are, say manufactured from 58mm-68mm 98mm or some other weird size means local fast grown timber. Keep away, fast grown, summer cut logs, equals lots of splits and a lot of shrinking.


Also here is a great tip, if the bottom of a door of any log cabins you are thinking or buying is made up of very thin T&G boards, smaller than say 90mm in width, keep clear.



WARNING……There are people who claim to be LV dealers, but actually are not, please ask us before purchasing any cabin who is who, best be safe, rather than being deeply sorry later when you have a rubbish copy of a LV building littering your garden!


When you go through our website, looking for a log cabin or your choice, we would please like you to remember this, it has taken us 15 years to get all this material together, and many thousands of hours yearly and most times 7 days a week to get LV to being the leader of design and quality. There are those out there that have been in the industry a short period of time and like to pretend they know all and offer all, we are the only company that actually can offer a passive house or a 1m x 2m interlocking shed, a hand made Norwegian log cabin or a Camping Pod.


Log Cabins LV..the beginning was started with us wanting better than a shed made from pallet timber in your garden!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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Dutch Barn Roof Log Cabins 2016

Quality Dutch barn Roof Log Cabins LV

Dutch Barn Log Cabins

Over the years Log Cabins LV has designed some pretty awesome garden buildings, some would say that our Clock House Log Cabin design, others would say it was our Twin Skin Log Cabins, others was our Quality Camping pods, and of course not forgetting our amazing Timber Frame Passive Park Homes that are not just ground breaking, they are also going to put the money back into their pockets come time they need to go into full time care!

Getting back to our designs, our New Deluxe Dutch Barn Log Cabins are very aesthetic to look at and this new range is manufactured as always to a very high LV standard.

The build quality is as always in our new Deluxe Range exceptional, with residential windows and doors, sprayed in 10 different colours, please speak to our dealers for more information regarding this.

The cut of the timber, the manufacturing process and care at which we build each and every cabin is given makes us the leading brand.

Log Cabins LV works tirelessly each and every day to bring better, and new to the garden market.

If you are in doubt about which dealer to speak to, please give us a call today!

Log Cabins LV, putting our customers first!

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44mm x 44mm Twin Skin Log Cabins





Are you looking for a quality insulated residential log cabin?

Have you visited many websites where the sales staff know absolutely nothing, but try and get you to purchase a 44mm x 44mm twinskin, and they insist it’s of residential quality and that you can’t get better, and that their prices are absolutely amazing! Well, if you have met these people and they try and sell you this, get them to write you and email, get them to put residential on the quotation they send you by email, and then send it to trading standards.

residential twin skin log cabins

quality twin skin log cabins

We were the first company ever to manufacture, and sell the twin skin log cabin system into the market, we know more about twin skin designs and what they can do and can’t, than anyone in the market! And we have never tried to palm off a 44mm x 44mm as a quality residential building.

(As these companies are scamming you 100% ).

A 44mm x 44mm is not residential quality! And…..Can never be  a Residential ..

44mm x 44mm log cabinsWell, as always in our blogs, we are today going to talk about a few companies in the UK, actually one, that have a whole selection of residential buildings in 44mm x 44m which they call Residential.

Now sadly, the boys from the Baltic’s sometimes get their English words mixed up, and because of this we have to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their literature, and how they explain themselves, and how they call their garden log cabins. As a 44mm x 44mm is truly a quality insulated GARDEN CABIN. It is not a residential , never has been never will be!

There is always a con to be had, and sadly the foreign companies that have started to come into our market place, see that there actually is no regulation, which means policing, which then makes them think that they can say anything they want, and you the British public will listen to it, and believe it, and sadly 70% of you know, know different.

So today, I am going to help our Baltic brothers and sisters out, and give them a lesson in English.

The Word Residential means, a place where someone can live.

It also means that a full time dwelling, must have all certification behind it, to be worthy of the definition Residential.

Which means a building must go thorough inspections, and each and every part of the Residential Structure means meeting the UK building regulations.

So when I see a Company that is in all intense and purposes trying to sell to the UK public a TwinSkin Log Cabin in 44mm x 44mm and they use the work Residential in the selling title, knowing full well that a 44mm x 44mm is not residential quality, it makes my blood boil, as it’s a con, and needs to be reported.


The images below are all 80mm x 80mm glulam logs, pinned and pegged, with full insulation between all the logs, and dovetailed, this kind of twin skin set up will pass building regulations.

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins

So we have done a few images to show you a 44mm x 44mm twinskin log walls, and the difference between that, and a 80mm x 80mm laminated engineered log.

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins 02In addition, the construction of the roof in a residential cabin is of high importance, plus the windows and doors must be certified for fire and theft.

There are many of you out there that purchase solely because of price, this will come back and bite you on the ass, as when you go to resell it, or the local council send a survey down to check your building, 99.9% of the time they condemn it! and tell you to take it down. A 44mm x 44mm Twin Skin cabin will not even conform to the New 2016 BS3632 caravan act. So, be aware…By cheap buy twice…

80mm x 80mm twinskin Residential Log Cabins 03If you really want sound advice, for a company that even builds schools in twin skin logs (which must also conform to Ofsted) and if any of you out there know about Ofsted, they make you jump through hoops with a pig on your back, backwards.

If in doubt, and want the truth, give us a call. Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Log Cabins -64-1


To those that are avid readers of my blog, please excuse my absence; I am sure you are all aware we are now at busy time, and putting paper to pen, or one finger typing and committing myself to thinking of something new to chat about is quite hard sometimes.

A few people have asked me why I slag the mass manufacturers off so much, as they are needed to satisfy the hordes that want a cheap log cabin to put up in the garden just to store away the garden furniture or the BBQ, or the trampoline after summer has gone.

Well my answer to that is, it’s a waste of timber, it’s a waste of money, and it’s covering up what could be a nice part of the lawn, plus who wants a cheap cabin for all the neighbors, friends to see when they come visiting or peering over the fence!

Log Cabins have been in the UK gardens now for almost 15 years, and in this time, we as a company have tried desperately to up the game, and manufacture a quality cabin at a good price.

There are amazing companies from Poland –Europe- Baltic’s, Scandinavia that manufacture superb quality log cabins, but the prices are sadly incredibly high.

And as everything is price driven, these amazing log cabins hardly ever see their way into a normal family garden.

So we are left with the bulk mass manufactured crap!

What we did was design a cabin range, the Deluxe Range, and offer everything we could, superb timber, superb manufacturing, superb windows and doors, topped of with a superb price.

We are now finding this range is blasting ahead, we had a few minor issues, one of which is that the doors in particular are manufactured to a very high standard, and I mean a high standard, but we had a complaint they were not aesthetic enough. We took this on board and have added some more trim, plus we have had to retrain our fitters, as most fitter run from job to job, and when in doubt nail the problem away, we have stopped this, and have shown our new fitting groups how to build a quality cabin, taking their time, and leaving the cabin erected and fit for purpose, and of course looking superb.

If you want to purchase a quality log cabin, and you are fed up with going to one supposedly log cabin super store after another selling the same as the last, and the same as the next one, then please speak to us, we have the largest range of log cabins in the world, we are able to bespoke and really offer a quality log cabin that does not cost the earth.


The photo attached is of one of our Deluxe Range log Cabins, the customer was so impressed with the quality of his cabin, he asked our guys if they would completely remodel his garden around it, ((about time))..

The cabin will last only as long as the windows and doors, these are their achilles heal, we have designed, manufactured, and offer certified residential type windows and doors in our New Deluxe Range of Cabins.

amazing log cabins

quality log cabins

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Deluxe Log Cabins


deluxe log cabins 2016 59


( Thanks John for the Photos)

Seriously where are you going to find any log cabins which is fitted out as standard with windows and doors such as these.

I can answer that for you, ((No Where!))

Quality log cabins in the UK are as rare as Rocking Horse Pooh, and 99.9% who say that their cabins are the best value in the market, etc, are deluded.

LV has been designing log cabins and offering them to the public longer than anyone at present in the UK, we have seen so many companies come and go, and most of the time, the customers are the ones that suffer.

We have also over the years sacked our own dealers for either over charging, or just no offering the customers a quality service.

Sadly this industry has zero in the way of governance, and as a self regulating claims of quality are never actually confirmed, so we thought last year to design a range that is not just good, we would manufacture the best, of the best, Garden Cabins and offer them at sensible pricing!!

We hold the gauntlet out to any manufacture in the business to offer the same as us, to the same quality , with certified windows and doors, sprayed, and all the add on’s we offer at our pricing level, and we know they can’t and won’t!

If you are looking for a superb quality log cabin, please send us an email, or give us a call…

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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Quality Garden Log Cabins


garden log cabins

garden log cabins


I have always claimed that our New Range Of Deluxe Log Cabins are the best in the industry, here are a few photos of a Deluxe Log Cabins that has been kitted out by James of Log Cabins IM and show cases his ability and his build teams ability to erect and fit out a quality log cabin with ease.

Garden Deluxe Log Cabins 4

Log Cabins LV the sensible choice!

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